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BAIC Yinxiang changed its name to Ruixiang. The first car changed its standard 1.5T power and wants to return to the track

2021-08-26 06:34:15 Car market observation

As the Chengdu auto show approaches , A name is “ BAIC Ruixiang X5” Start preheating , Positioned in the big 7 The whole scene SUV, From brand release to product landing, BAIC Ruixiang , It took only two months , This speed can't help but make people admire , It also makes people think , Who is BAIC Ruixiang ? Why is it so “ Superpowers ”? Is BAIC Ruixiang resurrected by BAIC Yinxiang changing his vest ?

BAIC Ruixiang's past life and present life

Speaking of BAIC Ruixiang , Maybe few people have heard of , But speaking of BAIC Yinxiang is still a household name . And BAIC Ruixiang brand , It first appeared as a brand in 6 At the Chongqing International Auto Show , BAIC Ruixiang brand was officially released , At the same time, there is the first new car Ruixiang X5, That is, about to 8 Models coming on the market at the end of the month .

According to introducing , BAIC Ruixiang is from Chongqing 、 Hechuan state-owned enterprises and BAIC group jointly build a complete vehicle manufacturer . Don't mention him , BAIC Ruixiang seems to be a new force in car making . Stress on “ Four new ”: New brand 、 New products 、 New management 、 New team . Has been avoiding and playing down BAIC Yinxiang , Trying to break away from the past , Claim to be a new brand .

But actually , BAIC Ruixiang was renamed after the bankruptcy and reorganization of BAIC Yinxiang , Even its shareholders and subsidiaries have not changed . According to the 21 The Century Business Herald report shows that , The restructured BAIC Ruixiang , BAIC group holds BAIC Ruixiang 25.99% shares , As the largest shareholder , Guokai development fund Co., Ltd. holds 12.65%, Chongqing Yinxiang shares 61.35% Is the actual controlling shareholder .

As for BAIC Yinxiang's creditor's rights and debts , The planned creditor's rights will be paid off according to the debt to equity swap , Or in the 6 Pay off by installments during the year . The restructuring debt repayment funds mainly come from BAIC Yinxiang's production and operation profits and financing .

A new name , Become a “ New brand ”, Organization or that organization , Just change your vest and start a new stove . The reason why it can be in two months , Implement a new car , Or thanks to the cooperation with BAIC , It doesn't rule out that BAIC magic speed “ Shell change ” And come .

Not only BAIC Ruixiang X5, In the future, new cars will be imported from BAIC group , Such as EU5、EU7、DV611、EV12、 OUHUI bus, etc 5 New energy models and 3 A traditional energy vehicle , Strive to open up a new situation . According to introducing , BAIC Ruixiang's production capacity is expected to reach 50000 vehicles this year .

However , Whether it was BAIC Yinxiang , Or Beiqi Ruixiang now , Can't do without BAIC group , BAIC holds the production qualification and the lifeblood of product R & D , Even a change of name is “ The soup does not change the dressing ”.

BAIC Yinxiang from scenery to desolation

Backed by BAIC group , Grasp SUV Market dividend , BAIC Yinxiang was once also known as a domestic God car , There is no difference in scenery .

The data shows ,2010 year 8 month , Chongqing Yinxiang group and BAIC Group officially announced the establishment of BAIC Yinxiang Co., Ltd . The share proportion of BAIC group is 26%, BAIC Yinxiang's largest single shareholder . Ride on SUV Market dividend , BAIC Yinxiang soon entered a state of rapid development .

since 2014 year , BAIC Yinxiang released BAIC magic speed brand , In those days 4.85 Million vehicles sold ;2015 Annual sales 22.3 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 164%;2016 Annual sales reached 26.68 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 19.5%. Less than 3 Year time , Achieve cumulative sales 60 More than ten thousand , Fantastic speed .

In order to upgrade the brand ,2017 In, BAIC Yinxiang also released a new brand of speed cars . however , With SUV The market dividend disappeared , Competition began to enter the era of stock competition . BAIC magic speed starts “ Stall ”, The speed car failed to lift the beam , Both products and brands are slightly thin .

2017 year , The sales volume of BAIC magic speed is only 15.21 Thousands of cars , fell 43%, It can be called a cliff fall .2018 It continued to decline in . period , The sequelae of rapid development began to appear , Because of security risks , The best-selling model is magic speed S2、S3 There was a recall . Become another straw to crush the brand .

From scenery to loneliness , BAIC magic speed has only maintained for less than five years . until 2019 year 4 month , BAIC Yinxiang announced the reorganization .2019 year 8 month 30 Japan , Reach an agreement with BAIC group 《 Strategic restructuring agreement 》. After two years , Until this year 3 month 1 Japan , The court just approved the reorganization plan .

BAIC Ruixiang has a long way to go

According to the plan , After the reorganization, BAIC Ruixiang will optimize the organizational structure , Integrate superior resources , Actively carry out iterative development, transformation and upgrading of traditional energy and new energy models , It is planned to introduce... From BAIC group EU5、EU7、DV611、EV12、 OUHUI bus, etc 5 New energy models . Whether it's a car or a bus , The introduced models are mature models in the market , Not forward-looking and innovative .

from 2021 From the year up to 2026 Gradually pay off bonds and interest in . According to the prediction ,2021 year -2026 year , BAIC Yinxiang is expected to realize production and marketing 95.2 Thousands of cars , Operating income 1030.76 One hundred million yuan .6 Annual net profit respectively reaches 0.43 One hundred million yuan 、4.85 One hundred million yuan 、8.02 One hundred million yuan 、9.01 One hundred million yuan 、11.62 Million dollars 11.77 One hundred million yuan .

A long way to go , If to 2026 Cannot repay debts according to the reorganization plan in , Is declared bankrupt ; If the reorganization plan is successfully implemented , stay 2026 After the successful completion of reorganization before the end of the year , Will achieve IPO Conditions and choose the opportunity to market , Provide equity exit channels for creditors who choose debt to equity swap .

BAIC Ruixiang X5 Can you go back to the track ?

BAIC Ruixiang X5 It is the first model of BAIC Yinxiang , Large size air inlet grille is adopted , The internal straight waterfall structure is atmospheric and stable , The light sources of the headlamp group are arranged in parallel , Through the integration with China open, the visual width of the front face is further extended . The tail is full and round , It is surrounded by silver, which adds a bit of sports flavor .

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4788/1875/1730 mm , The wheelbase is 2815 mm , There are five and seven seats available , In the compact stage SUV market , This size is quite enough . I don't know much about power , Pick up a 1.5T The engine , The most powerful 156 horsepower .

BAIC Ruixiang X5 Dark and cool interior style is adopted , Equipped with suspended central control panel , The steering wheel 、 Chrome plated trim strips are added around the stopper , The overall style is also regular , From the interior picture , Intelligent 、 Large space or its main direction .

Three years away , The returned BAIC Yinxiang is no longer the boy . Now , Competition in the automotive industry began to enter the new energy track , And BAIC Ruixiang mostly extracts resources from BAIC , Do not have R & D background and strength , This is also the shackle of enterprise development . On a traditional track , BAIC Ruixiang is not as good as Chang'an Auchan 、 Jietu and other new strength factions ,X5 The products are not comparable to or leading the same level , So more will still play cost-effective , Open the market on the price .

Do you think BAIC Ruixiang can return to the track ?

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