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Protest pioneer Xiang Wenhong: "in the face of the epidemic, have the courage to take responsibility without regret"

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Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 22 - ( correspondent Tian Guixue )“ At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control , As a hotel industry, we should take the lead , In the face of epidemic situation and difficulties , Let's carry it together !”8 month 22 Japan , Xiang Wenhong, chairman of Zhangjiajie fulante hotel group, faced the epidemic situation , Take responsibility again , Busy with hotels every day , Wear protective clothing , Organize employees to deliver meals for them free , Become a beautiful scenic spot in the hotel industry .

Xiang Wenhong is a deputy to the seventh Zhangjiajie Municipal People's Congress , Once won the title of top ten outstanding youth in Zhangjiajie City 、 Advanced and typical entrepreneurs in the province 、 Provincial moral model nomination Award 、 Issued by China Association of small and medium sized commercial enterprises “ March 8 red flag bearer ” Honorary titles . From being elected to the National People's Congress , She warned herself : Sing a high profile when you can't run , Failure to perform duties after Election , Not light “ wear one's hat; put on one's hat; pin the label on sb ” Do not do anything , Be responsible for the organization 、 Be accountable to the voters 、 Be responsible to society , Take responsibility for yourself .

Last year, when the epidemic was the worst in the country , Stand up to Wen Hong , Take the initiative to , The fulante Sangzhi store is used by the municipal government to receive Hubei compatriots stranded in Zhangjiajie . at that time , Many people advised her to say :“ I'd rather the hotel closed , And don't receive anyone , It's too dangerous for you to do that , I really don't take my life seriously .” But Xiang Wenhong said :“ As a legal person of an enterprise and a deputy to the National People's Congress , Be responsible at the critical moment , Dare to be , If everyone is afraid of death , No reception , Who receives ?” In this way, the Sangzhi store of fulante hotel has received a total of stranded guests from Hubei 5 batch , total 182 Person time ; Reception of Hubei returnees 1298 Person time , Non Hubei personnel involved in Hubei 538 Person time . In the two months of fixed-point reception , The hotel 24 None of the employees flinched .

“ Many places refuse Wuhan and other tourists from Hubei to check in , I didn't expect that we enjoyed such a warm arrangement in Zhangjiajie , It's like going home .” Mr. Zhang, who lives in the fulante hotel in Sangzhi County, said excitedly :“ Zhangjiajie didn't give me a cold shoulder , But a warm current in the cold winter , I would also like to thank the fulante hotel for receiving us so warmly , It's closer than relatives !”

“ novel coronavirus ” No lover has love , Work together to tide over the difficulties . In the face of this year's sudden epidemic , Xiang Wenhong did not retreat , Once again volunteered to the government , Take out all the hotels that can support Zhangjiajie's anti epidemic campaign . share 10 The store started to use , among 4 This store is for medical staff to check in 、3 This store is used to isolate close contacts 、2 This store is used for the check-in of logistics support personnel 、1 This store is used to check in stranded passengers . At that time, a few hotel employees were worried about , General manager Xiang Teng out all the hotels in the city to let the isolation personnel and medical personnel live , What about the safety of hotel staff ? Once infected with novel coronavirus pneumonia , How can I explain to my family !

Xiang Wenhong in order to stabilize the employees' heart , Please invite medical staff to tell you about epidemic prevention and control . In order to make the medical staff and isolation personnel eat well , Xiang Wenhong personally checks the quality of dishes every day , Leave the best fresh ingredients to medical workers and quarantine personnel . In order to dispel the concerns of employees , I visit the hotel every day , Supervise and inspect the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures , Employees are required to provide good services for medical personnel and isolation personnel . Xiang Wenhong also personally put on protective clothing , Send hot meals to the medical staff outside the room in time . Under her influence , The hotel has 130 Several employees signed up to volunteer . Besides , Xiang Wenhong also set up a “ Huatong joint anti epidemic Haval volunteer service team ”, Dedicated to the front line of epidemic prevention in Zhangjiajie , Every day for the whole city 70 More than one site delivery 2000 Multiple meals ,20 A few days without interruption , The total delivery is nearly 50000 Share . Not long ago , Purchased by fulant hotel group 5 Ten thousand yuan of anti epidemic protection materials arrived in Zhangjiajie , Xiang Wenhong personally went to the acceptance and participated in the handling , And send it to the receiving unit at the first time , I don't want to delay a minute .

For more than 20 years , She does good 、 Doing public welfare has never been interrupted . Donating money to study 、 Project hope 、 Earthquake relief 、 The total amount of donations to social public welfare undertakings such as new rural construction has reached 50 More than ten thousand yuan . Directly provide jobs for poor households who file and file cards 130 Multiple , Indirectly provide employment opportunities 1500 Multiple , Let their annual income reach 3 More than ten thousand yuan .

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