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Beijing x70000 mile long survey: take 108 turns to reach the base camp of Everest

2021-08-26 06:39:55 Car market observation

Don't hide , I don't know what cloud scroll tentacles can get , No limits , To reach the peak of quality .8 month 15 Japan , “ Altitude difference of 10000 meters 960 10,000 square kilometers —— Beijing X7 Quality limit challenge ” Long distance survey activities , Successfully completed the extreme high altitude challenge of Everest base camp , The test team set out from Lhasa , Walk through the famous of Everest 108 Turn , Successfully arrived at Everest base camp . Next Station , The test team will start from Everest , Along the 318 The last stop of the national road to the five cities extreme challenge is Chengdu .

according to the understanding of , The challenge came from an accident .2021 year 4 month 24 Japan , A Beijing from Zhaotong, Yunnan X7 The car owner inadvertently started from 300 Fell into a pool on a cliff meters high and miraculously survived , And the vehicle A column B The columns are free from distortion and fracture —— Beijing X7 How much “ Resistant to beating ”?

For such speculation , Beijing X7 Is trying to explain... Through a long journey of more than 10000 kilometers . The test team started from 7 month 6 Starting from Beijing on the th , Through more than 10000 kilometers of long-distance measurement , Challenge the altitude difference of up to 10000 meters , To verify the reliable quality of products and the hard core strength of Beijing Zhizao .

The ultimate challenge to Mount Everest , It can be said that it is very critical , After all, plateau self driving has become a common phenomenon , Take a look at the popular routes of self driving travel , Over an altitude 4000 Mi's pass is a common value for most self driving enthusiasts . Beijing X7 Through the scene 、 Experiential activities , Present the vehicle quality to the majority of consumers in a more intuitive form , It has great reference value and quality verification .

according to the understanding of , The Qinghai Tibet Plateau , Average altitude 4000-5000m, The air pressure is as low as 60KPA, The average annual temperature in most areas is lower than 0℃. A standard atmospheric pressure 101kPa, With every increase in altitude 500 rice , The air pressure will drop 10kPa, The oxygen content in the air decreases 1.6%.

In other words, the pressure on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is lower than the sea level 40% many , The oxygen content in the air is low 6.4%, This will affect the normal breathing of the human body to a certain extent . From the live broadcast , The host's occasional hypoxia , You can intuitively feel the test brought by the extreme environment .

And for cars , Especially for fuel vehicles , Because the air pressure is too low, the amount of air entering the cylinder is limited , It is very likely that the engine cannot show the performance it should have in daily life due to insufficient combustion . Beijing X7 Equipped with a newly upgraded code A156T1H Of 1.5TD Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 138kW, Maximum torque 275N•m, With air inlet and exhaust VVT、350bar High pressure direct injection technology , In the plateau environment with insufficient oxygen content, the fuel can still be fully burned , There will be no lack of power .

Good horse and saddle , Matching 7 Speed wet double clutch gearbox has stable performance , Average altitude 3500 Driving on the plateau with a height of more than meters , There is no obvious lack of power , The power take-off is always smooth , Carefree . meanwhile , Beijing X7 Adopt the mainstream former McPherson 、 Rear multi link suspension layout , All specially designed , Can handle bumpy roads easily ; The chassis has been adjusted by British Mira chassis , Both comfort and handling stability .

In the vast and sparsely populated Qinghai Tibet Plateau , Service areas are scarce , Need to carry a lot of supplies . Beijing X7 Have 4710mm The length of the car body ,1892mm Body width , The whole car is up to 28 Storage space at , It can provide rich storage space .

The present , Intelligent configuration has become an indispensable assistant for self driving travel . Beijing X7 carrying L2 Autopilot system ,AR Holographic real scene navigation makes road planning and turning more intuitive and clear ,IACC The full speed adaptive cruise control system makes long-distance driving a rare liberation of hands ,HWA Highway auxiliary 、360 degree 3D Up to... Including follow-up panoramic images 17 term ADAS Intelligent security technology , Make driving safer and easier .

In especial , National roads in Tibet are usually two-way single lane . Beijing X7 With lane departure warning 、 Lane keep 、 Safety auxiliary configuration such as blind area auxiliary , It can effectively avoid the potential safety hazards caused by accidentally retrograding to the opposite lane during driving . Blind zone assist can judge the distance behind when overtaking , Avoid the occurrence of emergency parallel accidents .

Beijing X7 Have obtained 2021 year C-NCAP Five star safety evaluation , Have a front H Type guard 、 Large area front suspension subframe 、 The chassis middle guard effectively protects the chassis harness , Protected from accidental attacks such as sand and stone . meanwhile , Beijing X7 Body over 67% High strength steel ,14% Hot formed steel super body , It also makes the vehicle run on the severely bumpy Gobi non paved road without deformation, distortion and abnormal noise , Quiet and comfortable all the way .

Through the journey of quality limit challenge , Beijing X7 The strength of reliability and hard core has been well demonstrated and verified , “ Security ”“ reliable ”“ powerful ” Such cognition is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , Will help Beijing X7 stay 10 All level SUV The market braved the wind and waves , The meteoric rise .

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