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From 188800 yuan! The 2022 Roewe imax8 was officially launched and the configuration was comprehensively upgraded

2021-08-26 06:44:42 Morning tea

Now in China MPV The market has attracted more and more attention from consumers , Because China has not only fully liberalized the two-child policy , The three child policy has also been liberalized , This means that multi seat models will be more and more needed , So like big 6 Of the seat SUV and MPV Models are valued by everyone . In recent days, , SAIC Roewe iMAX8 Also officially listed , Pricing for 18.88-25.38 ten thousand , The new car has launched four models , The configuration has been improved , Let's take a look .

2022 New roewe iMAX8 It's a modified model of the year , Its appearance design is basically consistent with the cash , The front face still adopts the family's super large spread wing air inlet grille , The interior is dragon scale style . The headlight adopts a sharp shape , Match with the penetrating LED Light strips and chrome trim strips , The overall recognition is very high . The shapes on both sides of the lower enclosure are also more aggressive , It also looks very personalized .

The positioning of the new car is medium and large MPV, Its body size is 5016*1909*1782mm, The wheelbase is 3000mm, It is consistent with the current model . The body still adopts a square shape , The waistline is also smooth and sharp , It looks slender and has a certain sense of muscle . The shape of the tail is relatively simple , The tail lights on both sides are connected by thick chrome plated trim strips , Stretch the visual width of the tail .

interiors , The design style of the new car is still based on the sense of science and Technology , The spread wing central control layout is adopted , Equipped with a 12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard and 12.3 Inch suspended center panel . The air outlet of the air conditioner also adopts the through design , The second row of seats also added folding tables . configuration , The new car is equipped with two rows of electrically adjustable leg supports as standard 、 Leather multi-function steering wheel 、 Three zone independent automatic constant temperature air conditioner 、 One button intelligent anti pinch electric side sliding door, etc , Practicality is very strong .

In space , As a medium and large-scale MPV,3000mm The wheelbase is destined to have a good spatial performance , Independent seats are used in the second row , The space is very spacious , The space in the third row is not crowded , The seat can move forward and backward , Very human . The new car is mainly right “ Magic bar ” Hands on , Added deep storage cells , Enhance the storage capacity in the car , Become more practical .

motivation , The whole line is equipped with 2.0T The engine of , Maximum power is 172kW, The maximum torque is 360N·m, The match is 8 Self - contained gearbox , The comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 8.4L. The chassis adopts the front McPherson type , Rear multi-link independent suspension , Equipped with Germany ZF Sax MPV Professional damping system , The filtering effect is very good , Driving is also more comfortable and stable .

Conclusion : New Roewe iMAX8 Relative to cash , The promotion is not great , Her appearance is still very resistant , It is mainly optimized for some details and configurations , Cost performance is still very high , For families with large space needs , It would be a good choice .

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