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Kabul airport chaos continues, the U.S. military adjusts its evacuation plan

2021-08-26 05:55:28 Beijing daily client

US embassy in Afghanistan 21 Issue a safety warning on the th , American citizens are advised to avoid going to Kabul airport by themselves .

An unnamed U.S. official said , For fear of extremist groups “ The islamic countries ” Take the opportunity to launch a terrorist attack , The US military is adjusting its evacuation plan . however , The United States said there had been no attack at present .

This is a 8 month 20 On the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan .( Shen Jizhong , Sevrahman · Safi photo )

The US embassy said , Due to potential security threats outside Kabul airport , American citizens are advised to avoid going to the airport 、 Avoid the airport gate ,“ Unless separately instructed by a representative of the United States government ”.

Agence France-Presse 20 The Japanese quoted us officials as saying , The US military used 3 A military helicopter , Pick up from outside the airport 169 An American citizen .

An unnamed U. S. official told the Associated Press , U.S. citizens awaiting evacuation will receive special instructions , After assembling at the specified location, the US military will receive it to the airport .

The United States has not announced the number of American citizens stranded in Afghanistan . Pentagon spokesman John · Kirby 21 Day said , He doesn't know the exact number . According to the Associated Press , Before the Taliban entered Kabul , As many as 1.5 Ten thousand American citizens have not withdrawn .

American Joint Staff Officer hank · Taylor told the Defense Department press conference , Kabul airport still has 5800 American troops stationed in , The US military this month 15 solstice 21 Evacuate from the airport 1.7 ten thousand people , among 2500 People are American citizens .

Secretary Anthony · Lincoln said , So far 13 Three countries agreed to “ At least temporarily ” Afghans receiving the withdrawal of U.S. troops , have other 12 Countries agreed to transfer from one country to another .

Outside Kabul airport is now overcrowded , Tens of thousands of people are blocking the door , Hope to catch the American evacuation plane .15 Since then , At least 12 People died near the airport .

8 month 20 Japan , Afghan Taliban militants check passing vehicles at a checkpoint on the streets of Kabul .( Shen Jizhong , Sevrahman · Safi photo )

The Taliban who maintained order outside the airport said , The Taliban will try their best to improve the security situation outside the airport , Ensure that the evacuation passage is safe and unobstructed .

Russian ambassador to Afghanistan Dmitry · Zhernov said , The Taliban asked the Russian Embassy to convey peace will to pro government forces in northern Afghanistan .

According to the Afghan HAMA News Agency 21 Reported Wednesday , Ahmadoura, a senior member of the Taliban · Wasik said that day , The Taliban have no plans to form an interim or transitional government , It will directly form an inclusive government that can be accepted by all parties in Afghanistan .

The Taliban 21 Day to disclose , The Taliban leader in charge of political affairs Abdullah · Garni · Baladar has arrived in Kabul from Kandahar , Prepare to discuss the formation of government with all parties .

It is reported that , At present, the Taliban has only appointed some governors and mayors .

According to Afghanistan's first news television station , Khalil, a senior member of the Taliban · Rachman · Haqqani 21 Japan and the leader of the Afghan Islamic Party 、 Former Prime Minister gulabdin · Hickmatiyar held talks , But the details of the talks were not announced .

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