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Nuohui health, from "the first certificate of early screening for cancer" to diversified layout

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No success comes from luck .

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Nuohui health is 2015 In the innovation era of China's new medical track, which began in , The rise of a successful enterprise , It is the embodiment of macro factors such as serving the country with science and technology and improving the domestic innovation environment, as well as the professional ability of nuohui health .

But all this can not automatically become the success factor of nohui , contrary , Diversified layout 、 Multiple measures and solid product force , This is the foundation of nuohui's overall performance getting better and better .

1、 really · barrier

Nuohui health is a star enterprise listed in the year of the ox , Its vision is “ To promote technological innovation , And accelerate the adoption of cancer screening technology in China ”.

2015 year , It was the first year of China's drug regulatory reform , State Office 44 No. (《 Opinions on reforming the review and approval system of drugs and medical devices 》) It can be said that the first shot of drug regulatory reform , Since then, various measures have been taken to improve the quality of drug review and approval 、 Efficient policies and regulations are intensively introduced , The quantity and connotation involved are unique in the history of China's drug supervision .

This year was also evaluated by Cai Daqing, a well-known health track investor, as the first year of China's innovative drugs , A large number of entrepreneurs with rich working experience in large overseas institutions , See a major opportunity period in the general environment of entrepreneurship and innovation in the domestic health field , One after another returned home to start a business .

The three founders of nuohui health , Department of biology, Peking University 88 Class alumni Zhu Yeqing 、 Chen Yiyou 、 With rich industry experience and clear R & D objectives , After returning home, I got the angel round investment in one meal , Later R & D 、 The CARDS 、 list , Step on the right time node step by step .

There are many domestic enterprises developing cancer early screening products , There are also listed companies . But focus on cancer screening , And successfully listed , Nuohui health is still the first .

Nuohui was just completed as a family A Round of financing start-ups , We began to apply for the first class III certificate of early screening for cancer gene testing in China , Its difficulty and pressure are self-evident , Some observers inside and outside the industry are not optimistic .

However, nuohui always takes the declaration of early screening certificate as the starting point of the whole work , This was once puzzling . Because in practice , There are also similar products in the industry , Take some edge ball methods “ Curve listing ”, Also entered the market .

But it turns out , Whether for investors 、 Capital market or user , Nuohui's health is based on “ Early screening certificate is preferred ” It enlarges the differentiation advantages with all similar enterprises in the market , Chang Weiqing, the colon cancer early screening product developed by him, has officially obtained the registration certificate of innovative class III medical devices issued by the State Drug Administration , It has realized the development in the field of cancer early screening “ First certificate ”.

This not only brings about a huge communication effect , It also makes the promotion of a series of subsequent work smooth . Some people lament nuohui's “ Long term thinking ”—— The so-called chronism , Is to insist on doing difficult and right things .

in fact , The process is rather tortuous ,2020 year 1 month 10 Japan , Nuohui health submitted the clinical data set of registration application to the State Food and drug administration ; And the same year 1 month 23 Japan , Wuhan was closed because of the epidemic , The whole country has turned into a state of anti epidemic .

When it is extremely inconvenient to move offline , Nuohui health's employees still go to clinical centers everywhere in person , Communicate and supplement relevant clinical data , This creates conditions for winning the early screening certificate .

But the difficulties caused by the epidemic , Far less than the threshold of early screening itself .

One of the purposes of nuohui's certificate is , Make the product available to high-risk people “ Screening ” Instead of “ Auxiliary diagnosis ”, This is the biggest difference between Chang Weiqing and competing products , before , Similar products approved in the industry are approved for the intended use of “ Auxiliary diagnosis ”.

In order to break through, it can only be used for “ Auxiliary diagnosis ”, Chang Weiqing relies on real data —— Nuohui Health announced the first prospective large-scale multi center registered clinical trial of early screening for cancer in China (Clear-C) Important data results , The results show that , The sensitivity of Chang Weiqing in the detection of colorectal cancer was 95.5%, Negative predictors (NPV) by 99.6%, In the existing gene early screening technology , It can avoid missing inspection to the greatest extent .

in addition , Chang Weiqing adopted patented sample preservation technology in research and development , And standardized inspection process , It all shows , Nuohui health keeps polishing its own SOP High starting point and strategic determination of the system , Chang Weiqing finally won the first certificate of early screening in China , Laid a solid foundation .

Real barriers , Not exactly technology , It's not exactly a pattern , But the differentiation advantage created by technological innovation and perseverance , This conclusion is increasingly recognized , Nuohui is the best practitioner .

2、 Chang Wei is clearing away heat

2021 year 8 month 20 Japan , Novartis health (6606.HK) Released 2021 As of the first half of the year 6 month 30 Financial report on .

2021 In the first half of the year, the total revenue of Novell health was 4390 RMB 10,000 yuan , a 2020 Year-to-year growth 317%. Gross profit realization 2470 RMB 10,000 yuan , a 2020 Year-to-year growth 1000.2%. Gross margin from 2020 In the same period of 21.3% Climb to 56.2%.

among , Chang Weiqing, who has attracted much attention , stay 2021 Income realized in the first half of the year 1420 RMB 10,000 yuan , Year-on-year growth 149%. In the first half of the year, the delivery volume was about 121500 box , That's up from the same period last year 392%. Chang Weiqing's gross profit margin from 2020 In the same period of 33.9% Growth to 56.6%.

Besides , China's first home self-test FIT Fecal occult blood test product puff tube 2021 Income realized in the first half of the year 2960 RMB 10,000 yuan , Year-on-year growth 623.7%. Poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop 2020 In the same period of 26.4% Rise to 59%.

Although nuohui's earnings data are not complex , But it's very thoughtful .

Generally speaking , New products in the promotion period , Usually, the shipment volume is inversely proportional to the gross profit margin , Because a large number of marketing expenses are included in the cost , So as to lower the gross profit margin , cause “ Volume rise and profit fall ” The phenomenon of .

And whether it's Chang Weiqing or poopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoo , Both sales growth and gross profit margin increased , this “ abnormal ” The phenomenon can only explain , Chang Weiqing 、 Puff tube and other products have extremely solid product power , Let users who just need it be willing to pay for it .

An analogy may explain this phenomenon —— The price of Apple phones is very stable throughout the sales cycle , The official website never discounts ; And a lot of “ An Zhuo Ji Huang ” The selling price is high in the early stage , But in the middle of the sales cycle, there will often be price diving , The difference between the two is that the former is absolutely competitive , The latter is only relatively competitive .

Chang Weiqing “ Certificate ” The advantage is , It can be used directly for 40-74 Screening of high-risk population of colorectal cancer , Especially those who are at high risk of colorectal cancer but have no clinical symptoms .

in other words , Chang Weiqing is the simplest to use 、 The easiest way to operate , Realize direct and painless screening of healthy people and individuals who may suffer from colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma from high-risk groups , and “ Do you have colonoscopy ” It happens to be the pain point in the early screening of previous colorectal cancer .

Besides , Chang Weiqing's advantages also include , Because there are some differences in the location and sequence of some gene loci between domestic population and European and American population , So Chang Weiqing's design , At the beginning, it targeted the genetic loci of Chinese people , To paraphrase, Chang Weiqing “ Better understanding of Chinese people ”.

however , If we only attribute Chang Weiqing's success to “ Good wine needs no bush ”, It is also biased . This product is becoming more and more popular , With diversified business layout and extensive cross-border cooperation , Interwovenness .

On Channel Innovation , Nuohui health chose to cooperate with several major Internet health platforms in China .

JD health is the most influential Internet platform in China , and , The advantage of this enterprise is , It has a strong drug retail business inherited from JD , There are also Internet hospitals that can prescribe prescriptions for consultation , There are also specific scenarios suitable for early screening products such as chronic disease management , And new Internet services such as specialized disease centers .

Chang Weiqing deeply connected products and services with JD health platform , Not only can the latter channel be reused , It can also give full play to JD artificial intelligence 、 big data 、 Internet of things and other technological advantages , Combined with JD health online consultation 、 Continue the whole chain service of drug purchase and delivery , Move the health management gateway forward to the screening and prevention phase .

Ping an good doctor is also an internet medical platform at the head of the track , It is based on the insurance enterprise background of Ping An group , Make its Internet Medical path have distinct exclusive characteristics , That is, pay more attention to early prevention and reduce the risk of disease , Chairman of the board of directors of Ping An Health Medical Technology Co., Ltd CEO Fang Weihao's evaluation of the introduction of Chang Weiqing is : Through cooperation with nuohui health in the field of early cancer screening , Introduce cancer screening products into Ping An Health Service System , We can explore medical treatment in an all-round way 、 drug 、 Insurance service closed loop , from “ Cure already ill ” To “ Cure the disease ”, Create coverage prevention 、 Treatment 、 Life cycle health management service of rehabilitation .

in addition , Whether JD health or ping an doctor , All have large-scale family medical plans , This contributes to the popularity of Chang Weiqing and his penetration in the family scene , The product features of Chang Weiqing also highly meet the needs of this scene 、 convenient 、 Zero threshold operation .

in addition , Cooperation with AstraZeneca China , It strongly supports nuohui health in the traditional “ Hospital clinic ” The advantages of the market ; Cooperation with Chinese post and telecommunications companies , It opens the door to China's grass-roots market for intestinal health screening and prevention ; Cooperation with cloud magpie medicine , Make Chang Weiqing 、 Puff tube and other products can be energized 240 Wan Cunyi , Make the diagnosis and treatment resources extremely scarce , Remote rural areas without colonoscopy equipment can also build an effective defense line for intestinal health .

No success comes from luck .

3、 Market education is difficult , But the future is worth looking forward to

As a leader in cancer early screening industry , Nuohui health must and can only spare no effort in market education .

This is to some extent , It reflects that the recognition of early screening products in the Chinese market is still low .

Overseas , A number of early screening products for gene testing have been approved for marketing . among , The more iconic event is ,2014 In the U.S. FDA approved Cologuard Early screening for colorectal cancer , And incorporated it into CMS Within the scope of payment . This has greatly stimulated the field of gene testing venture capital in China and even the world .

however , This high-level industry news , about C For the end market , Too distant and professional .

At home , Market education for early screening of cancer , There are macro favorable factors , There are also micro difficulties and challenges .

At the macro level ,“ Tumor early screening ” Become... Many times “ The two sessions ” Hot topics , Multiple representatives 、 Members called for early screening of tumors to be included in medical insurance , Academician Yu Jinming, a deputy to the National People's Congress, and director Wang Guiqi, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, both mentioned the necessity of early screening for cancer .

in fact ,2019 year , Cancer screening has long been included in the government work report , Mentioned in the report : Cancer prevention action should be implemented , Promote preventive screening . Subsequently promulgated by the state 《 Healthy China 2030 Plan for 》 The goal of cancer diagnosis, treatment and screening has been defined for the first time .

But like all cutting-edge disruptive products , Chang Weiqing's first challenge is people's point of view , What needs to be done is a lot of work on the grass-roots level 、 Yes C Popular science education at the end , This does not depend solely on policy support and “ Early screening syndrome ” Advantages can be solved .

To promote technological innovation , And accelerate the adoption of cancer screening technology in China , Nuohui cooperates with many well-known institutions with credibility , Embarked on a long road of market education .

stay 4 month , The colorectal cancer special committee of China Anti Cancer Association and the health client of people's daily jointly launched China's first “ Cancer early screening day ”, Let early screening of cancer become an important event in the strategic publicity of healthy China , The figure of nuohui flashed in front of and behind the stage .

thereafter , Nuohui health held “ Change the trajectory of life ” First brand day , Invited the industry 7 National clinical experts , Live broadcast of the whole network 500 10000 views . Objective to , This broadcast volume has been very high for a popular science topic , But for the whole network traffic , The heat is still insufficient .

therefore , In order to give full play to the mobile Internet era , Information fragmentation 、 diversified 、 Propagation characteristics of multipath , Nuo Hui health and joint health and Kwai ho health , Launch a short video science popularization activity for early screening of intestinal health and cancer prevention , Achieve dual platform over 8000 All amount of play , This explanation , Making full use of new media may be a more effective market education strategy than traditional centralized communication .

The result of all this , Is in 6.18 At the same time , Nuohui health won the sales of Jingdong gene testing industry 、 Single product sales double champion and 618 Champion of consumer medical list of the day , For an emerging enterprise , Can you have such a bright list endorsement , It also indirectly explains why Chang Weiqing's sales volume and gross profit margin have increased “ Secret ”.

Of course , People are more concerned about nuohui's “ Aftereffect ”.

For market space , This is no problem . According to the Research Report of Haitong international , Because cancer early screening products have great advantages over traditional tumor markers in early diagnosis , Press 45 year -75% Population 20% The permeability is calculated , The future market space will be as high as every year 1620 One hundred million yuan .

Of course , To eat this big cake , Nuohui only depends on “ Chang Weiqing ”、“ Puff tube ” It's not enough. …… In order to continue to occupy “ Early screening first strand ” Unique mental orientation , Nuohui's R & D pipeline is advancing as scheduled , among , Cooperation with overseas 、 Business development, etc , Will contribute to the construction of pipeline capacity in the future .

at present , Novotel initiated anti Helicobacter pylori “ Secluded tube ” The examination and approval of the project was advanced as scheduled , It's likely to be the next city in the evidence collection , For cervical cancer “ Gong Zhengqing ” Clinical trials have also been initiated . It can be seen that , Optimization of financing efficiency due to the good response of the capital market , At present, nuohui health is accelerating the research and development of multiple pipeline products , And vigorously invest in biomarker r r & D capacity and next-generation sequencing technology (NGS) Platform construction .

For a long time , Domestic innovative enterprises are constrained by scale 、 Ability , More in a single pipeline 、 Work hard on the track , The layout description of nuohui , Its use of funds is very efficient , The future layout is also quite broad .

meanwhile , In order to timely align with the world-class R & D arrow in this field , Nuohui health officially launched overseas strategic cooperation , Actively introduce advanced technology , Focus on future pipeline layout and capacity expansion .

The introduction of technology is not necessarily the only route of technical cooperation , Capital operation is also an important aspect , So , Contribution of nuohui health listed company 3000 Million dollars to participate in the establishment of nuohui venture capital fund , The first phase of the fund has been raised on 2021 year 8 month 20 Day to complete , Focus on investing in molecular diagnostics , To promote disease screening and early detection of cancer and other major diseases ;2021 year 7 month , Novell health and a Swiss biotechnology company focusing on prostate cancer screening and testing Proteomedix The partnership of R & D cooperation has been established , And invest 300 CHF million convertible bonds ;2021 year 8 month , Novell health and German molecular diagnostics, which focuses on the detection of colorectal cancer in blood samples Epigenomics (Frankfurt Prime Standard: ECX,OTCQX:EPGNY) Sign asset acquisition agreement .

Our confidence in nuohui is not blind , Cancer early screening market in 10 Rapid development during the year , It is the well-being of mankind , It is also a promising new market space . As a comparison target with more referential significance , American precision science company (EXAS) Over the past decade, share prices have grown nearly 40 times 、 Market capitalization 200 Billion dollars . Haitong international research also said , Potential stocks such as nuohui health , It is likely that with the support of China's huge market space , In the future, it will also become a large market value benchmark enterprise of this track .

Of course , more importantly , Noff's progress is not just the role of capital , It's not the hype of the concept , But follow the industry rules and make unremitting efforts , Win favor by providing users with real convenience and well-being , Such a company , We hope there will be more and more in China in the future . In macroeconomics “ From emptiness to reality ” Under the background of , This is really an enterprise with root cause innovation , Is the trendsetter in the period of China's economic transformation again .

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