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The longest endurance is 520km, with a standard 15.6-inch large screen, breaking 100 in 8.6 seconds, starting from 149800

2021-08-26 06:01:48 Cheshi vernacular

I wonder if you have found these market phenomena , The starting point of new forces for making cars is often set higher , For example, ideal one As the first mass production car of the brand , Positioning medium and large scale SUV, The starting price is as high as 33.80 Ten thousand yuan . The cheapest thing about Weilai brand is ES6, Positioning medium SUV, The actual price after the discount is still better than ideal one Expensive 1 More than ten thousand , Obviously, when consumers see the price , The psychological retreat drum has also sounded . On the contrary, Xiao Peng , Adopt the same layout as BYD , There is misplaced competition P7, There are also those who focus on the middle and low-end market G3,7 Monthly new car deliveries are as high as 8040 car , Year-on-year increase 228%, Top market sales have fully proved that Xiaopeng G3 Position in the market .

In the appearance part , Xiao peng G3 Adopted and P5、P7 Different design concepts , The front face of the whole car looks like it will collide with Tesla . Sharp headlights are standard LED The light source , The internal structure of the lamp cavity adopts matrix arrangement , The segmentation of lines makes the whole look more scientific and technological , Automatic headlights as standard , Day light , It can bring a safer driving experience . The prominent lower guard bar adopts different color matching with the car body , There are decorative air guide holes on both sides , Then there are the lines of the machine cover , Typical electric vehicle design style .

When you come to the side of the car body, you can see the suspended roof , Sliding back design with wide spoiler , The sense of movement is self-evident . Except for vitality , Xiao peng G3 It also provides Whitening / Azure green double color , White is more concise and simple , The double color combo looks like a very summer mint ice cream , Looks very young and fashionable . All front and rear tires are made of 215/55 R17 Specifications , Double color wheel hub with five patterns , It doesn't look tacky .

At first glance, the tail lamp adopts a through style , The actual lighting effect is a split design , It looks quite different . All light sources are LED, The effect after lighting is also very eye-catching , The steering lamp adopts dynamic water flow effect , It looks very scientific . The whole tail lamp has a good three-dimensional effect while designing , Make the whole tail more three-dimensional , The thick lower guard bar is matched with the style of diffusion exhaust , The sense of movement is relatively strong .

interiors , The interior is designed with an encircling cockpit , The center console has a distinct level , Leather material is in the middle of the center console , And there are stitches on the edges , Add the door panel 、 Armrest box 、 The steering wheel is wrapped in leather , The touch is very delicate . The shift lever is designed with gear , Bring users a more intuitive visual experience , In this way , At the same time, it also makes the central control area more concise , There is a cell phone storage compartment , Cup holder , It's also easy to use .

15.6 Inch central control screen adopts longitudinal design , And the overall angle tilts the main driving position , Even in direct sunlight , It won't affect the driver's view . The car engine system is very smooth , There is no crash , Or the Caton phenomenon , Standard car networking and OTA upgrade , Bring users a more convenient experience . All standard 12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel , Medium and high configuration models are equipped with mobile phone wireless charging , The interior is filled with a sense of modernity and Technology , The functional configuration meets the needs of young drivers .

In terms of ride space effect , Xiao peng G3 The length of the car body is 4495mm; Width 1820mm; Height 1610mm; The wheelbase 2625mm. As a compact SUV, If only from the body size , Xiao peng G3 The space in the car is really enough to meet the daily driving needs . But share from substantive experience , Xiao peng G3 The front windshield adopts a structure similar to the sky curtain , The advantage is a wide view , Look up and you can see the blue sky . The disadvantage is that there is no sunshade , In summer, when the sun is direct, you really feel hot above your head , Fortunately, a treasure mall has its own sunshade , The price is close to the people , Worth of .

There is no problem with the rear seat space for daily household use , Head space and knee space are not limited . The disadvantage is that there is no central armrest box in the back of the whole system , There is no headrest in the middle seat , Fortunately, the whole rear row design has USB The power interface , Passengers in the back row can also charge mobile devices such as mobile phones at any time .

motivation , Xiao peng G3 The whole system is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous single motor , The most powerful 145kW, Maximum torque 300N·m, Power take-off 197 horsepower . From the book parameters , Xiao peng G3 The dynamic performance of is not weak , official 0-100km/h Acceleration requires only 8.6 second , Plus a single speed transmission , The overall power output performance is very linear , A smooth , Driving in the city is very light . introduction NEDC The full battery range is 460km, The maximum endurance can reach 520km. It is worth mentioning that Xiao Peng G3 The acceleration efficiency is a little faster than that of competitive models of the same level , Slow charging interface 4.3 The battery can be fully charged in hours , At the same price 、 Almost all at the same level 7-8 Hours , Wuling MINIEV have no choice but to 6.5-9 Hours .

Xiao peng G3 The front McPherson and rear torsion beam independent suspension is adopted , It is the mainstream configuration at the same price . In terms of functional configuration , Xiao peng G3 It is rich enough , The entry-level model is equipped with rear radar as standard 、 Reversing image 、 Cruise control 、 Automatic parking 、 Slow down the steep slopes ; And on high configuration models , Standard configuration L2.5 Level of driving assistance ,360 Degree panoramic image , It is particularly worth mentioning that Xiao Peng G3 The panoramic image of the is raised on the roof , Some are similar to Rover , When you rise in a crowded traffic flow , Have to say , You are the most beautiful boy on this road .

Xiao peng G3 The official selling price range is 14.98-19.98 Ten thousand yuan ( Include 2020 paragraph ), As a member of the new forces of car making , Xiao peng G3 It has a price that is close to the people and kind enough , It's almost the same as a fuel car of the same grade , It can meet the needs of those who don't have a large car budget , But consumers who are concerned about new energy vehicles . The functional configuration is comprehensive enough , The appearance is young and fashionable , The interior has a sense of modernity and Technology , Is it cost-effective , A comparison will show . About Xiao Peng G3 What other details do you want to know , Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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