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The Kodiak family is not simple because of its larger space and stronger power

2021-08-26 06:34:30 Car market observation

8 month 17 Japan , SAIC Volkswagen Skoda Central District held... In Jinan “ Let go Try a stronger start ”—— Kodiak family comparative test drive activities . The Kodiak family is based on the public MQB Platform to build , Draw inspiration from city and life , Integrate the fashionable sedan running temperament with the fierce and heroic SUV body , Deduce pure sports aesthetics with German strength , Powerful 4WD system , Let every participant experience Skoda's unique quality and pursuit .

Since Skoda brand entered China , Keep moving forward steadily , Continuously enrich, improve and deeply cultivate the product line , Meet the diversified aesthetic and vehicle needs of consumers , Provide consumers with high-quality automotive products and services . Skoda is like the airfoil arrow in its brand logo , Doing self-renewal with extremely fast reaction speed , Let us clearly see the brand-new look and innovation transformation of this century old brand .

In the era of cars, Skoda can create products with superior temperament , And by the SUV Time , Under the theme of practicality first , Skoda can also bring amazing products . Kodiak GT It is the first Skoda to adopt SKODA Distributed letter tail model . The shape of the car's head is exactly the same as that of ordinary Kodiak models . The design of the headlights seems to coordinate well with the whole body , A slight rise in the middle waistline .

Kodiak GT The front face is full of visual impact , Straight waterfall chrome plated air inlet grille with honeycomb large air inlet has a stronger flavor , Zhi Yaoquan LED Headlight and ice crystal three-dimensional separated type C Skoda's unique design style is very strong in the type of tail lamp . Several folding surfaces of the tail lamp cooperate with the irregular lines inside , Advanced texture is ready to come out . Compared with Kodiak, it is younger in design 、 Sports breath , It has a strong attraction for young users .

Kodiak family light source , Under the design of crystal cutting concept , The night lights up , Also very recognizable , The handling of details is particularly delicate . Kodiak of this test drive GT models , It's Kodiak SUV Car version of , The whole tail curve is combined with the body shape of the model without any sense of conflict , It feels smooth , It can be said that the tail side , It's the most beautiful gesture of this car .

The interior style and exterior decoration echo each other , Familiar simplicity and brightness , Quietly exudes strong beauty . The application and distribution of chrome plated parts are just right , Cooperate with mature interior material selection and workmanship , The interior feel is impeccable . The four air outlets are obviously intended to provide more air than cars , In addition, I also like the black trim panel with irregular stripes .

The Kodiak family provided up to 6 Two interior matching schemes , Materials include fabric 、 Genuine leather , The color can be black 、 Brown 、 gray . The style design is also quite attentive , White stitches 、 Red stripes 、 Herringbone texture, etc , The overall layout is basically consistent with Kodiak , And use good materials , It also adds a strong sense of movement to the texture .

10.25 Inch full LCD dashboard is full of sincerity , The performance of function and practicability has been comparable to the level of many luxury brands . At the same time, the dashboard supports four different display styles , Navigation information can be projected on the instrument cluster , Very convenient . Its 9.2 Inch central control screen with exquisite effect , Shortcut keys for touch control and physical knob are provided to facilitate operation during driving , With online navigation 、 Speech recognition system 、CarPlay And other functions are more in line with the functional needs of current users .

As for space ,SUV Just take a good look at the back , If full load , So can Kodiak be competent ? The second row can 4:2:4 Scale down , When the third row is enabled , The back box space is compressed to a minimum , And placed side by side in this state 2 There is no problem with a login chassis .

Power configuration ,2021 Model Kodiak GT Full system carrying 2.0T high / Low power gasoline engine ,2.0T The maximum power of the low power engine is 137kW/4100-6000, Peak torque is 320N·m/1500-4000rpm.2.0T The maximum power of high power engine is 162kW/4500-6200, Peak torque is 350N·m/1500-4400rpm. Matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , It can be described as the golden power combination . The measured vehicle acceleration of 100 km is 6.4 second , These grades are at the same level SUV There are only a few .

2021 The Kodiak power configuration is equipped with 2.0TSI high / Low power gasoline engine , The maximum power is respectively 137kW Horsepower and 162kW,0-100 km / The hourly acceleration time is 8.8 The second and 7.5 second , The maximum speed is 200 km / Hours .

Besides , The kodia family provided the economy 、 standard 、 motion 、 Personalized and snow driving modes are adjustable , In economic mode, it can realize neutral sliding function to optimize fuel consumption performance , And the dynamic response under economic and standard modes is sensitive enough , Suitable for daily use . However, in this mode, the feedback force of the steering wheel is a little too light , Therefore, I prefer to adjust the heavier steering force in the personalized mode , It's more enjoyable to drive .

On the whole , The Kodiak family in design and detail , In the competitive products at the same level, it still maintains a completely different temperament , But this amazing is not so publicized , But from the inside out . So this positioning , It is very suitable for those who have a certain quality of life , But not willing to follow the trend of consumers .

And from a practical point of view , Regardless of the convenience brought by space and function , Or the powerful power and the superior driving texture brought by the 4WD system , The Kodiak family is meeting your needs for personal appearance , Or in terms of practicality and function , It can give you the best choice .

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