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Cars also come to play co branding. Chevrolet cruises co branding Mickey. How about this "big gift"?

2021-08-26 06:09:30 Cheshi vernacular

If you want to say joint names of goods , It is now a very routine operation , However, the design method of joint names is generally used on clothes and shoes . Today we will introduce , A joint work in the automotive industry , Chevrolet cruises with Mickey , After adding Mickey's elements , This kind of “ Big gift ” how ?

At present, Changxun has many models on sale , Reached 12 paragraph , But it is also divided into three versions , Four models of ordinary version , Mickey magic four models , Mickey space four models , Its subsidized selling price is 15.99 Wan to 17.99 ten thousand .

Changxun's appearance design is similar to that of Chevrolet FNR-X This concept car is very similar , Or think of it as FNR-X The mass production version can also . The front part adopts a closed design , The bright black trim strip is matched with the chrome trim strip to connect the left and right lamp groups , Widen the visual effect . The design of the front surround is more unique , More curves and lines are used , It looks very three-dimensional , Air inlet holes are set in the middle and on both sides , The bottom is decorated with a silver trim panel , And act as a protective plate .

The shape of the headlight is very slender , The internal structure is also very exquisite , Segmented LED After the light band is lit, the recognition is also very high , At the same time, it also has the function of turn signal . Naturally, the light source is also standard LED High and low beam , This is also a very common configuration , Support automatic headlamp function .

The side design of Changxun is more traditional , It looks like a fuel car .A The column was blackened , The roof has a suspended effect , And from A Column start , The roof line began to slide , The radian is not big , But it can also add a sense of movement . Black plastic parts are used at the bottom of the car body , It not only plays the role of scratch prevention , It can also narrow the visual effect of the body .

The style of the rim is also more dynamic , Five spoke two-color design , It is very harmonious with the two-color body . The rim dimensions of the whole Changxun system are 17 Inch , And equipped with the horse brand's MC5 Series tires , This series of tires is also the main silent and comfortable tire , The tire size is 215/55 R17.

Compared with , The tail has a great sense of design , There is a rich sense of hierarchy . The tail lamp also does not adopt the popular through design , The black lamp shell is integrated with the periphery , The overall feeling is very good , The internal structure echoes the headlights , After lighting, the effect is also very novel , Strong sense of Technology . But the exaggeration is still its back surrounding , Plastic covers a large area , A silver trim panel is also used at the bottom , Hollowed out treatment is also carried out , The visual effect is very good .

The interior design is also very three-dimensional , The design of lines is also very complex , But this is the consistent design method of American cars . But as a pure electric vehicle , There is no sense of technology in the car , It can be said that it is no different from a fuel car . Interior materials , Except for the middle part, wrap it with soft material , Others are also made of hard plastic , I won't say , It looks a little cheap visually .

The steering wheel also adopts the conventional three width structure , Wrap in genuine leather , The inner side also uses suture technology , But what I don't quite understand is why I sew on the front of the bottom , The workmanship is not very good , A little down , But it feels pretty good .

The instrument uses a piece of 8 Inch LCD screen , It is also standard for the whole series , The information displayed is also quite rich , For example, conventional endurance 、 The speed of the car 、 Electricity and other information . You can also view the driving mode 、 Kinetic energy recovery gear 、 The distance ahead displays this information , It also looks intuitive , You can view the status of the vehicle in real time .

The central control panel adopts semi suspended design , Size is 10.1 Inch , The Xingxiang and Xinghe models are 8 Inch , Some physical keys are also designed at the bottom of the screen , Easier to operate , It is also more suitable for blind exercise . Its car engine system is also fairly good , Quite functional , Clarity and responsiveness are not excellent , A regular appearance .

In terms of security configuration, Changxun can only be regarded as general , Except for the nebula version 、 The Xingyu model provides 6 Outside airbag , Other models are 4 airbag , But fortunately, the tire pressure display is equipped as standard . And in active safety , The nebula model provides lane departure warning and active braking , The Xingyu version has added the auxiliary function of merging . Assisted driving , Xingxiang models are only equipped with rear parking radar , And the Star River version 、 The two models of nebula version have added reversing image and constant speed cruise , The Xingyu model also has an automatic parking function .

The seat is also wrapped in leather , Support optional suede material , The texture is still very good , However, the shape of the seat is relatively simple . The padding inside the seat is neither soft nor hard , The support and wrapping feeling of the body are still excellent , But the cushion is not long enough , It's not very good for leg support , Slightly less comfortable . There are only two headrests in the rear seats , There is no central armrest , The comfort is not as good as the front row , The problem of short cushion also exists .

For a compact hatchback , The expression of space is also very important , Adjust the front seat to a proper position , The height of the experimenter 1.74 rice , One punch left in the head space after sitting . Keep the position of the front seat and enter the rear seat , Two fingers remaining in head space , More legroom , There are more than two punches left , The overall performance is standard . But the real model is equipped with a panoramic sky curtain , Increase the driving performance in the vehicle , At least I don't feel so depressed sitting in the back .

The second is storage space , In addition to the storage compartment in the car , It's the space in the trunk . The trunk design of Changxun is very regular , The left side also uses the grid to add a storage grid , The normal volume is 433 l , The rear seats can be scaled down and extended , The volume can reach 1077 l , Not bad .

Although Changxun has 12 Models on sale , But only one motor is provided , Maximum power is 110kW, The maximum torque is 350N·m. It is equipped with a single speed fixed gear ratio electric transmission , And on the chassis , The motors in Changxun are in the front layout , The suspension structure is also familiar with the front McPherson independent suspension , The combination of rear multi link independent suspension . The same is true for battery packs , The whole system only uses the energy of 52.5kWh Three element lithium battery pack ,NEDC Mileage to 410km.

in general , For traditional automobile enterprises, the layout of new energy vehicle market , They all have one thing in common , That is to give priority to practicality , So is Changxun . Compared with the cars of those new power brands , Several are mainly practical . However, Changxun's pricing seems to be a little high , So one of its market performance is not very good .

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