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The cheapest Xiaopeng SUV, equipped with a 15.6-inch large screen, can last 460km and start from 149800

2021-08-26 06:09:26 Cheshi vernacular

As a representative model of Xiaopeng automobile , Xiao peng G3 Since its debut , That is, it has always had a good degree of attention , At the same time, the market sales performance can be seen in the past , Recently, the monthly delivery volume has been basically maintained at 2000 Table above . This is for an independent new energy SUV Come on , It's a good performance . And in the past 7 month , Xiao peng G3 It also brings a new 2021 models , The official name is G3i, The guide price is 14.98-18.58 ten thousand , It's also “ Three heroes of new forces ” The lowest price car .

As a mid - term change model , New Xiaopeng G3 The design has not changed much , Still use the family style X Robot Face Design language . The front part of the car , Like a shark, the front face looks round and simple , The iconic intelligent voice light band runs through the whole front face , The visual effect is eye-catching . The light configuration has high and low beams LED headlight 、 Lightsaber LED Configuration of daytime running lights, etc , Good sense of Technology .

The side part , New Xiaopeng G3 The modelling of 、 The lines haven't changed much ,C The column part adopts the suspended roof design , The window is covered with chrome . Plus the layered body 、 Hidden door handle, etc , It highlights the dynamic temperament of science and Technology . Tyre , Xiao peng G3 All standard 215/55 R17 Specifications of tyres , Fit the five spoke two-color rim , It brings a little fashion , And support optional Michelin 18 Inch wheel , Price 3000 element .

In the tail , Xiao peng G3 It also adopts a round and concise design , The rear fender is slightly wide , In the middle is a large-area through tail lamp group , The visual effect is outstanding , When lit at night, it can also have an excellent sense of science and Technology . The rear surround is regular , And there are black trim panels , So that the sense of design will not be too monotonous .

Besides the interior part , When you sit in the car, you can find , Xiao peng G3 The interior design of is not far from the old model . The whole center console is simple and lively , There are almost no physical buttons , Its through air conditioner outlet , Plus the covering of leather materials , It has a simple and low luxury atmosphere . Of course, the most recognizable , still 15.6 Inch large central control screen , Not only makes the sense of technology excellent , Interactive experience is also more intelligent and convenient , It can support satellite navigation 、 Voice recognition control 、 Car networking 、OTA Upgrade and other functions .

Cockpit part , Xiao peng G3 Is the use of imitation leather seats , Leather can be optional for top models , It is equipped with electric regulation as standard 、 Electric memory function , The ride is more comfortable . The multi-functional steering wheel follows the three piece shape 、 Leather covering , The surface also has texture design , Comfortable to hold . The rear is equipped with a 12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel , Ability to view energy consumption 、 Electric quantity 、 Endurance and other information .

Other configuration , Xiao peng G3 The strength of is also the mainstream , But not very good , Because the overall configuration difference is still obvious . For example, driving AIDS , Xiao peng G3 It's a high-end model L2 Level auxiliary driving 、 Automatic parking 、360 Degree panoramic image and other functions . And like a wireless charging board 、 Seat heating 、 Remote parking 、 Transparent chassis and other high-end configurations , Xiao peng G3 Only high configuration models are equipped or optional . If it is low configuration 2 models , Not only are there no front and rear head airbags , Even driving aids are only the performance of low-cost vehicles .

New Xiaopeng G3 The size of has changed , The length, width and height are respectively :4495/1820/1610mm, The wheelbase 2625mm. The body length is lengthened , But the wheelbase has not changed much , Therefore, there is little difference in the actual spatial performance . With 175cm Take the case of the experimenter as an example , Adjust the front seat to the lowest position , Head space can have about a punch and a half margin ; Then the front seats don't move to the second row , Head and leg space can exceed one punch , The riding space is regular . But as a new energy vehicle , Xiao peng G3 There is still a small bulge on the rear floor , In my opinion, this is something to be improved .

Then Xiao Peng G3 Storage space in the car , The actual performance is pretty good . There are two cup holders inside the central armrest box , The area of the glove box is not small , At least two bottles of mineral water can be placed in the storage compartments of the door panels on both sides ; Trunk part , Xiao peng G3 The performance is relatively flat , Slightly raised on both sides, but little effect . When the rear seats are down , The maximum depth is 1600mm, In addition, there is a storage space under the partition , The expansion ability is quite good .

motivation , Xiao peng G3 Yes, it provides 460km/520km Two endurance versions , Endurance is not very good , But dealing with ordinary household should not be a problem . The whole system adopts permanent magnet / Synchronous single motor drive , The power output is 145kW(197Ps)/300N·m. The battery pack has two versions: lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery , The battery energy is 55kWh/57kWh/66kWh, And support fast charging and slow charging , The former takes time 0.58 Hours , The latter takes time 4.3 Hours /5.5 Hours .

Chassis , Xiao peng G3 The former McPherson - Rear torsion beam suspension , The driving mode is the front driver , And match the fixed gear ratio gearbox . Control and feel Xiaopeng G3 It's more regular , It can have a relatively fast dynamic response by gently stepping on the accelerator , Start fast , Basically, there is no feeling of meat . But in the middle and back of the switch , The power reserve is relatively weak . Chassis alignment is in line with regulations , The suspension is slightly soft when cornering , sound insulation 、 The filter is not very good .

Comprehensive, , Xiao peng G3 The strength of our products is in line , There's nothing too bright , But there are not many slots , The main reason is that the price has reached nearly 15 All the sale , For a domestic SUV It's still a little expensive . If you want to try new energy models , Then it's still a choice worth trying , Of course, the premise is to choose 460N、520N Such a high configuration model , Because only in this way can we experience the intelligent technology advantages of new energy , Such as transparent chassis 、 Automatic parking 、 The vehicle call function is only available for these two models .

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