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The cat that made the riders "feverish" finally appeared - "Cherry cat" is coming

2021-08-26 06:29:36 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , Automobile public opinion learned from the official , Euler brand's first SUV Formal naming of vehicle model “ Cherry cat ”, The car is located in the compact SUV. The Euler family is taking the Meng wind , It seems destined to be with “ cat ” I can't get by .

aesthetic , The new car inherits many family classic design elements . But this time , The design with sharp edges and corners is adopted on the line bar , Large enclosed grille with fog lamps on both sides gives a strong visual impact . At the same time, the vehicle adopts matrix LED headlight , Beautiful and practical .

A slightly rising waistline runs through the whole body from front to rear , Match with multiple spokes to create a stronger sense of hierarchy and movement . Since the positioning of women to SUV, Then you have to be both soft and tough .

The rear side , The lower black diffuser and pilot light look dynamic and fashionable , Match with the new tail light above , Make the tail of the whole vehicle have strong recognition .

interiors , The large central control screen on the center console tilts slightly towards the driver , It is more convenient for smaller women to use . The car will be equipped with coffee intelligent driving system , Provide consumers with better driving assistance . motivation , The car will launch two different versions of 2WD and 4WD . among , 4WD version 0-100km/h Accelerated entry 5 Within seconds , It provides new choices for consumers who like performance . It has a significant improvement in endurance , The mileage of the long-range version will reach 600km.

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