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The official map of the first pure electric suv-gv60 of Genesys was officially released and is expected to be officially launched next year

2021-08-26 05:57:09 Car operator

A while ago, a Korean luxury brand entered the domestic market and entered everyone's vision , This brand is Janice Seth from Hyundai Group , Maybe people will be strange to it , But speaking of lawnes 、 Maybe the older generation of car fans won't be strange . With Genesys officially entering the domestic market , And it also brings us G80 and GV80 These two luxury models , It can be said that after many years , Korean luxury has returned to everyone's vision again .

( Janice Seth 80)

Come back , Recently, Guinness Seth officially released its first pure electric vehicle overseas SUV models - Janice Seth GV60 The official figure , Officials have revealed that the new car will be in 2022 It was officially unveiled in and officially listed in the overseas market , Although officials did not say whether it would be introduced into the Chinese market , But I think for such a potential market in China , The possibility of introduction will be very high , And it can also enhance the influence of Genesys brand in the domestic market .

( Janice Seth GV80)

Janice Seth GV60 It's based on Hyundai Motor Group E-GMP Architecture to create , As modern IONIQ5 Kia EV6 In fact, it comes from E-GMP framework . aesthetic , Janice Seth GV60 The overall look of the front face makes the author feel very much like... In the auto story “ McQueen ”, The large pentagonal air inlet grille is directly integrated with the front surround , At the same time, we can also see that the front lip design is also thicker , At the same time, the family split headlamp design will not be absent , It also looks very exquisite .

From the side, it's obvious that Janice Seth GV60 The whole adopts sliding back design , Therefore, the official positioning also defines it as a pure electric vehicle SUV. Besides , The new car also uses a hidden A/B Column design , And in C Chrome plated decorative strips are also used in the position of the column , At the same time, the five spoke large wheel hub with visual sense is also a new car. It looks very sporty 、 senior .

The most striking thing about the tail is its “ Duck tail ” Spoiler , And also embedded through LED Tail lights , Then match with the split main tail lights on both sides , I have to say that this design is very characteristic , Also very recognizable . Besides , The rear surround under the new car is also a two-color layered design , This not only makes the rear of the new car look very heavy , The sense of hierarchy of the new car has also been significantly improved .

interiors , Janice Seth GV60 The overall design looks exquisite and advanced , The new car adopts the most popular dual screen design , And it is equipped with a double width multifunctional steering wheel , Below the central control is the touch air conditioning control area . in addition , The area of the central handrail not only presents the form of a platform , It is also equipped with rotary electronic replacement mechanism and multimedia control knob . Worth mentioning , Door panels on both sides of the new car A The column area is equipped with a full LCD display , The display screen is mainly used as a rearview mirror function , This can also be said to be the first time that Genesys has adopted digital rearview mirrors , But if this car is to be introduced into our domestic market , According to our laws and regulations, this is not allowed .

motivation , At present, the official has not released too many data . But combined with Denise GV60 It's with modern IONIQ5 Kia EV6 Products of the same platform , So expect Janice Seth GV60 There are likely to be single motor and dual motor versions , Single motor may have 169 Horsepower and 217 Horsepower is available in two options ; Dual motors may provide 305 horsepower . Besides , In terms of endurance, the new car is expected to use 58.0kWh and 77.4kWh The battery pack , So in WLTP The endurance mileage is expected to reach 484 km .

summary : As the most popular luxury brand in the North American market , This time, Janice Seth GV60 Pure electric SUV models , It is undoubtedly a formal step into the field of electrified new energy vehicles , Both the brand and the product line must be upgraded to a higher level . Although its brand awareness needs to be improved in our domestic market , But as people get to know it , It is believed that the visibility of Janice Seth on the road will be higher and higher .


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