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Weilai es8 event progressed, Xiaopeng expanded and Baidu released auto robots

2021-08-26 06:34:36 Car market observation

Wei to ES8 Latest developments in autopilot Events :

8 month 12 Japan , Lin Wenqin, founder of Shangshan Ruoshui investment management company ( nickname “ Cute swordsman ”), Driving Weilai ES8 The car enables the automatic driving function (NOP Pilot status ) after , He died of a traffic accident in the Hanjiang section of Shenhai expressway , At the age of 31 year .

8 month 18 Daily news , The Weilai crash is still fermenting , Putian traffic police informed Wei Lai “ Autopilot ” Event name , Responsibility determination will be made according to law on the basis of accident investigation .

at present , Weilai car is on the cusp of the storm ,, Many executives of new forces have expressed their views . The overall meaning is automatic driving , It's not automatic , And it's just an aid .

The ideal car is CEO Li Xiang said , Call on the media and industry institutions to unify the standard of Chinese terms of automatic driving , Avoid exaggerated publicity , Cause users to misunderstand .

Weimar's CEO Shen Hui said L2 Level , The driver is the main function operator , It is also the subject of responsibility , and L4 The operation subject above level is the vehicle itself , The responsible subject belongs to the main engine factory .

Zhou Hongyi said , AI is not marketing talk , Not so magical , There are still many roads to go, many pits to fill , Don't mislead users for marketing .

recently , Fu Qiang, founder of Aichi automobile, sent a document saying : Assisted driving is not automatic driving . At present, none of the models in mass production are self driving , Including Tesla . A technology from birth to maturity , Need to iterate 、 Continuously improve . At the same time, I think , It's not just about changing names 、 Oppose the primary dimension of over marketing . Fu Qiang thinks it is a primary dimension , It should be from the bottom 、 The upper logic , Ensure the safety of autopilot .

Before the accident is investigated , Or be more patient and wait , After all, the known information is still limited . Did the accident happen 100% It's caused by assisted driving ? What kind of state the driver was in ? If it is caused by auxiliary driving related functions , So what kind of defects exist ?

Xiaopeng automobile Zhaoqing phase II project signing and commencement , Capacity will be increased to 20 Thousands of cars

Wei Lai is in a state of anxiety , Xiaopeng intelligent new energy vehicle is busy expanding ,8 month 18 Japan , Phase II project was officially signed and started in Zhaoqing high tech Zone , After the project is completed , Xiaopeng automobile Zhaoqing intelligent manufacturing base, the designed annual production capacity of the whole vehicle will be from 10 Ten thousand cars were raised to 20 Thousands of cars .

Zhaoqing intelligent manufacturing base of Xiaopeng automobile is fully in accordance with industrial standards 4.0 Standard build , It has Internet of things technology and monitoring technology throughout the whole production process , Build a digital intelligent factory with highly transparent manufacturing process . By the end of this year , Xiaopeng will no longer bring power amplifier by Haima car , It is imperative to expand production capacity .

7 month , The total delivery volume of Xiaopeng automobile exceeded 8000 for the first time , achieve 8,040 platform , It surged month on month compared with June 22%, Refresh historical monthly delivery record .2021 Seven months before the year , Xiaopeng automobile has been delivered in total 38,778 platform , It's the delivery volume of last year 1.4 times . According to the current capacity planning , Enough to meet the production capacity demand of Xiaopeng automobile .

Baidu released Apollo“ Car robot ”: No steering wheel

8 month 18 Japan , Baidu World Conference 2021 On , Baidu founder 、 Robin Li, chairman and chief executive officer, first proposed “ Car robot ” Concept , And released Apollo“ Car robot ”. There is no steering wheel in the car , Have L5 Class a autonomous driving ability . meanwhile , Baidu also released a newly upgraded unmanned car travel service platform ——“ Radish, run ”.

at present , Because Wei Lai ES8 Autopilot events , I'm sensitive to the topic of automatic driving ,Apollo“ Car robot ” Equipped with automatic gull wing door 、 The all glass roof is integrated with the external sensors , There is no steering wheel in the car 、 pedal , And has a large curved screen 、 Smart console 、 Dimming glass 、 Intelligent configuration such as zero gravity seat .

By 2021 In the first half of , Baidu Apollo The self driving travel service has received more than 40 Thousands of people , Test mileage over 1400 Thousands of kilometers , The number of automatic driving patents exceeds 2900 Pieces of , In Beijing, 、 Guangzhou 、 Changsha 、 The four cities of Cangzhou are open to manned services .

at present , All weather technology learned from many employees of Evergrande Charging Technology Co., Ltd , At present, Evergrande chargecom is laying off employees on a certain scale , And most do not give compensation plans ,“ From this year 4 Month begins , The company began to force layoffs , At present, there have been hundreds of labor arbitration .”

Evergrande charging is subordinate to Evergrande High Tech Group Co., Ltd. under Evergrande group , Founded on 2020 year 8 month 20 Japan , Less than a year so far . Its business scope includes : Research and development of automobile charging system and equipment 、 install 、 sales ; Technical development of automobile charging Internet platform and charging and replacement facilities, etc .

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