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What car do you buy with a budget of 200000? These three cars are suitable for ladies and sisters

2021-08-26 05:47:52 Snail chezhi

20 ten thousand , Not high, not low car purchase budget , It can barely reach luxury brand models , You can also buy joint venture medium and high-end models . therefore , When choosing a car, I was extremely tangled . meanwhile , As more and more female users dive , stay “ The army of car buyers ” Is becoming more and more important . Compared with male users , When the ladies bought the car , Have their own unique views . that , today , Let's talk about some ,20 Which models are suitable to please ladies and sisters .

Mercedes A level

Manufacturer's guide price :21.18 Ten thousand yuan ( Discount rate 3 All around )

Although it is an entry-level model of Mercedes Benz , But it still has a good sense of refinement and luxury , For ladies and sisters , Such a car can fully demonstrate its temperament . Appearance of the above , Mercedes Benz family design , Very recognizable , The logo of the Trident star emblem on the front face also has a high degree of recognition , Especially the red body , It shows the side of youth and fashion . On the interior , The dual screen design is also very recognizable , Piano baking varnish , Leather materials and soft materials can be seen everywhere , Although it's a compact car , however 2789mm The wheelbase also has a good spatial performance , Young ladies and sisters and three or five girlfriends drive on a self driving tour , It's OK to go shopping . Power on , Mercedes A The first class is equipped with 1.3T The engine , The most powerful 100Kw, Peak torque 200Nm, And what matches that is 7 Wet double clutch gearbox , The power performance is OK .

One sentence summary : The brand has a strong sense of luxury , Go out and have temperament , Have face , Meet the budget 20 Wan xiaosisters “ Small mind ”!

BMW mini

Manufacturer's guide price :19.88 Ten thousand yuan ( There is no discount at the terminal )

BMW mini There is no need to say more about its popularity in the market , With extremely recognizable design and endorsement of BMW brand , Let it be very popular with ladies and sisters in the market . On the design , Its design is definitely 20 The car market is relatively small , More personalized , The whole vehicle is full of retro fashion , The visual feeling is very elegant . and , On closer inspection , There is no lack of the atmosphere and dignity that a luxury brand should have , This may be the essence of design . On the interior , It is also a fashionable and unique design style , Embedded screen , Round design elements , Meticulous piano baking paint , Can show its level . At the power level , BMW mini We have one 1.5T The engine , The most powerful 75kw, Peak torque 190Nm, And what matches that is 7 Double clutch gearbox .

One sentence summary : BMW mini It's the exclusive car for ladies and sisters , Especially suitable for some income , Like petty bourgeoisie , Good taste , A little sister with temperament .

tanks 300

Manufacturer's guide price :19.58 Ten thousand yuan ( There is no discount , I have to wait for the bus )

Actually , Ladies and sisters , It's not just tenderness , fashion , The trendy side , And cool , The punk side , So today's last model Xiaobian recommends positioning in the hardline SUV models , And a tank with high recognition 300, Imagine the ladies driving this car on the road , The return rate on the road is no worse than the two models mentioned above . Appearance of the above , The whole model is retro 、 hardliner 、 Thick with fine , Very brilliant , This is also a tank 300 The reason why a car is hard to find in the market . On the interior , The design of this car is also a dual screen design , Maybe there's a sense of familiarity , But its overall sense of technology and luxury are still good , There's no hardliners in the car SUV The kind of rough madness . Power level , tanks 300 We have one 2.0T The engine , Its maximum power 167kw, Peak torque 387Nm, matching 8 Speed automatic transmission , In addition, it is equipped with a four-wheel drive system from Borg Warner , If you are used to staying in the city, it's appropriate to go out and have fun .

One sentence summary : You can see , Now many temperament little sisters are also dual characters , It has a gentle and fashionable side , It has a cool side , See if there are more and more little sisters riding motorcycles on the road , And tanks 300 It is also very suitable for such ladies and sisters .

Conclusion :20 It's good to buy a car with a budget of 10000 ? Maybe ten people have ten people's views , But today we're talking about these three models , For ladies and sisters , Absolutely suitable , It's a good tune . Words , Which one do you like best ?

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