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Xiaopeng P7 "SUV version", with a sales of 149800, can explode 197 horsepower. The space is not suitable for everyone

2021-08-26 06:01:38 Cheshi vernacular

In this 5G An era that has become increasingly popular , Intelligence has become a trait that many young people cannot live without , Whether it's a personal phone , Or the car we often touch in our daily life . Especially in the automotive field , With the arrival of electrified tuyere , Compared with traditional fuel models , New energy vehicles are often born with the attributes of future technology . So we can find that , New energy vehicles now on sale or to be launched , Basically, they are inseparable from intelligence .

Of course , For young people who are still working hard , tesla Model Y、 Wei to EC6 These hundreds of thousands of new energy SUV, I still can't afford it . So today I'd like to introduce a smart phone that young people can afford SUV, It's Xiao Peng G3. As early as 2018 Models that have entered the domestic market since , Xiao peng G3 Many consumers should not be too unfamiliar , In this year 7 month , It brings a new 2021 models , Upgrade the name to G3i, The guided 14.98-18.58 ten thousand . For the convenience of , Xiao Peng for short G3.

In terms of appearance , Xiao peng G3 The appearance performance is actually compared with the old model , Basically nothing much has changed . The front shape and Xiaopeng P7 Broadly similar , It is a simple but round design . The visual effect of split lamp group is very outstanding , Especially the through lamp belt in the middle , Not only makes the front of the car have a wider visual effect , At the same time, the sense of science and technology is also more obvious . It's just that the car price has arrived 15 Wan grade , It is still an ordinary headlamp function , And there is no adaptive high and low beam , Slightly weak competitiveness .

The side part , Xiao peng G3 It is still a familiar fashion and fresh design , The door handle is replaced with a hidden design , Make integrity 、 The sense of science and technology should be more prominent .C The column part adopts suspension design , In addition, the car window is covered with chrome trim , In fact, the sense of delicacy is not bad . In size, Xiao Peng G3 It's compact SUV, The car length is improved compared with the old models , Here comes the data 4495/1820/1610mm, The wheelbase is 2625mm, And it comes standard with 215/55 R17 Aluminium alloy wheel ring .

In the tail , Xiao peng G3 In my opinion, the shape of is slightly bloated , The main reason is the rounded design of convex back , But the overall sense of design is not too bad . The rear windshield has chrome edging , More refined , The through tail lamp has a large area , Not only has an excellent sense of Technology , The lighting effect at night should also be more prominent .

interiors , Xiao peng G3 The first feeling of performance is simple and exaggerated , No physical keys can be seen in the whole central control area , The concealed air outlet adds a sense of hierarchy . And the middle 15.6 Inch vertical large screen , The visual effect can be said to be exaggerated , And the delivery method of full touch screen , The sense of technology can also be said to be excellent , Able to support voice control 、 Car networking 、 Remote parking 、 Intelligent technologies such as transparent chassis . And to reduce the sense of plastic , Xiao peng G3 The lower enclosure of the center console is also covered with soft materials , The sense of class is pretty good .

Sitting in the cockpit , In fact, I can feel the obvious driving atmosphere , Because the whole center console adopts an asymmetric design , It's generally biased towards the driver's seat . On the matching, the three piece multifunctional leather steering wheel , And post 12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel , It has a comfortable and good driving texture . It is worth mentioning that , Xiao peng G3 The seats are all made of imitation leather , And it has electric and memory functions .

Of course , In terms of overall configuration , Xiao peng G3 In fact, my performance is not too outstanding , After all, from the configuration table ,“ Full body ” Only high-end models are . For example, ordinary models only have 4SRS airbag 、 Reversing image 、 Cruise control 、 Basic configuration such as automatic air conditioning , The top model is equipped with active braking 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Wireless charging board and other high-end configurations . And because it's going to extend to the front windshield of the roof , There is no panoramic skylight in the whole system , It's a big pity for the passengers in the back row .

In space , Xiao peng G3 Although it is a compact SUV, But then 4495mm The conductor came to see , It can only belong to the entry-level level , And haver H6、 changan CS75 PLUS Compared with other mainstream models , There is still a big gap . So its ride space is actually not much surprise ,178cm 's experience into the front row , Head space is only four fingers ; The legroom in the back row is about one punch , The head space is two fingers .

Storage space , Xiao peng G3 The performance of is more common , The front row has a cup holder 、 Armrest box 、 Glove box and other conventional configurations , The back row is rudimentary , Handrail 、 The cup holder is not equipped ; In the rear compartment , Xiao peng G3 The performance is relatively flat , but 380L The volume can only hold two medium suitcases , Fortunately, the rear seats can fall down , The expansion ability is still reflected .

motivation , Xiao peng G3 The whole system is equipped with a set of configuration as standard , For a power take-off 145kW(197Ps)/300N·m Permanent magnet synchronous motor . Just according to the battery pack , Have 460km/520km Two endurance versions . The battery pack adopts lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery , The battery energy is 55/55.9/57/66kWh Four versions , And all support fast charging 、 There are two modes of slow charging , The charging time is 0.58 Hours /0.53 Hours 、4.3 Hours /5.5 Hours .

Chassis , Xiao peng G3 It's equipped with a front drive + Mainstream configuration of fixed gear ratio gearbox , Only the configuration of front McPherson rear torsion beam suspension , That's it 15 At the 10000 level , The author thinks it is not very qualified , After all, there are a lot of models with double single suspension at the 10000 yuan level now . Actually, it drives , Xiao peng G3 The power performance is very fast ,80km/h Can be achieved quickly within , Zero 8.6 Second power , It also brings a good feeling of pushing back . Just the support of the chassis 、 The seismic filtering needs to be strengthened , The comfort performance is relatively general .

Combined with all aspects of product performance , I think Xiao Peng G3 It's a regular new energy SUV, appearance 、 The interior configuration is moving towards intelligent tonality , combination 15 From the price of 10000 yuan or so , It's a choice for young people . Of course, Xiao Peng G3 The beggar version of , I don't recommend , To configure 、 The endurance is quite good , If the budget is enough , It's still recommended to bring the car's family name N High profile models .

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