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254 horsepower surpasses EA888, 100000 cheaper than tuang! Why didn't anyone buy the 200000 star range moon?

2021-08-26 05:47:59 Snail chezhi

Speaking of high-end products of Chinese automobile brands , At present, there are only a handful of top students , The red flag H9、WEY tanks 300、 Led the g 03 It's price / Product strength and sales model .

however , In terms of , These brands are latecomers . Their roots , Chery is the first Chinese auto brand to realize high-end . From the early days , Then there was Ruilin , Then to the view that was once a leader in public praise , And now it's still a struggling star . At present, Xingtu's product line has medium-sized products / Compact class SUV TXL/LX, Another is the flagship large scale that integrates all the essence of Chery SUV-- The moon .

Despite high hopes , But the monthly sales are not good . from 3 In the listed , end 5 End of month , Xingtu's sales volume is only 2378 car .

Need to know , In the same period UNI-K, It's only more than 10000 cheaper than the starting price of the month , But the monthly sales can be in 5000 or 6000 .

Of course , How's the car , Sales volume can only be used as a reference , But it's not conclusive . In terms of product power , It's absolutely true that the star path to the moon .

First , In terms of body size , The circumference of the moon is 4970x1940x1795mm, The wheelbase is 2900mm, Let's make a comparison for a competitive picture :

Chinese people often buy cars with “ Big ” As the standard , Range moon is among the models at the same price , It meets the needs in this regard . In the human flesh evaluation , With 175cm Adult men as a reference , If the rear seat is adjusted to seven seats , The back leg space is one punch and three fingers , There is also a punch in the head space . If you use it as a five seat car , Let alone , Leg space can be comfortably placed at will , The seat is very soft , Small head, headrest and seat can be adjusted , Plus the opening feeling of the panoramic sunroof , The overall comfort is conceivable .

The most exciting thing about this car is its power ,2.0T The engine of ,254 horse ,390 Cattle meters , I can't believe this is China “ core ”! It can be in 7 More than one second 5 Meters long 7 seat SUV push toward 100KM/H, Brilliant performance ! This is really Chery “ Technical nerd ” There's a way to do it , Completely surpassing the public tuang EA888 2.0T( Maximum horsepower 186 horse , Maximum torque 320 Cattle meters ), Even in 2.0T Audi Q7 There is no downwind in front of ( Maximum horsepower 245 horse , Maximum torque 370 Cattle meters ).

The car key is a little flat

Besides , Some of its models use Borg Warner's intelligent 4WD system , Cooperate with front McPherson rear multi link independent suspension , The whole chassis adjustment idea is similar to that of other medium and large-scale vehicles SUV Completely different .

In the actual driving process , The power of the moon is sufficient , The overtaking process is very confident , It also takes into account the smoothness . But the engine is a little noisy , As a medium and high-end product SUV The models , It needs to rise a little more . Chassis tuning will not be like most large and medium-sized SUV So soft , It drives more tenaciously , Very supportive , Even if I drive faster on a wide mountain road , It won't swing from side to side too exaggerated . The solid feeling of the whole chassis can be said to be slightly better than that of tuon 30 Million level joint venture SUV good , Because tuang will be loose .

It is worth mentioning that , The car in NVH I'm willing to pay for it ,20 The inch wheel hub uses the horse brand MC6 tire , And multi-layer sound insulation glass, etc .

Next, let's talk about the appearance and interior , There are different views on appearance , in my opinion , looks 、 The aura is relatively mild , Although it is nearly five meters long , But the front is too low , The engine hood slipped badly , Overall sense of coordination 、 The sense of proportion is a little unbalanced , It looks more grounded .

Since it is the flagship product of Xingtu , How can the interior decoration and configuration be poor ? Duplex screen 、 Large area of soft and leather material 、 Digital LCD air conditioning control panel, etc , Technology feels a bit . Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Take the initiative to brake 、360 Degree look around 、 There are all kinds of smart mainstream configurations such as automatic parking .

Besides , It is also equipped with some “ No, it doesn't matter , But have better ” Flashy configuration , such as “ Than Shh mode ”, When someone in the car falls asleep , Compare “ SHH ” The gesture , Will mute .2.0T The models are also equipped as standard AR Live navigation 、W-HUD Looked up and show .

On the whole , The most basic way to travel the moon “ Three pieces ” Very mature , At least an upper middle level ; Configuration can be described as high-order , There's plenty of room ; Its selling price range is 16.89 ten thousand -23.09 Ten thousand yuan , At present, some areas have 5 About a thousand discounts , High cost performance . On product power , It's not losing .

But why , Reduced to a model that is not popular ?

First of all , The whole series of double clutch may be a point that consumers are very resistant to , Even if Chery really has excellent technology , Can adjust the double clutch transmission very mature , But it takes some time to know , And consumers have shut out the double clutch from the beginning .

second , The high-end marketing of the brand has not been opened yet . Xingtu's entire product line is compared with other Chery products at a lower level , The difference is not obvious . It is not to Audi and Volkswagen's popularity in China , If the same is 1.6T Version of the model , Then buy Xingtu and Ruihu 8 PLUS What's the difference ? Consumers don't do it for the so-called “ Chery high-end brand ” Spend tens of thousands more .

therefore , At the end of the day , Or return to brand marketing . Brand marketing , In addition to the need for manufacturers to vigorously promote , We also need the efforts of the masses . In medium and large scale SUV At this level , Many people still have a prejudice against their own brands , The inner benchmark models are given to Toyota Highlander 、 Public road 、 Honda crown road these models , But in fact , On space 、 On performance 、 On configuration 、 On comfort , The star path and the moon have their own advantages . If you are a person who doesn't care about the brand , Consider cost performance and practicality , This good buried car , It's worth seeing. .

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