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This pure electric SUV comes from a large domestic manufacturer with dual endurance + configuration upgrade. The key is not BYD

2021-08-26 06:02:01 Cheshi vernacular

In fact, speaking of current pure electric models , The new forces of car making in China are the most active . In fact, traditional car companies have made some moves , But relative to the progress and heat of the new forces , It doesn't seem to keep pace . Of course, not all traditional brands are like this , BYD, for example, is already a leader in the field of new energy in China . However! , Today, let's put BYD away , Let's focus on the geometry of Geely Group C. Look at the changes of the new models after minor changes ? And whether it can be surrounded by many new forces , Kill a path of blood .

Let's start with the appearance , To tell you the truth, compared with the old model , New geometry C Little has changed . The same routine closed China open , The air inlet decoration on both sides and the shape of the lower air inlet network , Not very prominent in the sense of design , On the whole, it's normal . In fact, geometry C Your front face is no different from most of the current pure trams at the same level , Whether in design techniques or design ideas , It's really hard to see anything unique .

The shape of the headlights is also a little mediocre ,LED The direction of daytime running lights is still flexible , Compared with the internal lamp cavity, it is a little lackluster .

On the side of the car, you can see many current popular elements , Like double waistline design 、 Suspended roof 、 Concealed door handle , And a slightly slip back design . It can be said that geometry C The side of , It covers almost all the trend designs in the current car market . In terms of body size, the length, width and height of all models , Are all 4432mm*1833mm*1560mm,2700mm The wheelbase is a standard compact figure .

Current geometry C Five spoke wheel hub with the same shape , The hub size of square version is 16 Inch , The tire specification is 215/60 R16. The top matching Rubik's cube version uses 18 Inch wheel , The tire specification is 225/45 R18, The other four editions all use 17 Inch wheel , The tire specification is 225/50 R17.

Finally, let's talk about the tail , The round and full shape looks more pleasing , The overall sense of hierarchy is also good . Besides , I believe you are very familiar with the through tail lamp , The rising lower surround raises the geometry C The visual center of gravity of the tail .

After talking about the appearance, go to the interior to talk about , Personally, the interior design feels good , The technical elements in the details also take care of . For example, a two spoke flat bottom steering wheel , It's a case in point , In addition, the design of the center console is simple and capable , Plus a reasonable color matching , The interior , You can give me 80 branch . Naturally, there is no need to worry about the materials , Like a soft material wrap 、 Leather stitching design , And chrome strip decoration , The delicacy and overall texture are very good .

The geometric C The shift knob is made of a large number of chrome plated materials , Plus fine workmanship , Exquisite and advanced , I just don't know how the damping feeling and hand feel .

In addition to the square version and cubic version , The steering wheel is made of plastic , Other models use leather wrapped steering wheel . Up and down the steering wheel + Adjust before and after , And multifunctional control , All models are given . Last , There is also one standard in the whole series 5 Inch LCD dashboard .

The geometric C In terms of intelligent interconnection configuration , All models are equipped with a 12.3 Inch center panel . The functions of the car and the engine are like the navigation system 、 Navigation road information display 、 Bluetooth car phone 、 Internet of vehicles function 、OTA upgrade , And speech recognition control system , Except that the square version is not given , Other models are standard .

Geometry in passive safety configuration C It's all standard 2 airbag , Struggle version 、 Power version , And the cube , On top of this, the front side airbag is also equipped , There are... In the car 4 individual . The top is equipped with the magic cube version, and there is also a side air curtain , There are... In the car 6 airbag . Last , Tire pressure display is also the standard function of the whole series .

And active security configuration , In addition to the top version of the magic cube , Other models only give some basic ESP、EBA And other primary security configurations . The cube version is based on this , It is also equipped with lane departure warning 、 Collision warning 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Doubling the auxiliary 、 Lane Keeping Assist , And road traffic sign recognition function .

Finally, let's talk about the auxiliary control configuration , Except for the square version , Other models are equipped with rear parking radar 、 Reversing image , And cruise control . The power cube version and the magic cube version are on top of this , There is one more 360 Panoramic image function , The top equipped magic cube version also has more front parking radar 、 Full speed adaptive cruise , as well as L2 Class a automatic driving function .

Seat space performance , Only the square version is made of fabric , Other models are made of imitation leather . The power version of the configuration gives the electric adjustment of the main driver's seat , The Rubik's cube version has more electric adjustment of the front passenger seat . The heating function of the front seat is only available in the power square version and the magic cube version , The top equipped magic cube version is also equipped with the memory function of the driver's seat . Measured space , height 176cm Passengers can get four finger head allowance in the front row , There is still a finger left in the back row , Leg space is about two punches .

The geometric C In terms of endurance, it is divided into 400km、550km Two modes , among 400km A model with pure electric endurance , Fast charging to 80% When the electricity is needed 0.5 Hours ,550km You need to 0.63 Hours . The maximum power of a single motor carried in the whole power system 204 horsepower , Maximum torque 310 Cattle meters , The official acceleration time of 0.00 is 7 second .

The geometric C The chassis suspension part adopts , Former McPherson + Combination of rear torsion beam independent suspension . Adjustment in favor of comfort , Make Geometry C In the face of some small bumps , Can deal with it very calmly . Besides , The overall longitudinal support performance of the car body is also worthy of recognition , However, the roll during turning is still obvious .

summary : Current geometry C The whole department has 5 models , The guide price is 12.98-18.28 Between ten thousand . From geometry C In all respects , In fact, there is no obvious advantage , Compared with other models of the same level in terms of configuration , Even slightly behind . You know, there are many cost-effective models in the new forces of car making , The geometric C If you only rely on the name of a big factory , Just want to establish a firm foothold in the field of new energy , I don't think it's realistic .

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