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Under the global changes, Geely opened stores in Europe and great wall built factories in Brazil

2021-08-26 06:34:22 Car market observation

Deeply cultivate the global market , Geely opened a shop in Europe , Great Wall Motors goes to Brazil to build a factory .

Geely link auto Antwerp experience store officially opened

8 month 14 Japan , Geely is the third offline experience store in Europe “ Antwerp, Belgium ” Practice , Since the launch of the European plan last year , Geely has set up an Amsterdam experience store in Europe 、 Gothenburg experience store 、 There are three experience stores in Antwerp, Belgium .

As the vanguard of Geely's overseas exports , Lingke automobile focuses on building... In Europe “ Experiential car retail ” Community , The Antwerp store in Belgium was transformed from a fire station , Renovate with natural building materials and environmentally friendly recycled plastics . Experience stores are more than cars , Link the community with link , In the store, users can find all the inspiration and beauty about life , Can appreciate , You can also buy partner products or services , Bring unlimited imagination to travel and life .

It is worth mentioning that , Link's in Europe has taken “ A subscription model ”, Focus on “ Vehicle use ” On , Users can choose to subscribe to short-term rent 、 Long term rental or direct purchase of vehicles , Let users have a more convenient travel experience . In addition to sharing the car with your family , You can also share the right to use the car with your neighbors . Through mobile network and OTA Keep up to date , At the same time, ensure users' personal privacy and information security .

In addition to the unique design , By adopting innovative “ Subscription system ” Business model , Lingke has been the first in Europe to be realized by automobile manufacturers , Change to the role of travel service provider . As of the first half of the year , There have been more than in Europe 15000 A user became LinkedIn “ Subscription system ” Members of .“ European plan ” The rapid advance of , Link will continue to enhance the global influence of the brand .

Geely 7 The monthly export volume is 7,054, Up about 56%.1-7 The monthly cumulative export volume is 60476 car , Year-on-year growth 150.98%. since this year on , Geely's pace of internationalization continues to accelerate .7 month 20 Japan , Geely brand officially opened the Lao market , First product COOLRAY and AZKARRA.7 month 26 Japan , Geely Automobile Group and British Inchcape Group signed a cooperation statement on jointly developing the Chilean market .

Lingke continues to deepen its global market layout , In Holland 、 Germany 、 Belgium 、 Sweden and other countries have achieved terminal delivery .7 month , Lingke's shipments to the European market are 1,400 car ,1-7 The total monthly shipment is 5,046 car , Product heat continues to rise .

Great Wall Motor acquired the malapolis factory in irase, Brazil

Same implementation “ Go out ” strategic , Great Wall Motors has adopted the strategy of building factories overseas , Already in Russia 、 India 、 Brazil and other places have successively established production plants . according to the understanding of , Great Wall Motors held 2021 Overseas dealer conference , From Russia 、 Australia 、 South Africa 、 In the Middle East 、 North Africa 、 Central South America, etc 60 Dealer representatives from more than countries and regions are nearly 200 home .

8 month 18 Japan , Sao Paulo, Brazil , Great Wall Motors and Daimler Group officially signed an agreement on the acquisition of the malapolis factory in Iraq, Brazil . According to the asset acquisition agreement signed by both parties , Including the whole plant 120 Ten thousand square meters of land 、 Plant and equipment . Great Wall Motors is expected to 2021 Complete the delivery before the end of the year , The annual production capacity of the factory after transformation will reach 10 Thousands of cars .

Meng Xiangjun, the rotating president of Great Wall Motors, said , This transaction will accelerate the development and strategic implementation of Great Wall Motors in the South American market , Further promote the transformation of Great Wall Motors into a global technology travel company . at present , Great Wall Motors has a factory in Ecuador , Supply Uruguay 、 Peru 、 Paraguay 、 Chile and other countries .

2021 year 1-7 month , Great Wall Motor's overseas sales exceeded 7.4 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 176.2%, Accounting for the overall sales volume 10.4%. According to the future plan ,2025 Great Wall Motors global production and sales in 400 Thousands of cars , overseas 100 The strategic goal of 10000 vehicles . You can see , Overseas sales account for a quarter of the total sales , It's done 2025 An important part of the annual strategy .

Meng Xiangjun, the rotating president of Great Wall Motors, pointed out , There is only one way to win the world , Is continuous change , And launch the general mobilization for global change to win , Clearly take the product winning as the leader , Run through with users , Break through under the changing global situation .

More than Geely 、 Great Wall motor , At present, Chery Automobile 、 Jianghuai Automobile 、 SAIC passenger car 、 SAIC GM Wuling 、 The overseas export performance of Chinese automobile brands such as Chang'an automobile is very eye-catching . Of course , The way of export is different , Some options CDK Mode and vehicle export , There are also local factories to quickly integrate into the overseas market .

Whether it's building a new factory or planning a sales channel , We can't ignore the improvement of the service system . Because automotive products are not just selling products , It also depends on whether the service is OK . Lingke's innovative “ Subscription system ” Business model , It is a response to local conditions . Only by integrating into the local culture , To build consumer confidence is also very important and trust .

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