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Hongguang miniev cooling? Wuling was robbed of the market by a large number of imitators

2021-08-26 06:26:09 Oriental Information automobile

Phoenix Auto News Car market off-season , New energy vehicles are in full swing .

Public data display ,7 month , Sales of new energy vehicles have been completed 27.1 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 1.6 times ;1-7 month , Sales of new energy vehicles 147.8 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 2 times . Whether it's monthly sales , Or the sales volume of this year so far , The double growth data of new energy vehicles show that the market is hot .

However, not all new energy vehicles can keep up with the pace of the overall market , Some of the models that exploded last year 7 The month has begun to show weakness , Some unknown new models are rising rapidly at an amazing speed .

Imitators quickly follow up

7 In the sales ranking of new energy vehicle models in June , Hongguang, which has just been listed for one year MINIEV, Still at the top of the list . However , This model that is going on sale soon , Facing the siege and interception of imitators .

data display , Agatsuma MINIEV stay 7 Total sales in the month 26907 car , This year, 1-7 Monthly cumulative sales exceed 20 Thousands of cars , The popularity of consumers is self-evident . In the fuel car market , Agatsuma MINIEV The market performance is better than that of Harvard H6 not so bad .

However , comparison 6 month 30100 Sales of cars , Agatsuma MINIEV 7 Sales fell significantly in January , The month on month decline was 10.61%. Although showing a double-digit month on month decline , But it doesn't mean Hongguang MINIEV It's not hot .

data display , Agatsuma MINIEV This year's monthly sales volume fluctuated greatly , This year, 1 Monthly sales are about 3.7 Thousands of cars ,2 Month is 2 Thousands of cars ,3 Month rose to nearly 4 Thousands of cars ,4 The month slipped to 2.9 Thousands of cars ,5 month 2.7 Thousands of cars . From the data, we can see that , Agatsuma MINIEV Our market performance is not stable .

First half of this year , Shanghai suspended Hongguang MINIEV Licensing of , Arouse strong attention from the outside world . As a low-cost alternative to electric vehicles , Agatsuma MINIEV Yes “ Zhan shenche ” The nickname . obviously , Changes in relevant policies in Shanghai , Will directly affect Hongguang MINIEV Sales in the region .

Besides , In Hongguang MINIEV After explosion , Changan Automobile was also launched at the beginning of this year 2.98 Ten thousand running E-Star National edition . Little difference in entry price , alike A00 Electric cars of the class , Changan Benben E-Star It is considered to rob Hongguang MINIEV From the market .

First , Run E-Star The price range of the national version is 2.98 ten thousand -3.98 Ten thousand yuan , Agatsuma MINIEV Our price range is 2.88-4.36 Ten thousand yuan , The price ranges of the two are highly coincident . Besides , Run E-Star The length, width and height of the national version are 3730 mm ,1650 mm ,1560 mm , The wheelbase is 2410 mm , Agatsuma MINIEV The length, width and height are respectively 2917 mm ,1493 mm ,1621 mm , The wheelbase is 1940 mm . obviously , Run E-Star The national version is better than Hongguang MINIEV More space .

More space , The price range is highly coincident , Run E-Star The national version is obviously better than Hongguang MINIEV There are more obvious advantages .

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