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Test drive trumpchi shadow leopard! This is a sedan car suitable for family use

2021-08-26 05:57:22 Car operator

The present , Many independent brands have launched their own compact civilian performance vehicles , But the most famous of them , Naturally, the speed of China “ Su Shen ” The GAC motor shadow leopard ! As the first sports sedan of the brand , be based on GPMA The shadow leopard built by the architecture, whether from the design or the power matching of official publicity , It's all amazing . But after all, many domestic sports models can only be used as “ Individualization ” choice , The shadow leopard broke the order , Why on earth ?

On the one hand, it's because of beauty , Shadow leopard is not so much like a sports car , In fact, it's more like a modified car with a wild sports modification Kit , It also provides many high-end performance vehicles to choose from “ Matte color ” paint , It shows a very good personality , and 0.773 From the front of the car, the camp created a dive attitude , Indeed, it has more visual impact than the so-called sports cars of many joint venture brands .( besides , Will the track version that has appeared at the Shanghai auto show be launched , Also Xiaobian has been looking forward to )

From the side shape, the design of shadow leopard better shows the design concept of light and shadow sculpture , Except for a waist line from the headlamp to the tail lamp , The whole side also makes clever use of the light and shadow effect , It feels like a trace of the wind , Especially the back door , There is hardly a flat transition plane , Very dynamic .

I believe you should also notice the key points when you see the side ,18 Inch two-color wheel hub shape is quite eye-catching , And the front and rear brake calipers are painted in yellow , Although careful observation will find that this is more like adding a layer of caliper sleeve , But handsome is over .

Compared to the front of the car , Xiaobian actually appreciates the tail design of trumpchi shadow leopard , I don't know why I think of Lexus design . The shape is round and full , A lot of sporty elements are integrated . For example, the back cover has something similar “ ducktail ” The upturned design , The lower part is surrounded by exaggerated shapes corresponding to the front of the car , Instead of the using through taillight design with the flow , On the contrary, the visual impact is stronger , The real exhaust from all around the lower part is to fill the whole sports breath .

About this moving exhaust with valve , The government publicized a lot , In fact, it doesn't need to be described , The switch is located at the multi-function steering wheel , The sound after opening won't blow up the street , And the voice is low , Subjective feeling is good , You know, it's easy to change the tail section of a normal car , But adding a valve is a big project , The cost is even more thousands or even tens of thousands , It's very kind of you to think so , However, there will be some resonance when it is opened at low speed in the urban area , It's a bit of a fly in the ointment .

In similar aspects, the workmanship and materials of shadow leopard are good , Most of the wrapping materials are soft , It actually brings together a lot of current trend elements , Carbon fiber trim 、 Duplex screen 、 Panoramic sky 、 Yacht handles are basically everything , But compared with the previous trumpchi models, the interior , Seems to lack some of their own elements , It can only be said that the visual effect is good .

Driving experience , Huge wave power 1.5T+7DCT The combination of can bring 177 The maximum horsepower and 270Nm Peak torque , Can the acceleration effect meet the official requirements 6.95 Second, let's not say , At least the subjective acceleration effect is really fierce . And the whole linear feeling is the same as that we tried trumpchi before M6、M8 And other models have obvious differences , It doesn't use too much power in the front . Shadow leopard in 80 The follow-up explosive force up to KM is still very sufficient , But it doesn't design a two-stage throttle like other brands of performance cars , So if you want to drive hard , It is still necessary to set the driving mode of the vehicle in advance .

Speaking of driving mode , The sense of ceremony is enough ( It has very good dynamic animation effect ), On the other hand, there are many adjustable modes , contain 4 There are two common patterns and 1 A custom mode ,ECO In mode , Its performance is closer to other models of trumpchi brand , It 's mild . and Comfort and Sport Feel closer to ,Sport+ It is closer to the well-known movement pattern , The power take-off is more direct , The exhaust sound is also louder , The ejection starts faster , But the shift paddle response is not as fast as expected , It's not really helpful for extreme handling .

But the main reason why shadow leopard is so hot in the market , It's not “ performance ”. But the comprehensive consideration of comfort , For example, chassis , To be honest, it's not perfect for many performance controllers , But it is better than most mainstream compact cars on the market .

The front McPherson rear multi link suspension structure is adjusted in a more comfortable tone , The chassis is not specially hardened due to the moving car positioning , Of course, it's not soft , The toughness of shock absorber is optimized . Considering that there are many ways to lower the spring and harden the shock absorber , In order to ensure sales, the original factory , It is entirely understandable to give more consideration to comfort , and NVH Excellent performance in , It is also enough to become the capital for it to surpass the joint venture models of the same level .

And comfort , The second point is reflected in space ,2736 Mm wheelbase for this “ Performance direction ” The sedan car has quite spacious riding space , Make it the most comfortable performance car possible . After adjusting the driving posture , You can easily cross your legs in the back , The comfort of the seats is also very good . This makes me feel that it is very similar to the imported Volkswagen's clay pot God car in the past R36, When you drive by yourself , Enjoy the fun it brings you , Take a family , It can also easily play the role of a family car , It seems simple , But a car that can do this , It's really not much in the current auto market .

in general , The appearance of GAC motor shadow leopard , I don't think it can be completely regarded as a “ Performance car ” Look at , It's closer to a “ Enhanced version ” My family car , Whether it's motivation , comfortable , The sense of technology and other aspects are quite balanced . So actually, if you like it , You might as well take your family to the store to see , It gives you , But it's really not just “ fast ” nothing more .


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