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Harvard h6s official map released. I didn't expect you to be able to exercise?

2021-08-26 05:57:26 Car operator

Own brand household appliances SUV What to choose ? There is no doubt that Harvard H6 Will be at the top of the list ~

In our impression , The harvard H6 Your appearance has always been regular , Not too much . Even the third generation of Harvard H6, It has a younger appearance and interior under the new lemon platform , But in the same level of products , It still seems to be that “ The public ” taste .

For a domestic crown SUV Come on , This is obviously the right choice , If it's too radical , There may be short-term benefits , But it's not good for long-term gains . But Harvard obviously wants to accelerate the rejuvenation of the brand , So it gives us the familiar Harvard H6 Launch a sedan style version —— The harvard H6S.

In recent days, , Haval automobile official also officially released Haval H6S The official figure , Of course, it's not like other sports models , Just add a slip back design , But a new design language . In order to better show the sports properties of the new car , The appearance design of the whole vehicle is inspired by “ Shark ”.

The design of the front face is quite radical , The honeycomb grid is used inside the oversized air inlet grille , The official name is shark tooth air inlet grille , The fog light areas on both sides also have “ Shark pectoral fin ” The design of the , And Harvard's brand LOGO Then move up , And there is a design of air inlet above , Sporty .

To the side of the body , The harvard H6S Positioning is a car SUV, The side is also integrated with a lot of shark elements , The sharp and smooth body lines will look very dynamic under the action of light and shadow , Shark fins on the roof 、 Tail and upturned duck tail design , Then match it with the cool black color of the whole vehicle , The personality of the whole vehicle 、 Sports have been well reflected .

The design of the rear of the car is also very detailed , In addition to the two-layer tail mentioned earlier , The through tail light is also eye-catching , And there are similar shark fin designs on both sides of the lower enclosure , It echoes with the front face . The exaggerated bilateral air inlets with two outlets are unique , But I still like the design of the cylinder , After all, it's a sports car label .

Dynamic part , The harvard H6S It will be equipped with a hybrid system , By one 1.5T The engine and motor consist of , The maximum output power of the engine is 154 horsepower , According to the previous declaration information , Its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 4.9L.

About this 1.5T Hybrid system , The author has also introduced in detail in previous articles . As a set of high-efficiency hybrid system independently developed by great wall for three years —— lemon DHT System , Its engine 、 Motor and control system have independent intellectual property rights , Its structure is similar to i-MMD, That is, dual motors decouple the engine from the same wheel end , To flexibly call the working state of the engine .

And there are many combinations of this hybrid system , Yes HEV The low-power version uses 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine with 100kW Drive motor ;HEV High power version , That's Harvard H6S The set carried , use 1.5T Add... To the engine 130kW The motor ; Besides, there are PHEV Low power and high power as well as 4WD versions , It will also be applied to more great wall models in the future .


The harvard H6S It can really give people a good sense of freshness , You know, in addition to the name here in Harvard , It's true that the appearance doesn't give you much freshness , Of course, Harvard H6S It is obviously aimed at the young consumer groups that major manufacturers attach great importance to , Narrowing the distance between them is very important for the development of the brand .


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