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Will the driver's license points be deducted in case of violation of the license? See 2 points

2021-08-26 06:29:22 Oriental Information automobile

1. Now most electric vehicles belong to non motor vehicles , You will be fined if you violate the license plate , But no driver's license points will be deducted .2. Under the new rules of electric vehicles , Some electric vehicles belong to motor vehicles , If points are deducted in violation of the license plate, the points of the driver's license will be deducted . So judging whether the violation of electric vehicles will deduct points , It depends on whether it is a motor vehicle . The full name of the driver's license is the motor vehicle driver's license , So electric cars are not motor vehicles , Naturally, there will be no deduction , In case of violation of regulations, it is also mainly based on punishment and fine .

It's also that the management of electric vehicles is a little chaotic , Therefore, the new regulations also have a more detailed definition of electric vehicles , In this way, we can better determine whether electric vehicles are motor vehicles or non motor vehicles , Whether the driver's license points will be deducted for violation will be more clear . Especially for non motor vehicles , Electric vehicles that were later classified as motor vehicles , We should pay special attention to , Because it also means that it needs to be managed according to motor vehicles . Considering that many cities prohibit motorcycles from driving on the road , Then electric vehicles belonging to motor vehicles will also restrict driving on the road .

For electric vehicles divided into motor vehicles for management , The motor safety technical inspection certificate shall be submitted , To get the card . It also reminds us that when we put on cards , In fact, we already know whether it belongs to motor vehicles or non motor vehicles . But no matter what kind of car it belongs to , Should drive safely , This is the most basic principle . If it is a non motorized electric vehicle , If it has exceeded the standard again , That will install temporary license plates , It will also be invalidated within the specified time . And electric vehicles are also included in the licensing management , Vehicles that exceed the standard will not be licensed .

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