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Microblog still has unlimited business opportunities

2021-08-26 06:29:54 Bullet Finance

The business environment of microblog , There is infinite space and imagination .

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Weightlifter Chen Lijun has been on fire recently .

7 month 25 He overturned against the wind at the Tokyo Olympic Games on the th , The man who won the Olympic Games 67 Kg weightlifting gold medal . This champion is of great significance to Chen Lijun .

5 Years ago at the Rio Olympics , Chen Lijun suddenly had leg cramps during warm-up before the game , The team doctor and coach confirmed that he could not continue the game , But I can only announce my withdrawal . here we are 2020 year 10 At the national championship in June , Chen Lijun's right arm broke again , After surgery , Left a trail 15 Cm scar .

And just when everyone thought he was going to retire , Chen Lijun quickly adjusted his state , Successfully entered the list of Tokyo Olympic Games , And finally win the championship . The key , This champion not only filled 5 Regret at the Rio Olympic Games years ago , It also makes him poor , Won his first endorsement .

Because in order to “ The world champion who came out of the extremely poor family ” The topic of the microblog hot search list , Microblog netizens who are concerned about the family background of the Olympic champion , They have called on brands to find Chen Lijun for endorsement . Due to the amplification of microblog platform , The call was quickly answered .

7 month 30 Japan , Ping An Health Insurance announced that Chen Lijun, the Olympic weightlifting champion, was invited as the Health Ambassador , Chen Lijun also sent a microblog to thank netizens for helping him find a spokesman .

And this , It's just during the Olympics , Microblog users help athletes “ Wildness ” Get an epitome of endorsement .

For example, fencing champion sun Yiwen has repeatedly said on his microblog that he likes playing “ Glory of Kings ”, I also played the game when I returned home after the game , Soon netizens began to shout the glory of the king , Hope to produce a set of Olympic champion linkage skin .

For example, the new diving champion Quan hongchan , Years old 14 At the age of, she still retains the childishness of her children , Her mother revealed that she was also a hot bar lover . Now microblog users have run to Weilong 、 Genji spicy slices 、 The official blog of spicy Prince and other spicy brands swipes the screen , and “ The first brother of spicy strip world ” Wei long responded quickly .


actually , More and more Olympic champions have chosen microblog as their platform to break the circle . According to the data provided by microblog, we can see , By 8 month 9 The total number of fans of the contestants of the Japanese Chinese delegation has reached 1.2 Billion , New fans 7128 ten thousand .

Again , The addition of Olympic champions , What I like is the still rising influence of microblog, a social platform . data display , During the Olympic Games , Microblogging DAU The peak exceeded on the first gold day 3 Billion , Cumulative user releases 3.83 Billion Olympic discussion microblogs , Interaction volume exceeds 15.33 100 million times , Read more about related topics than 4252 Billion ; Compared with the last Rio Olympic Games , The amount of netizen interaction has increased 15 times , Topic reading has increased 245%.

Of course , For those microblog users “ Wildness ” For the Olympic champion who got the endorsement , Although microblog is the earliest we media platform , But now the business environment is still very active , And there is infinite space and imagination .

1、 Excellent report card

8 month 18 Japan , Weibo released 2021 Second quarter results of , This report card has just become an important proof of the business potential of microblog .

Financial data shows , The business income and user data of microblog show great growth . By the end of this year 6 End of month , Microblog net income 5.745 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 48%; Monthly active users reach 5.66 Billion , Daily active users reached 2.46 Billion , Year on year net increase 1600 ten thousand , The year-on-year increment is the past 4 The highest since last quarter . meanwhile , In the second quarter, the proportion of monthly active users of microblog from mobile terminals reached 94%.

Same as before , The revenue of microblog mainly comes from advertising and value-added services . The core reason for the rapid increase in revenue this quarter , Is the growth of advertising revenue . Results show that , Advertising and marketing revenue in the second quarter 5.023 Billion dollars , year-over-year 3.406 Billion dollar growth 47%. Excluding advertising revenue from Alibaba ,2021 In the second quarter of, advertising and marketing revenue was 4.624 Billion dollars , year-over-year 3.048 Billion dollar growth 52%.

The revenue of value-added services is 7210 Thousands of dollars , year-over-year 4680 $10000 growth 54%, This is mainly due to the acquisition of the company and 2020 year 11 Monthly consolidated revenue contribution of interactive entertainment company , And increased revenue from online game services .

The key , Advertising accounts for... Of the total revenue 87%, More than last quarter 80% The proportion of , It can be seen that , Before launching new media products , Finding ways to increase advertising revenue has become the key for microblog to expand new revenue .

Advertising revenue in the second quarter can grow twice on the basis of the record in the first quarter , By increasing the activity of microblog content .

Because the content is active , Only many users pay attention to the topic , Customer advertising will be valuable . And the increase in the activity of these contents , In fact, it's important to note with microblog V Related to the strategy of common development of other participants .

After all , Microblog is a social platform with opinion expression as the core , The user influence of opinion leaders can quickly attract traffic and attention . And with big V Implementation of the common development strategy , In fact, it has laid the foundation for the growth of advertising revenue .

2、 Drive big V Development

Insist on driving the big V Develop with other participants , This is determined by the characteristics of microblog .

Microblog is an open social participation platform , All the big on the platform V And other participants , The relationship with microblog is not to grab interests , But an ally who keeps making the cake bigger .

The so-called big V, It refers to the content interest community gathered as young people , Microblog has been expanding its business in the past two years , Therefore, many netizens will become young people in their familiar fields “ Opinion leaders ”.

In a sense , Microblog and big V It's a relationship of mutual achievement .

One side , Microblog is a social communication platform in the form of all media content , The graphic content is easier for users to reach , Bring more cross-border interaction and exchange of views ; On the other hand , Big V Currently, users pay more attention to community operation in order to manage private domain traffic , Enhance user interaction to improve the exposure efficiency of their content in the information stream .

It is precisely because of the good community atmosphere of microblog that inspires big V A literary creation , Promote user activity , Attract users with real purchasing power , So as to drive the benign development of the whole community .

according to QuestMobile The data of , Tiktok 、 Well quickly 、 The little red book 、 Among the four traffic ecology of microblog , Microblog stars and celebrities are on the whole KOL( Opinion leaders ) The highest proportion of the number , achieve 43.7%. And the other end , Micro blog 90 And after 00 The latter accounts for more than 80%, Zhengtong “ User economy ” The audience is consistent with .

in addition , Microblog based on private domain traffic , Always focus on personal IP The creation of , Microblog users also tend to pay attention to someone , Not something . Just because people with the same attributes are more concentrated , The higher the brand owner's delivery touch efficiency , The corresponding commercialization efficiency is naturally higher , So every big part of microblog V Are of great commercial value .

Microblogging that has experienced a trough , Now it is reviving through the user economy , As a representative that can bring huge traffic to the platform , Big V People are also more and more valued by microblog . therefore , It's big V The liquidity of , It is equal to improving the business ability of microblog on the basis of .

After all , After years of layout , Microblog has established a unique “ Content - user - Cash in ” Our economic model .

So only big V And business partners , Microblog can have better development space .

3、 Business ability

Microblogging can drive big V Develop with other partners , So as to build a business system around users , Increase key advertising revenue , It depends on the so-called accurate delivery + Multi effect linkage .

One side , Today's advertisers expect the delivery mode of integrating quality and efficiency , They all want to achieve the maximum effect with the minimum investment .

This is for the microblog that users have been increasing in the past four quarters , But it has just become a new advantage of advertising business . After all , Now microblog has become Z One of the favorite social platforms for generations of young people , And the influx of a large number of new consumers , It has great attraction to new consumer brands with high advertising capacity .

Besides, , Microblog content distribution starts with interests and relationships . Microblog is just a content distribution platform that makes social attributes to the extreme , The relationship distribution principle it uses , Relying on the relationship chain mechanism , That is, what users pay attention to V Decide what users can see .

The way , Attach importance to driving big in microblog V In the strategic context of development together , You can quickly find consumer groups that meet advertisers , And use big V The influence of , Enable the effect of advertising .

data display , Microblogging has targeted the FMCG industry of food, beverage and beauty care , Formed a unique marketing methodology and fine service ability , Help enterprises continuously improve marketing effect . And more and more popular people and big V, Even began to bring goods directly to advertisers , Help advertisers realize the one-stop service of products from planting grass to pulling grass .

in addition , Except in the traditional FMCG 、 automobile 、 In addition to the deep cultivation of content marketing in the mobile phone industry , Microblogging has gradually expanded this model to the game industry that pays more attention to pure effects , By helping customers strengthen the topic discussion of new games and the precipitation and activity of game social assets , The content marketing model has been further recognized .

According to earnings data , It's hot this summer 《 Moore estate 》 Half a month after the microblog went online , The cumulative topic reading is close to 50 Billion , The cumulative number of topic discussions exceeds 130 ten thousand , Official blog users have increased by nearly... In half a month 3 times . The new content marketing model enables more customers to increase the brand on microblog 、 Budget for content .

On the other hand , Microblogging continues to develop various forms of advertising , Especially the use of large V Expand new advertising materials and publishing terminals .

For example, continue to optimize information flow advertising products in the second quarter , It is through fine traffic scheduling , Maximize the realization efficiency of information flow .

The fastest progress in this area is the video Number .

2020 year 7 month , Microblog launch “ Video Number ” plan , Become a microblog 2020 Year of S Level project . Microblog integrates the best internal resources , Hope to pass the plan , Gain a greater share of the video consumer market .

data display , As of the end of the second quarter , The number of video numbers opened exceeds ten million , One million of them is more than 3 m , The number of original videos released by the video number has increased by more than 1 times .

The data previously disclosed by microblog shows that , By the end of the first quarter , The number of video numbers opened exceeds 500 m , comparison 2020 Year end growth 4 times , Among them, the video number of millions of users exceeds 2.9 m .

thus it can be seen , Microblog is still in the process of video , And faster .

at present , The consumption depth of microblog users in video communities and video recommendation scenes has increased significantly compared with the end of last year , This has also led to an increase in the commercial inventory of video recommendation streams .

And the microblog launched the live broadcast even wheat product last quarter , It was more widely accepted by platform content producers in the second quarter . Lianmai's product form can effectively reduce the production threshold of graphic creators' video and live broadcast content , Head with wheat IP Accumulated more than 100 individual , Covering finance and economics 、 food 、 emotional 、 sports 、 Pan knowledge 、 Tourism and other vertical fields .

On this social and media platform , Big V Its influence is limited to the connection between users and the circle formed by users' friends . therefore , Make good use of these big V And provide them with new content tools , It is very likely to increase their influence on users .

And this makes the complementary big V Combine with each other , In the form of mutual promotion in their respective fields , It reflects the diversification of microblog expression forms , At the same time, it promotes the promotion of the display and release ability of microblog after obtaining advertising orders .

4、 Potential and future

Why as the first we media platform , Now microblog is still full of vitality in the business field ? This is because the indicators of microblog are compared with the current extreme development of domestic and foreign we media platforms , There is still a distance .

The second quarterly report just released shows that , The largest social media in the world facebook Monthly living super 28 Billion , meanwhile ARPU exceed 10.12 dollar , It has become the most promising social media platform outside China .

Tencent's just released financial report shows that ,QQ And Tencent mobile games ARPU exceed 215 element , After superimposing the number of first users in China , Tencent's ability to realize on the mobile social platform can be seen .

Compared with the leading enterprises in these industries at home and abroad , The second quarter ARPU Less than 1 US dollar microblog , Although now on the backward side , But the fact that the number of users gradually enters the first tier shows that , The imagination space of microblog revenue is still very huge .

On the other hand , The characteristics of microblog content distribution , Determines that the vitality of this platform has been maintained very well .

The purpose of content distribution is to efficiently connect people and information , And let the right people see the right information . actually , Microblog has media properties of both real-time messages , It is also a platform combining social attributes linked by interest content . The contradiction between the two is unified , It brings such an active space as microblog .

On this social and media platform , Big V Its influence is limited to the connection between it and users and the circle formed by users' friends . therefore , Big V The strength of the relationship established with users , It determines the influence and communication value of distributing content on microblog .

From this point of view , More and more big V Appearance , It will inevitably drive microblog to have a lot of space and evolutionary ability in business development . At the same time, because more and more young people begin to use microblog 、 Focus on weibo , This also makes more and more opinion leaders become the makers of microblog content , It also virtually promoted the further improvement of the microblog business environment .

without doubt , User social networking based on head users and interest circles has become a major feature of microblog . The microblog is based on users and big V The advantage of social media as the core of relationship is , It can make users feel personalized value , And have a better interactive meaning .

That's important .

Because in this mode , Users and big V The relationship between them is equal , There is mutual influence between the two sides , This has a positive effect on the formation and continuity of the whole relationship .

This relationship makes the current business ecology of microblog very healthy , Income is also very stable , Good growth .

therefore , From the information disclosed in the Second Quarterly Report , The next stage of microblog will usher in a rapid and long-term development , This is good news for China's we media market .

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