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Like a concept car with a range of 602km, is it the most technologically sensitive tram of class 150000

2021-08-26 06:09:20 Cheshi vernacular

It's not hard to find out , At present, most trams are in the design direction , Are more inclined to technology 、 Future sense . Like the Tesla family , from Model X To Model 3, All are “ One screen breaks through the world ”,Model X All right. , There is also a display in front of the steering wheel , and Model Y and Model 3 Directly, there is only one screen left in the whole car . And Weilai, an independent brand 、 Ideal 、 BYD 、 GAC, AIAN and other auto enterprises , When building new energy models, it is also used to large screen 、 touch , Try not to arrange physical keys in the central control . For example, GAC EA's AION S, It is called by netizens 15 10000 class electric car with the most sense of science and Technology , But if so ?

Let's start with the price , at present 21 The paragraph AION S be called AION S Plus, But the model positioning is still a compact car ; Five models launched , The price range after subsidy is 13.96-17.26 ten thousand . In terms of price , It's really close to 15 10000 level pricing , As for product power 、 How about the sense of Technology , Let's go on .

As AION S Upgraded version AION S Plus, In terms of appearance, it integrates more ENO.146 The design elements of the concept car . Front part ,AION S Plus You can use streamline 、 A sense of future is used to describe . Its lines are not complicated , But it's these simple edges and corners , But it outlines AION S Plus The future properties of . Front lamp group part ,AION S Plus The whole is simple , And with a certain sense of line , All of them are LED The light source .

The side section shows ,AION S Plus Using many current trend elements . such as , In color AION S Plus Arranged a double color , At the same time, the body is designed as a sliding back shape ; secondly , Young people like gun gray multi spoke hub 、 Dynamic waistline , stay AION S Plus There was no absence from the , And there are R17、R18 Two specifications are available ; Of course , Can reduce wind resistance 、 Hidden door handles that enhance the sense of technology also have .

relatively speaking ,AION S Plus The rear of the car , It becomes simpler . It's not as linear as the front face , At most, it runs through the upper and lower ends of the tail lamp , Dotted with two waistlines ; Some netizens think AION S Plus Is there no money for the design here ? Why not as radical as the front face , Some netizens also think that ,AION S Plus The simple rear is just right . What do you think ? Anyway, I think it's ok .

Came to AION S Plus In vehicle , The most conspicuous is the two large screens on the center console , With blue as the background , And it does AION S Plus In vehicle , Rendering a stronger scientific and technological atmosphere . also ,AION S Plus Of 10.25 Inch full LCD Meter +14.6 Inch center control screen , It's also standard , So don't worry about being cheap on the beggar model 、 No sense of Technology . Besides ,AION S Plus The interior materials are worth praising , After all, in the central control 、 The car has a lot of leather packages on the door panel .

Steering wheel section ,AION S Plus It's a three spoke design , The multi-function keys are touch controlled , The steering wheel grip is also wrapped in leather , The overall texture and feel are good . then , The shift mechanism is a conventional knob layout , Mostly focus on simplicity , There are no highlights 、 The texture is regular , But I don't feel a little broken .

Configuration ,360 Degree of ring shadow 、 Cruise control 、 Automatic parking 、 Front row keyless entry 、 Sports seats 、 Conventional configurations such as intelligent networking ,AION S Plus All are standard configuration of the whole series . But more comprehensive intelligent driving assistance , Only in AION S Plus You can only have on the high configuration model of ; And comfort configuration , In addition to the two tech models, the front seats are equipped with heating 、 Driving memory , Other models can't enjoy , Electric adjustment is only available in the driver's seat . So in this respect ,AION S Plus Still a little stingy .

Space part ,AION S Plus The body length, width and height are respectively 4810*1880*1515mm, The wheelbase of the car body is 2750mm. Data for , For one A For the positioning of class cars , It can be regarded as having a leapfrog level ; In practice ,AION S Plus Rear space and seat comfort , Can also give a high praise . By height 178cm Take the test crew as an example , Adjust the front row to a comfortable sitting position , There are two punches left in the back row , There are about three fingers left on the head .453L The volume of the rear compartment is enough to meet the daily home use , But the space occupied by the wheel arch part , For loading large objects or luggage , It's not very friendly .

Motor and endurance ,AION S Plus Depending on the model , Three sets of power and endurance are matched . Introduction to the 60 The motor parameters of smart collar are 100kW/225N·m,NEDC Maximum endurance 410km; Advanced version 70 Zhiling version / The motor parameters of technology version are 150kW/350N·m,NEDC The maximum endurance is 510km; Highly matched 80 Super long endurance version / The motor parameters of technology version are 165kW/350N·m. The battery energy of the three versions is 50.6kWh、58.8kWh、69.9kWh, Fast charging to 80% Power hour , Time consuming 0.4h、0.7h、0.75h.

Chassis parts ,AION S Plus With the former McPherson + Suspension structure of rear torsion beam , The driving mode is front drive . There is one saying. , All the 15 Ten thousand level price ,AION S Plus Not equipped with four-wheel suspension , It's really not interesting enough ; Torsion beam rear suspension in daily ride comfort 、 Driving experience , Will also give a certain discount . however ,AION S Plus The acceleration performance is pretty good , Except for the beggar version of a hundred 9.6 Out of seconds , The other two versions of zero hundred have done 7.6s and 6.8 second .

overall ,AION S Plus The sense of technology of the whole vehicle is really good , From exterior to interior , Is so ; But as for whether it is 15 10000 class tram with the most sense of science and Technology , I still want to leave the answer to you . that ,AION S Plus Is this car worth starting ? How to choose the right one ? Personal advice :AION S Plus In addition to the configuration 、 The driving quality is not dominant , Everything else is good , So my answer is still worth punching . If you choose which car , If the budget is limited, choose 70 Zhiling version , If the budget is enough 80 Technology Edition .

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