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I knew about vehicle safety

2021-08-26 06:01:27 Car operator

Since the invention of the automobile , Driving safety is a permanent topic , For the common people , Safety is invisible and untouchable , No accident, no good or bad , So how to find some clues about security from the perspective of consumers ? In fact, it can be analyzed from the following aspects .

Active safety

Active safety refers to the safety system measures that control the vehicle as freely as possible , In an emergency , Ensure that the vehicle can drive safely according to the wishes of the driver , The most intuitive judgment method is the driving feeling of the vehicle . When choosing a car , Suggest more test drives , Check whether the driving assistance function is easy to use , Is it reasonable? , Whether the operation is smooth, etc , Now some drivers are not used to driving assistance , This also increases the hidden danger of driving safety .

1) brake , The car is most likely to have problems when braking , Aiming at the braking force performance in case of danger , The engineer designed a series of safety aids , Such as ABS and EBD etc. , These two devices are currently the most common , Other categories , The configuration with high price should be relatively good , Of course, different models may have different emphases , But the fundamental goal is to fix the car body , Correct vehicle deviation, etc , This is also the standard configuration of the vehicle .

2) Reminder device . It's a device that can reduce the driver's blind spot . Such as reversing image 、 Panoramic camera , Doubling the auxiliary , Lane departure warning, etc , Others, such as night vision system 、AEB And other new technologies are also everywhere . And such as follow-up steering LED Headlights and night vision system , When choosing a car, if the budget is sufficient , Consider adding .

in recent years , More and more people are buying new energy vehicles , Compared with traditional fuel vehicles , The most important thing for new energy vehicles is the safety of battery packs , Because the battery is extremely flammable and explosive after collision , Therefore, the better the protection of the battery pack, the safer the vehicle will be , Otherwise, once the fire burns, it will get out of control like a fuel truck , Except for the battery pack , Other safety evaluation criteria are basically the same for battery vehicles and fuel vehicles .

Passive safety

1) Structural safety , When there was a collision , Except for the seat belt , The most important thing is the rigidity and integrity of the body structure . The car has developed to the present , Engineers also gradually abandon the traditional thinking that the harder the better , Use... In a wide range “ Collapse energy absorption ” The concept of , This requires that in the event of a vehicle collision , The body absorbs most of the kinetic energy at the time of impact , Make the energy transfer to the passengers as little as possible . For example, a certain collapse energy absorption area is reserved at the front and rear of the vehicle ; The passenger compartment shall be made of rigid materials to reduce deformation , So as to avoid squeezing the passenger's body ; In the event of a side impact , To add a door anti-collision bar 、 Add sill beam to improve the safety of side impact . These are all basic vehicle configurations , meanwhile , Merchants will also promote the integrated body and additional crash beams , Or instantaneous lifting system in case of lateral collision, etc , Are developed for side impact configurations .

2) Usually when choosing a car , If there are too many welding points on the whole vehicle, it is easy to attract attention , Although the body rigidity should be analyzed from many aspects such as design and material selection , There are also many cars with many solder joints, and the rigidity is also good , But in theory, cars with fewer solder joints , Because of its good overall feeling , More reassuring .

Another thing worth mentioning , The heavier the car, the safer it is , Although body structural parts account for a large part of the weight of the car , But the heavier the car, the stronger it is . This is because the greater the body mass, the greater the driving inertia , At this time, if there is a collision, it will only suffer more , Good body design must take into account both lightweight and rigid body .

3) Seat belts and airbags

Safety belt is an important part of passive safety device , At present, the safety belts on the market can be divided into ordinary three-point safety belts 、 Single pretension seat belt 、 Double pre tensioned safety belts, etc .

The importance of seat belts goes without saying , The ordinary three-point formula is the simplest , It can ensure that the human body is kept on the seat as much as possible during collision . The pre tensioned seat belt can sense the impact , When a vehicle collides , Tighten the seat belt , Fix the passenger's body on the seat ; The double preload type has the function of lumbar preload , The fixing effect is better , The price of pretensioned seat belts is on the high side , Generally used in medium and high-end vehicles .

And the airbag , It can be divided into frontal airbags 、 Side seat airbag 、 Side curtain and knee airbag . It is mainly to ensure that the personnel in the vehicle , Reduce the injury caused by collision between human body and vehicle body , Generally speaking , The more airbags , The wider the angle, the safer , It can provide omni-directional and three-dimensional protection for passengers .

in general , In addition to the above conditions , Tyre grip 、 Seat headrest configuration and angle , It's also worth tasting , But in ordinary urban driving , Not particularly particular about . most important of all : The safety factor is inversely proportional to the vehicle speed , If an accident occurs due to speeding , No matter how well equipped the vehicle is .

Recently, due to frequent vehicle safety accidents , Caused a lot of tragedies , So safe driving has been put on the agenda again , Share with you . Borrow a movie 《 Wandering the earth 》 In one sentence :“ Thousands of roads , Safety clause 1 , Traffic irregularities , Relatives two lines of tears ”.


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