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With an acceleration of 8.23 seconds, Auchan X7 plus dares to compete with new forces

2021-08-26 06:39:51 Car market observation

How to refine the vanishing technique of all red Chan water spray ? today , See a video of Quan hongchan in isolation training , You can see from it . She keeps a certain amount of exercise every day , Squat leg movement 12 individual / Group 4 Group , Handstands, one minute each /3 Group , Fast waist and abdomen movement ,3 Group 20 A quick waist and abdomen movement .

Bao jianfeng from the sharpen out , Plum blossom fragrance from the bitter cold . Behind every champion , Are unremitting exercise and dedication , And the belief of courage to move forward can create . Even after winning the championship , Quan hongchan is still training , Constantly self-improvement . Being popular requires self-improvement , Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS The same is true , One step at a time , Forge ahead bravely on the road of quenching .

8 month 16 Japan , Chang'an Auchan season 5 super Tester “ Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS—— Be popular PLUS Refining notes - Performance unpacking and sealing test ” Held at the automobile testing ground in Western China , stay 0-100KM/h Speed up 、100-0km/h Braking distance test 、 High speed to the limit speed 、 Maximum slope test and other test items , Excellent performance , Can even beat the new forces of car making SUV models , auchan X7 PLUS How the strong dynamic force is refined ?

Chang'an Auchan believes that “ User's extreme car use scenario , It is the minimum standard of Chang'an Auchan test ”. Although these extreme scenarios are not conventional car scenarios , But it is a kind of ultimate test of vehicle quality , Can withstand the test of extreme environment , It's easy in a regular scene .

Review the super test process , Dynamic performance test , auchan X7 PLUS Easy access 8.23s Speed up ,38.57m A good result of 100 braking distance ; In high-speed loop test , auchan X7 PLUS And ran out 214 km/h The top speed of , The outstanding achievements of these leading peers , Can't live without Auchan X7 PLUS Carrying a new generation of blue whales NE1.5T High pressure direct injection engine and blue whale 7 Golden power combination of high speed wet double clutch transmission .

The new generation of blue whales NE1.5T The engine , The most powerful 138kW, Maximum torque 300N•m, It can be said to be the pride of independent power . The reason for this dynamic performance , It is inseparable from the blessing of new technology . A new generation of blue whales NE1.5T The engine adopts electromagnetic turbocharging 、 A series of sophisticated technologies such as dual outlet integrated exhaust manifold , And created “AGILE agile ” Air guide type high efficiency super clean combustion system , And achieved the industry's top 350bar In cylinder direct injection pressure , It's on par with luxury brands .

Strong motivation is the basis for self-improvement of independent brands , Changan blue whale power is not only ahead of fuel vehicles , Even in 5430m High speed performance on the loop , auchan X7 PLUS Also launched a race of lap speed with three new power products , With a final 2 He won the second place in the whole score , Very close to the first place , leading 2 The performance of a new power tram .

More Than This , On special roads 、 Cobblestone road 、 The ramp 、 Wading and other comprehensive road condition tests , auchan X7 PLUS It was also shown as a flagship SUV My responsibility , Not only has good trafficability 、 Excellent climbing ability , The body chassis also gives consideration to the handling stability and ride comfort of the vehicle to the greatest extent .

auchan X7 PLUS Use extreme speed 8 Nuclear chip 、12 An ultrasonic radar 、4 A large number of advanced hardware equipment such as fish eye camera , It also carries the whole scene OnStyle3.0 Intelligent vehicle control system 、Geeker Internal and external dual camera face intelligent control system 、 Adaptive cruise system (ACC)、APA5.0 One touch parking system 、 No wheat KTV Hi sing system and other functions . Use the same test equipment and technology in the third-party professional test team , Yes 4 In the evaluation of the execution speed of the vehicle voice control system , auchan X7 PLUS We have also made great achievements .

It is worth mentioning that , auchan X7 PLUS Yes Baby in car Child care model , It's the best choice for a father to bring a baby . After turning on child mode , There are many things that children like , Can successfully attract children's attention , The driver can drive safely , Very humanized technology configuration . so to speak , auchan X7 PLUS Not only has the strong power side , There is also another side of tenderness and consideration .

In addition to performance , auchan X7 PLUS The practicability of is also a manifestation of leapfrogging , achieve 4730mm*1870mm*1720mm Leapfrog body ,2786mm Wide and comfortable space brought by super long wheelbase ; Keep improving the interior quality and technology ; Whole vehicle 52 In all directions NVH The scheme creates 37 Decibel breathing level, silent space, etc 10 All level SUV A masterpiece .

Experienced many performance tests , auchan X7 PLUS Superior quality is revealed , Behind the achievements are the footprints of Chang'an Auchan step by step , A witness to the courage to move forward on the road of quenching . according to the understanding of , auchan X7 PLUS Will be in 8 The pre-sale is officially opened at the end of this month , As 12-15 10000 level value benchmark , Believe Auchan X7 PLUS It will become another valuable product brought by Auchan automobile to users .

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