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"Korean Trend 465" Volkswagen id.4 compared with Kia Jirui, who is good at entry-level pure electric vehicles?

2021-08-26 06:29:29 Oriental Information automobile

Since Tesla's rapid growth , It has brought great pressure to traditional automobile manufacturers . Volkswagen and other traditional automobile manufacturers also began to make efforts one after another , with MEB The platform has developed rapidly , Launched ID. The sales volume of series models is rising rapidly , Even in the European market, it has surpassed Tesla .

The American market , Carmakers seem to have set two goals for entry-level electric vehicles : The endurance exceeds 200 miles ( about 322 km ) And about 40000 dollar ( Renminbi equivalent 26 Ten thousand yuan ) Price .

And the public ID.4 It's a model at this price and driving range , Its biggest competitor in the United States is not Tesla model 3, But Kia Jirui .

The range of these two cars can exceed... Every time they are fully charged 200 miles ( about 322 km ), Very practical , And unlike Tesla , They enjoy 7500 dollar ( Renminbi conversion 48759 element ) Federal tax credit , This makes these two cars more attractive to consumers .

2020 Kia Jirui (Kia Niro EV)

Kia Jirui (Kia Niro EV) The starting price of electric vehicles is 40265 dollar ( Renminbi equivalent 26.2 Ten thousand yuan ), It has been on the market for some time . This car has hybrid version, plug-in hybrid version and pure electric version , And as a pure electric version , Still a practical 、 Comfortable and affordable electric vehicles .

aesthetic ,2020 Kia Jirui EV(Kia Niro EV) It follows the design style of its hybrid model , The front grille of the new car adopts a fully enclosed design , The charging interface is located on the left side of the front grille . The area of the grille and fog lights under the front of the vehicle is decorated with blue trim strips , It reflects its identity as a pure electric vehicle .

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