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The rise of independent sedans? Let's see how these models are

2021-08-26 06:01:22 Car operator

In the domestic auto market , The sound of independent brand cars has always been relatively low , Many car companies are reluctant to contact the car market . With the further increase of domestic consumers' recognition of independent brands , More and more independent brands begin to pay attention to this market , Have launched their own heavier models , Today, the author will give you a brief review of the popular cars of independent brands in recent years .

Shanghai automotive industry corporation mg 5

The price is :6.79-10.49 Ten thousand yuan

A whole new generation MG5 Although the name is still that , But the whole car has nothing to do with the hatchback car in our impression , But the only similarity is that both have good looks .MG5 The performance after listing is very good , As a family, the sales volume is also more than 10000 , Compared with its positioning MG6 Be a little lower. , The price is basically within 100000 , And there is 1.5T The engine of , Maximum output power attainable 173 horsepower , This is basically the driving force of the first echelon at this level , Match a 7 Speed wet double clutch transmission , The overall performance is not lost MG6, This is one of the reasons why it can achieve such excellent market performance .

Appearance part ,MG5 Your appearance is also outstanding , As MG The first car of the third generation family design language , The new front air grille is matched with the long and narrow headlight group , Through the rapidly depressed hood , Create a ready posture . Body size , A new generation of barons 5 The length, width and height are respectively 4675/1842/1480mm, The wheelbase is 2680mm, Compared with other models of the same level, it won't fall behind . except 1.5T The choice of , If you don't have high requirements for power but have requirements for fuel consumption , Also have 1.5L+CVT Transmission to choose from .

Gac and kei Shadow leopard

The price is :9.83-12.80 Ten thousand yuan

GAC motor shadow leopard is also the hottest model in the domestic car market recently , In particular, for its listing, of course, we should also thank its spokesman Su Bingtian very much for changing the price , Save for friends who want to choose the entry version 500 element . The whole car looks very dynamic , Exaggerated front face and smooth body lines , It caters to the mainstream aesthetics of the current young consumer groups .

The length, width and height are respectively 4700*1850*1432mm, The wheelbase is 2736mm, Compared with the same type of MG5 Bigger . Dynamic part , The whole line is equipped with 1.5T+7DCT The combination of , Maximum output 177 horsepower , Maximum torque 270 Cattle meters , From the measured data of car home , Shadow leopard also really deserves the positioning of its main sport ,0-100km/ The acceleration time of is 7.72s, And Geely Xingrui 2.0T、 Honda Civic basically belongs to the same level , Although it's different from what I advertised 6 There's a little gap at the beginning of seconds , But it's also very good .

Dongfeng Fengshen Yi Xuan MAX

Open to booking a price :9.79-11.59 Ten thousand yuan

Fengshen Yixuan MAX It's also a popular medium-sized car of its own brand in recent years , Although the price is similar to the previous two models , But its positioning has come to medium-sized , The size should also be larger , Its length, width and height are respectively 4797*1870*1475mm, The wheelbase is 2770mm. Of course, the positioning of new cars is also sports cars , The appearance is very exaggerated , use “ Track storm Aesthetics ”, A lot of lines are used in the front face , The size of China open occupies almost the whole front face , With all kinds of cameras and radar , The sense of technology and sports are very strong .

Yi Xuan MAX Provide 1.5T+DCT as well as 1.5T+HD120( Integrated hybrid electric drive ) Two power options . This one is code-named C15TDR Of 1.5T The engine , Its maximum output power can reach 203 horsepower , Maximum torque 320 Cattle meters , The thermal efficiency of the engine reaches 41.07%, And satisfy the country 6b-RDE The emission standard of , stay 1.5T The engine ranks are already pretty good . Matching the engine is from getrak 7 Speed wet double clutch transmission , Officials also said that its 100 km acceleration performance has entered 6 Second club .

BYD The qin dynasty PLUS

The price is :10.58-17.48 Ten thousand yuan

The first three are sports coupes , And BYD Qin PLUS DM-i Is a positioning home A Levels of car , The plug-in system is equipped by a 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine +EHS Electromechanical coupling unit + High capacity battery composition , It is also BYD's latest hybrid system , Compared with the previous emphasis on power , The new generation of hybrid system pays more attention to the performance of energy consumption ; among 1.5L The maximum power of the engine is 110 horsepower , Peak torque is 135 cattle · rice , With Atkinson cycle 、15.5:1 High compression ratio 、EGR Exhaust gas recirculation system and split cooling technology , The thermal efficiency can reach 43%.

In terms of endurance, Qin PLUS DM-i The battery life of pure electricity is 55km or 120km Two versions , among 55km The power loss and fuel consumption of the endurance model is 3.8L/100km, The official comprehensive range can reach 1180km; and 120km The power loss and fuel consumption of the endurance version is 3.8L/100km, The official comprehensive range can reach 1245km.


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