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The pre-sale was 138000 yuan, and the EULA cat GT Mulan version was officially unveiled

2021-08-26 06:34:09 Car market observation

Hua Mulan was a heroine in the northern and Southern Dynasties , She's fine needlework , And know martial arts ; Mark fought bravely against the enemy , Dismount to spin and cut clothes . She joined the army on behalf of her father and made great military achievements , A word of “ Who says women are inferior to men ” It has been sung so far , Leave a good name known to women and children in the hearts of Chinese people .

mention GT, Some people say GT Models are built for travel , Make the journey more elegant and comfortable . Others say GT The car was built for the track , With high horsepower output , It's a wild two door supercar . Who says elegance can't be cool ? Who says exquisite can't be wild ? Who says retro can't the future ?

8 month 20 Japan , Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan version was officially unveiled and pre sold 13.8 Ten thousand yuan , Positioned as a new energy performance model for women , It can also be said to be the top sports version of a good cat . Euler is a good cat GT The cool sa 、 Wildness 、 The three future compartments , Coincides with Mulan's spiritual core .

Euler is a good cat GT The appearance of the Mulan version continues the ritual sense of retro , And a futuristic sense of Technology , The details are fully processed in motion . Include : Carbon fiber textured vehicle motion surround , On the front lip GT Trim strip , The fog light area is exaggerated L Type tusk decoration , exaggerated 18 Inch wheels with red calipers , belt GT The tail design of the logo , Overall, it looks more athletic .

Car name with GT, It means having extraordinary strength , Refuse to do only “ Appearance association, ” EULA's good cat GT Mulan Edition ,“ Wildness ” The power must not be negative GT Name : Zero hundred acceleration is only 6.9 second ,0.298 Ultra low wind resistance shape tear gene , coordination Sport Mode of ORA-Launch+ Ejection start function , Unleash extreme wild energy at any time , Can experience the racing level push back feeling . meanwhile , Quick charge 12 minute 100KM,30 minute 30%~80%, Can always keep calling .

More Than This , Euler is a good cat GT The Magnolia version is on the lemon platform + Coffee intelligent ecological blessing , Have ORA Smart-café OS Coffee intelligent vehicle control system , coordination ORA-Cabin Comfortable and elegant cockpit , Enjoy every kilometer of high-energy travel ,AI Deep penetration of artificial intelligence , The whole journey is easy and carefree ; Equipped with kick induction electric back door , Easier to use , More elegant , For everyone “ A magnolia ” Provide a sense of ceremony and elegance .

Speaking of Mulan , A well-known Mulan light riding pedal , It can be said to be the first women's pedal motorcycle in China , With short, light and flexible body , It's easy to operate , Come on, let's go , There is no need to shift , Both men and women are loved by consumers . Euler is a good cat GT Mulan version defines pure electric vehicles by performance , Refresh female customers for “ personality 、 Challenge 、 Dream ” Your appeal and yearning , by “ A magnolia ” Add new notes in the name of .

Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan version also has two “ Equipment gain BUFF” Optional package ,ORA-Cabin Comfortable cabin gain BUFF Covers fatigue driving monitoring 、 Kick induction power tailgate 、ORA Smart-café Voiceprint recognition, interaction and other settings , Upgrade the user experience ;ORA-Pilot 3.0 Intelligent driving gain BUFF carrying ORA-Pilot Driving Patacara 、ORA-Pilot Safety Full time intelligent protection and other configurations . Both packages can be selected at the same time , Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan edition will be published on 8 month 29 Chengdu auto show was officially launched on the th .

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