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Audi has another flagship SUV at the same level as the Q8, starting from 546800, and 313 horsepower of 4WD

2021-08-26 06:01:42 Cheshi vernacular

From Audi's announcement to stop developing new internal combustion engines , In fact, you can see , In the future, it will focus on the field of new energy , And the reality is true . In particular, it is a brand owned by Volkswagen —— porsche , Launch Taycan And after a good success , Audi has also accelerated the pace of building its own electric family . And Audi e-tron It is one of the representative models .

Because since last year 5 Since the disclosure of the first batch of application drawings in January , This Audi medium and large SUV Tram , Was given a mysterious veil . New look 、 interior , Different powertrain , All means e-tron Maybe it will be the beginning of a new era for Audi . It's been dragging on for nearly a year 1 About years later , This year, 4 Audi in May e-tron Finally late . The new car has launched the ordinary version and hatchback version as usual , The ordinary version is the domestic version , There are three mass production vehicles , Pricing for 54.68-64.88 ten thousand . Today we take the ordinary model as an example , Look at this Audi electric luxury SUV How will it behave .

aesthetic , audi e-tron The latest tram design language is adopted , There is little difference with overseas models . The vehicle temperament is different from Tesla and other new energy models , audi e-tron Not blindly pursuing the sense of the future of science and Technology , But a good combination of a sense of technology and a sense of fashion . The front part of the car is in the net 、 The air inlets are covered with chrome plated spokes , Match the matrix on both sides of the LED headlight , The recognition is not bad at all .

The side part , audi e-tron The chassis is not too high , Plus SUV The structure of the car body , So it has a little crossover style . The window 、 Luggage rack 、 Chrome plated trim strips are used under the door panel , Enhance the visual sense of hierarchy . The charging port is hidden in the front fender , And equipped with a unique logo . The wheel hub is divided into... According to the configuration height R19、R20、R21 Three specifications , And yellow brake calipers , The visual effect is not bad . In terms of size , audi e-tron Three high for 4901/1935/1640mm, The wheelbase 2928mm, Positioning as medium and large SUV.

In the tail , audi e-tron You can also see the shadow of many Audi fuel vehicles , The left and right wing sections have a wide body design , Widened the visual effect , Add a sense of movement . The lamp group part adopts the through design , The sense of science and technology is much better than fuel vehicles , Especially under the blessing of water lamp and other functions , The night effect is excellent .

interiors , audi e-tron It also adopts the latest family language , In terms of style, the author thinks it draws lessons from Audi Q8, Or Volkswagen Touareg . The whole central control area adopts a flat stepped structure , Through the texture trim 、 Design of concealed air outlet, etc , Enhance the sense of hierarchy . And embedded 10.1 Inch center control screen 、8.6 Inch air conditioning function area screen , The sense of technology seems to be sufficient .

Cockpit part , audi e-tron Yes, it is equipped with sports leather seats ( This version is optional ), Support multi-directional electric regulation , And heating 、 ventilation 、 Massage function is also optional ( Top equipped with heating belt ), After matching the three piece leather multifunction steering wheel , The driving atmosphere is very good . Behind the steering wheel is equipped with a 12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard , Suspended design , Make it look more refined and concise .

Other configuration aspects , audi e-tron After all, it is a model with a price as high as 50 A 10000 class luxury car , The overall strength is quite comprehensive . But the common problem of luxury cars is Audi e-tron It also has , That is, many configurations still need to be optional , Such as lane departure warning 、 Fatigue driving system 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 Adaptive cruise 、 It's worth parking 、HUD Head up display and other high-end configurations , Medium and low configuration models need to be installed at an additional cost .

As a medium and large SUV, audi e-tron Although the size data is not very mainstream , But the actual performance is not too bad .178cm 's experience into the front row , Head space can be left with a punch or so , Keep the front seats unchanged , Then the head space in the back row is in the four finger seat , Legroom can be close to two punches . The central platform bulge is still a large groove point , The comfort of riding in the middle really has an impact .

Storage space , audi e-tron The performance of is more mainstream , Armrest box 、 Glove box 、 Drink holder 、 Door panels, storage compartments, etc. are equipped with , The rear seats also have a central armrest , It is also equipped with two cup holders ; Part of the rear compartment e-tron The performance is flat and spacious , When the seat is down, it can even be used to move . In addition, in the front engine room , audi e-tron One more 80L Large luggage compartment .

Final power , audi e-tron The front and rear AC asynchronous double motor configuration is adopted , Can have maximum power 230kW(313Ps), Peak torque 540N·m Strong power output . The battery pack adopts ternary lithium battery , The battery energy is 96.7kWh,NEDC The endurance varies according to the model , Is to have 500km/465km Two versions , The fast charging time is 0.67 Hour or so .

Chassis , audi e-tron The whole system adopts double motor 4WD , Match the front five link rear multi link independent suspension , The transmission adopts 2AT Automatic transmission . The actual handling experience can be said to be very good , It even has the driving fun that conventional trams don't have , Straight line, fast 、 Bending stability , The experience is impressive .

Comprehensive, , audi e-tron The performance of product force is regular , In my opinion, it is not very prominent , Of course, strong performance and 2AT Transmission configuration , In my opinion, it is a good bright spot , It can improve the utilization efficiency of the motor . And if you're interested in this car , The author suggests that you choose the best car from among them , Cost performance should be higher . Of course , In this way , We should also accept the disadvantage of its short endurance , After all, the current market is often more than 500km Endurance pure electric SUV, audi e-tron The medium and high configuration models have only 465km life , It really lacks certain competitiveness .

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