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Three years ago 100000, three years later 130000, MX-5 is really so fun?

2021-08-26 05:57:06 Car operator

once 86 and BRZ Stop selling in China , The price of second-hand cars has gone up , As long as the plain car without explosive change drives 2,3 It's a legend that you can sell at a price higher than the original price in . Now this magical legend appears again , That's Mazda's MX-5, Previously, the national limit was 500 New style of Taiwan , Used cars in cities with limited licenses are basically close to their guide price , The previous generation has fully opened its financial ability , The used car market is in a 1 Annual rise 1 Million momentum , Is it really so fun ?

The most familiar code name for domestic horse fans is NC The third generation of MX5, honest , On the car itself , It's really fun , Even playing the original group , The original front small displacement engine , Post drive , The perfect 50:50 Simple configuration of front and rear counterweights and madness , The sparrow is all ready . Moreover, the round shape can be said to be timeless , The style is also cute , Both boys and girls can easily drive this car , There is one more key point , It's a convertible , It's really hard to refuse .

hey , You want to play ? This car is also very rich in accessories in the domestic aftermarket , The price of modified parts is not particularly high , Probably because of MX-5NC Some initial words D The blessing of fame , This car is also quite hot in the refitting circle , It has even formed something similar to changing 86 Such a culture , There are a series of successful modification cases , You can play posture if you want , There are also many retrofitting schemes for turbines and engines , The attraction of the refitted car is no worse than that of the new sports car , In addition, at present, its market ownership is not small or large , It can definitely meet the pursuit of personalization of car users .

MX-5 Except for fun , It's also worth playing , Because its servicing cost is really the lowest among the sports cars that can be bought at present , Three big pieces with high maturity , Take the engine for example MZR-LF, And domestic horses 6 Our engine has many common parts , Original horsepower 160 horse , The compasses , If it's used to run a straight line, it's almost mean , But it's easy to split the bend and run the mountain , Just in good balance with the chassis , The fuel consumption is not high , It's the best for daily commuting .

The key is that its durability is amazing , The cost of routine maintenance is even cheaper than an ordinary family car . And according to some car owners ,MX-5NC Of 6AT The gearbox is as resistant to operation as the engine , It's true to think of it now , In addition to the ancestral rotor engine , It seems that no one ever make complaints about the durability of Mazda cars . At present, it may only be that the price of appearance parts will be a little more expensive , But it's also a first-class low price for sports cars .

in general MX-5NC Except for large displacement . What a decent sports car should have , It all has , As a trot that ordinary people can afford , The car took a little effort to repair , It's really worth pursuing young people to have . But we have to choose rationally and objectively , After all, when this car is new, it only needs 29.98 Ten thousand yuan , After that 10 How much is the market price in 13 In fact, Wan is really divorced from the normal law of value , In addition, some restoration projects are finally close to 15 Ten thousand words , Actually, think about it , There are really many updated second-hand sports cars to choose from .


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