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209800, nearly 5m long, with blade battery, the endurance can reach 605km, breaking 100 in 3.9 seconds

2021-08-26 06:01:35 Cheshi vernacular

What concerns do you have about new energy vehicles ? It's endurance , It's still safe ? In recent years, there are not a few new energy vehicles with spontaneous combustion in our country , Although most new energy vehicles with spontaneous combustion are not expensive , But as property , As a means of life , No matter how cheap the car is, it will also be regarded as a treasure by users . and , Spontaneous combustion poses a threat to personal safety , If it happens on the highway , Occurs in a crowded environment , The consequences are even more unimaginable . But with the transformation of the market to new energy , Endurance and safety have become the most concerned part of most consumers , If you value these factors as much as I do , carrying “ Blade battery ” Bydihan EV Worthy of attention .

“ Blade battery ” It was carefully developed by BYD , The battery structure can be customized according to the vehicle model , The layout is more reasonable and regular , So as to ensure that there will be enough spacious riding space in the car . High density , Longer endurance , To this end, BYD also conducted a puncture experiment , In the experiment , The battery pack did not heat up 、 The phenomenon of spontaneous combustion , Safe from “ Blade battery ” Start . As BYD's flagship car , han EV It also has good competitiveness , Price range 20.98-27.95 Ten thousand yuan between , The maximum endurance can reach 605km, The fastest acceleration can run into 3.9 second , There's more Brembo High performance brake calipers , For Han with high performance EV It's even more powerful !

In form , The family design style makes Han EV It has a very high degree of recognition , The whole front face is very low , The wide body design also improves the horizontal visual effect , It has the momentum of luxury brands . The matrix formula of the whole system standard configuration LED The headlights are equipped with adaptive distance adjustment 、 Automatic headlight 、 Function of steering assist lighting . The closed front face can ensure heat , So as to improve the range .

When you come to the side of the car body, you can see that it is straight and smooth , Double waist line of front and rear sections , The window is surrounded by bright chrome trim ,D The column also adopts a style similar to diffusion exhaust , What's more GT The visual effects of sports cars . Positioning medium and large cars , The body dimensions are respectively up to 4980/1910/1495mm, The wheelbase 2920mm, Although compared A6L、5 The size of large and medium-sized cars of luxury brands such as department is slightly inferior , But this size is enough to ensure that the rear passengers have spacious seating space , The most important point , It is new energy !

The tail shape is relatively smooth , The tail lamp running through horizontally is equipped with dragon claws , Then there is the dynamic flow effect when it is lit , Even from the lamp factory A6L, You have to call an expert player when you see him ! The most publicized part of the tail sign is the lower right corner “3.9S” The words... , It means that this car only needs 3.9 You can complete zero hundred acceleration in seconds , Same price 2.0T Don't speed up the car compared with it , It's enough for you to run first 3 second !

interiors , han EV The interior is full of texture , Have to say , As a flagship car , han EV The interior upholstery of the car has completely leapfrog quality . The soft material with large coverage has surpassed the joint venture brand in workmanship , Add chrome plated bright strips and black mirror decorative panels , It doesn't make people feel greasy visually . The shape of the shift lever is very exquisite , Electronic display effect is adopted , Plus various Chinese buttons , BYD's Chinese character culture is really learned by every Chinese car enterprise .

The whole system is equipped with a full LCD dashboard as standard , If the joint screen design is adopted , han EV The interior is really different from E I'm a little bumpy . The dashboard interface design is very simple , By adjusting the mode , You can also change the display effect of the screen , Bring a more sci-fi experience . In the middle is 15.6 Inch center panel , The size has been larger than Tesla Model 3 Wider , With enough clear resolution , The screen can also rotate , Is it different from competitive products at the same price ?

The space effect part is Han EV The competitive advantage of , Because of the blade battery , The floor is almost flat , So that the middle passengers also have plenty of riding space . The entry luxury driver's seat is equipped with seat heating and ventilation as standard , Obviously driver centered .

If it is applied to business reception , Standard heating is excluded after the top version 、 ventilation , Optional seat massage , Even the rear seat adjustment supports electronic control , Luxury brands are just like this . han EV Has a very good NVH performance , The front windows of the whole series are made of double-layer sound insulation glass , With a thick sealing strip , The moment you close the door and window , You can feel “ isolated ” A sense of tranquility .

In terms of motivation , han EV It is divided into two power units , Both luxury and noble models are equipped with 222 Horsepower single motor , The 4WD high-performance version is equipped with 494 Horsepower front and rear dual motors . In addition to the power gap , As an electric vehicle, endurance is fundamental , The entry standard endurance version is 506km, And the two super long endurance models can reach 605km, It can meet the needs of users who need to run long distances . 4WD high performance version, as the name suggests , Speed up 3.9 second , meanwhile NEDC With a range of 550km, Not because of the pursuit of strong performance, the range has not been reduced . han EV It has a very efficient charging effect , In fast charging mode, it can be fully charged in less than half an hour 80% The electricity , There is no need to worry about endurance at all .

The chassis suspension adopts the mainstream combination of McPherson and multi connecting rod , The adjustment of comfort is also in line with the market positioning of the product . At present, only four-wheel drive high-performance top equipped models are equipped with Brembo Brake calipers , If you choose another configuration , Users can also choose . in addition , han EV It is equipped with remote control driving and transparent image of the whole system as standard , It also improves the driving convenience . In terms of charging , han EV There is also an exclusive mobile power station , As a new energy vehicle , BYD also cares about users' use feelings .

The final summary , stay 20-30 Million yuan of new energy models , Byd han EV It can definitely be said to be highly lethal , Strong competitiveness , Seed players who don't play cards according to the routine . Because there are not many new energy cars that can be selected at the same price , It's just Xiao Peng P7、 tesla Model 3, han EV Not only does it have a long enough endurance level ,3.9 Second acceleration level is the key for consumers to choose . The most important is the blade battery , Security is definitely its number one label . Okay , For byadhan EV What else do you think , Welcome to leave a message to the author in the comment area .

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