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In the Internet Medical chaos war, Jingdong family medicine's "stupid" Kung Fu

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Jingdong family doctor , Future period .

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“ line up 2 Hours , To see a doctor 3 minute ”, It reflects the contradiction between the scarcity of traditional medical service resources and the huge market demand . According to the 《2020 White paper on the consumption of family medical and health services in China 》, China's overall per capita medical resources are insufficient ,2019 There are only one thousand doctors in a year 1.79 people . On the other hand, the problem of aging is prominent ,2019 year 65 The proportion of people aged and over is as high as 12.6%. These national conditions pose great challenges to traditional medical services .

Driven by the epidemic , Online consultation 、 Delivering medicine to the door gradually changes people's habit of seeing a doctor , It also promotes the development of Internet medicine into a large market with a scale of 100 billion . According to the Chinese Internet Association 《 China Internet Development Report (2021)》,2020 In, the scale of China's Internet medical and health market reached 1961 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 47%.

Digital health era , Medical services are moving from “ Focus on treatment ” towards “ Focus on health ” shift .2020 year 8 month , JD Health launched the family doctor service product JD family doctor , Officially enter the field of family health management services . Over the past year , What kind of report card did Jingdong family doctor hand over ? In the market war ,“ Jingdong family doctor ” What is the way to break the game ?

1、 Noisy bonus period , Sinking heart stem “ Tired work ”

at present , There are many players in the internet medical and health service industry chain , The track alone is divided into online diagnosis and treatment 、 Medical e-commerce 、 Medical informatization 、 Big medical data 、 Supplementary Examination 、 Chronic disease management 、 Medical intelligent hardware 、 Medical and health insurance, etc . Among the domestic Internet giants , JD.COM 、 Ali 、 Tencent has laid out the medical and health business for many years , But their development models are different .

Ali's Ali health has been listed , The business segment includes Internet healthcare 、 Medical e-commerce 、 Smart medicine, etc . The pharmaceutical self operated business represented by Ali health pharmacy has become the main source of Ali health income .

Tencent initially cut into the health care track with investment , Has now turned to “ investment + build by oneself ” The pattern of . In the past 7 year , Tencent invests in the medical field 18 rise , Accumulated amount up to 164.8 One hundred million yuan . and , Tencent prefers start-ups in the mature stage ,18 Starting investment 9 All the time C Round and later intervention .

JD health is the key layout of JD group in the field of medical health ,2020 It was listed on Hong Kong stocks in . Although JD health and Alibaba health have a certain degree of overlap in business , However, JD's current involvement in the field of medical and health care is broader . at present , JD health has achieved complete “ Internet + Health care ” Industrial chain layout , Its business covers Internet hospitals 、 Pharmaceutical supply chain 、 Medical apparatus and instruments 、 Health and tonic 、 Consumer healthcare 、 Health management 、 Many fields such as smart medicine .

Compared with pharmaceutical e-commerce 、 Medical and health insurance, etc , Family health management services belong to those that need to be accumulated slowly “ Tired work ”. The services it covers are complex and diverse , The comprehensive strength of the enterprise and the aggregation ability of the industrial chain are highly required . According to public information , JD home medicine can provide... For users and families 7×24 Hour health consultation , Unlimited specialist consultation 、 Follow up prescription 、 Health file update 、 Health planning 、 exceed 2700 Outpatient appointment in a hospital 、48 Hourly online consultation with famous doctors and other medical and health services . meanwhile , Family health management services can greatly supplement the deficiencies of primary medical services , Reduce social medical and health costs , It has strong social significance .

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JD health positions JD family medicine as the entrance and starting point of medical and health services , According to public information , The first anniversary of the launch of Jingdong family medicine , Proportion of active users 87%, The average monthly month on month growth rate of users 220%. Behind this , Product maturity 、 Ability standardization , And continuously improve and cover the whole life cycle 、 The product matrix of the whole scene is very important .

2、 Expand the entrance of medical and health services

An aging society is both an opportunity and a challenge for family health management services . How to make the elderly who are not familiar with smartphone operation and Internet application , It has always been a pain point in the industry to enjoy convenient family health management services . According to iResearch's report , Nearly 60% of middle-aged and young people believe that their parents lack medical and health planning and guidance , At the same time, chronic disease management has become the main application scenario of family health services .

According to the characteristics of family health management services in China , Jingdong family medicine continues to expand its entrance , Cover APP、 Intelligent speakers 、 Telephone home doctors have many channels , Meet the service needs of different groups .

such as , Jingdong family medicine has launched a more suitable for the elderly “ Jingdong family medicine filial piety version ”, take APP Online consultation function “ implant ” Intelligent speakers , The elderly can get services by talking with smart speakers . For children not around 、 Elderly users who need to communicate with doctors with the help of their children , Jingdong family medicine is online “ Multiplayer audio and video consultation ” function . While children and doctors launch voice online , Access the elderly through telephone calls , Can be realized APP Group chat + Multi person online voice conversation for outbound calls .

at present , The domestic family health management service is in the early stage of development , Scope of services 、 Service standard 、 Industry norms are not perfect , It is urgent for industry leaders to actively explore and play a leading role . Since its establishment , JD home medicine has established a system covering the whole life cycle 、 Full scene product matrix , Meet the health management needs of different groups . In the process of product maturity 、 Ability Standardization , Jingdong Jiayi has made a sample for the start-up enterprises that are still struggling to explore .

In terms of population coverage , Jingdong Jiayi's product matrix covers the whole population and whole life cycle services , And meet the needs of patients with chronic diseases 、 Sub healthy people , The needs of people in a specific period , Provide customized health management programs or rehabilitation guidance . With “ Diabetes management ” Service as an example , JD home medicine can treat the user's diet 、 Exercise and other lifestyle intervention and guidance , Reduce the risk of complications . A public welfare activity jointly sponsored by JD health and China Aging Development Foundation “ Operation empty nest ” in , JD home medicine will help Alzheimer's patients formulate rehabilitation plans and chronic disease management plans .

3、 Open services to create ecology

Traditional offline medical service mode , resources 、 The data go their own way , No communication with each other . Open ecology is the only way for internet medical treatment , The same is true of family health management services . In accelerating the development of domestic family health care services , Policy is to guide , The enterprise is the innovation subject of the whole Ecology . How to integrate various elements and resources , Enhance user experience , It is a big challenge for enterprises .

Family health management services are not independent individuals , It involves many industrial chain elements , One side connects the demand side such as family and community , One side is connected to the hospital under the line 、 Internet hospital 、 Medical practitioners 、 Family doctors and other service providers .

In terms of ecological construction , Internal , JD home medicine and JD health's Internet hospital play a synergistic role , Integrate JD health's medical service resources and supply chain capabilities ; To the outside , JD home medical to intelligent hardware 、 Medical and health insurance 、 Grass roots communities and other scenarios open service capabilities , Extend to more scenes .

at present , Jingdong family doctor's face-to-face appointment function has covered the whole country 2700+ The hospital , Among them, the coverage rate of top three hospitals 98%. By 2020 end of the year , JD health Internet hospital platform has settled in more than 11 Ten thousand doctors ,2020 The daily average number of online consultation exceeded 10 ten thousand .

Jingdong health Internet hospital also pioneered the specialized disease model , At present, it has opened 25 A specialist center , Nearly 100 authoritative experts and top famous doctors have been settled . To keep more doctors from “ Trouble back at home ” Start practicing online , JD health Internet hospital launched “ Doctor support program ”, Provide flow support and accurate patient matching services for licensed doctors .

future , Integration of online and offline services , It will become the future development direction of family medical and health services . To the outside , JD home medical to intelligent hardware 、 Medical and health insurance 、 Grass roots communities and other scenarios open service capabilities . Community cooperation , At present, Jingdong family medicine has been in Wuhan, Hubei Province 、 Haizhu District, Guangzhou and other places have explored a new model of community medical and health services combining online and offline .

Internet + Medical treatment has become a telemedicine service system 、 The basis and important links of graded diagnosis and treatment are put forward in the government work report . Speed up the hospital 、 The new model of hierarchical cooperation between community and family is one of the important contents of medical reform .

at present , The internet medical industry is in the primary stage of rapid development , Whether it is service model innovation or service specification formulation , All need professional players to lead . Jingdong home medicine relies on the industrial ecology accumulated by Jingdong health for many years , Future period .

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