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Do your own "big V" for young and Zao. Dongfeng Nissan's "Qichen big V" starts blind subscription for 9.9 yuan

2021-08-26 06:44:49 Morning tea

Guess what it's called ?

8 month 20 Japan , Dongfeng Nissan Qichen was held in Guangzhou to “ The power of youth V You come ” A new car tasting with the theme , Deputy general manager of Dongfeng Nissan Automobile Sales Co., Ltd 、 Zhang Jihui, deputy general director of Qichen business headquarters of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger car company 、 Wu Yue, chief commodity expert of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen business headquarters 、 Zhang Maohua, director of marketing department of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen business headquarters 、 Famous designer Jia Wei and young car making team of Dongfeng Nissan “V Force Creator ”, Interpret the new car from different angles “ The power of youth ”, show “ For the sake of youth ZAO” The value charm of . The scene of the appraisal meeting , President Zhang announced : Through co creation of the whole network , The new car was finally named “ Kai Chen Da V” And open the whole network blind subscription .

V Full open , For the sake of youth ZAO

The new car is positioned as “ The power of youth SUV”, It's for “ Young taste forerunner ” A trendy travel piece launched . And the young car making team of Dongfeng Nissan was used for the first time “V Force Creator ” For the sake of youth ZAO, It has a more handsome appearance 、 More dazzling Technology 、 Better experience to meet the travel and aesthetic needs of the younger generation in an all-round way .

More handsome appearance ,1.7㎡ Ultra wide angle light sensing sky curtain trigger “ Big V” View

In the eyes of the younger generation , Beauty is justice , Pay if you like ! Dongfeng Nissan “ Kai Chen Da V” The appearance adopts high wind design , Create a highly personalized 、 Dynamic and avant-garde appearance , Be able to grasp the aesthetic comfort of young people for the first time , Satisfy “ See the face ” demand . It is worth mentioning that , this “ Kai Chen Da V” One of the highlights of is the use of peer leading 1.7㎡ Ultra wide angle light perception sky curtain , Create a leading 1.16㎡ Large light transmission area , It not only improves the overall beauty , And it can let users say goodbye to the depression of head space , It can also restore the real exterior scenery , Enjoy the scenery without fear of sunshine .

Besides , aesthetic ,“ Kai Chen Da V” Have a peer leading 1917mm The width of the car makes it shoulder to shoulder luxurious SUV Aspect ratio 1.18, Ultra wide body dynamic body , Create a cross-border sports style without losing the mainstream , Can instantly trigger the visual nerve , Attract the attention of young consumers . Highly recognizable multidimensional crystal matrix LED headlight , Blend with the front grille , While widening the visual width , It can present multi-level high-grade texture .

Full streamline radian design of side profile , Full of tension , Showing a ready momentum , The wind carved sharp waist line running through the body , Like an arrow through the air , angular , Very dynamic .

Arrow feather sharp motor car tail design , Make the tail look more three-dimensional and flexible . Slender and sharp 1.6m Through tail lamp design , Bring a wider visual effect . The overall shape of the new car is quite young and fashionable , Chaoxuan online , Be handsome at any time .

interiors ,“ Kai Chen Da V” Using intelligent cockpit design , The overall simple and smooth design style , Create a driving experience with a sense of technology and comfort . The car is an integrated system composed of LCD instrument panel and central control screen 24 Inch screen , More technical , Easier to use , Full screen strength , Second kill .64 Color Aurora atmosphere lamp , Color and color can be adjusted according to personal preference 6 Intelligent mode adjustment , The atmosphere in the car moves at will .

Besides ,“ Kai Chen Da V” Equipped with zero gravity surround seats , Racing style one-piece design , Very good to enhance the sense of movement , Release driving desire . At the same time “ Nissan sofa ” advantage , It can effectively relieve the fatigue of long-time riding .

More dazzling Technology , qichen V-Link Nebula smart link system “ wisdom ” Enjoy travel

In terms of intelligence ,“ Kai Chen Da V” Qichen is adopted V-Link Nebula smart link system , Users can enjoy the ultimate smart travel . The latest generation of humanization following the design trend UI&UX Design . Provide users with 3 Two high color value modes can be switched at will , Visual function design is more intuitive and easy to understand , Exquisite details reflect humanized temperature everywhere , Comprehensively improve driving safety , Enjoy driving .

V2X All things connected , It can easily realize automobile 、 Home Furnishing 、 Seamless connection of mobile phone , Create a smart car life anytime, anywhere . Full time intelligent navigation system , Easy to operate , Don't be confused when you go out . Support at the same time OTA upgrade , Massive information is updated at any time , You can easily start a pleasant journey with your friends . Besides ,“ Kai Chen Da V” It can also realize personalized intelligent voice interaction 、 Massive on-board online services 、One ID Personalized account and other intelligent operations , Let the user “ wisdom ” Enjoy travel .

Better experience ,8.8s Speed up one hundred kilometers

“ Kai Chen Da V” Not only does Dongfeng Nissan have a million level system and quality assurance , And the powerful Renault - nissan - Mitsubishi Alliance Technology blessing . At the same time carrying V-Power Alliance power system , It can bring users a better driving experience , Control the driver to take a quick step . With the help of 1.5T High efficiency engine + The high quality 7DCT Transmission super power combination ,“ Kai Chen Da V” The maximum power rise at the same level is realized 93.3kw/L And a hundred kilometers ahead at the same level 8.8s Speed up . Achieve an efficient balance between strong power and fuel economy , Realize economic and environmental protection of car life , Bring users a better driving experience .

Jump the power of youth tide , Make your own “ Big V”

Name co creation and detonate the whole network ,“ Kai Chen Da V” Resonate with young people

8 At the beginning of , Dongfeng Nissan Qichen brand new SUV The new car is beginning to show its true face , The young fashion and powerful appearance and appearance gain the love and attention of many young people .8 month 13 Japan , Dongfeng Nissan Qichen launched in the whole network “ A word of gold Name the young ” New car name campaign , Give the naming right of new cars to young consumers . Just a week , share 4000 Many netizens participated in it , Emerge as “ Tianshu ”“ Star yao ” Such as more than 1000 A name . Final , Representing a young attitude “ Kai Chen Da V” Stand out from the crowd , Officially become the model name .

What is big V? It's our car , It's also our people . The combination of people and vehicles , That is, large V.“ Kai Chen Da V” For the younger generation , Whether they are in their careers or interests 、 And in the circle , Can find their own style , Do the utmost, love , Be your own big V. therefore “ Big V” Not just cars , What's more, it's the wonderful car “ Big V” life .

“V Force Creator ” Attack ,90 After that, the young car making team appeared for the first time

In order to create a style that understands young people “ The power of youth SUV”, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen launched a young car making team for the first time “V Force Creator ”, Let the young car making team work for themselves 、 by 90 Later, young people create exclusive travel cars .

As a group of young people crazy about cars , They are the team that understands the needs of the new generation of consumers , It's also back to “ Renault - nissan - Mitsubishi ” union , The young creator standing on the shoulders of giants . Thanks to the 90 The young car building team's understanding of user needs and strong Nissan Technology . This new young fashion power SUV“ Kai Chen Da V” To be presented in front of everyone . “ Kai Chen Da V” It is not only a trend travel carrier for young users , It is also the resonance of their emotions 、 Envy trigger .

9.9 Yuan rob “ fresh ” book ,“ Kai Chen Da V” The whole network of blind subscription is turned on

8 month 20 Japan , Dongfeng Nissan “ Kai Chen Da V” Blind subscription was officially opened in the whole network . From now on to Qichen V At zero time of listing ,9.9 Yuan rob “ fresh ” book , You can receive the quadruple favorite powder gift within a limited time after ordering , Including Koi of the year 、 A walk away journey 、 Buy supply bags 、 Four good gifts such as Chaoren modification Kit , Order first , Welfare comes first !

notes : Policy details are subject to official information

“ The power of youth ,V You come ”. This quality inspection meeting , It's Dongfeng Nissan “ Kai Chen Da V” Your first offline tasting , Through this event , Show the market what is “ The power of youth ”, It is set through innovative Links , Will be your own “ Big V” The core idea of runs through every link of the activity . Everyone can shine in life , Make your own “ Big V”, For the sake of youth ZAO.

As the first model of Dongfeng Nissan “ The power of youth SUV”,“ Kai Chen Da V” It is the coordinated development of dual brands 、 Shared resources 、 technology 、 The product of team and other efforts . As a social product for Dongfeng Nissan Qichen to talk to young people ,“ Kai Chen Da V” It not only enriches the product matrix of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen , It is also an important step in its layout of the younger market .8 month 29 Japan , The new car will be officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show and open for pre-sale , Believe in “ Kai Chen Da V” The arrival of the , It will greatly expand the social circle of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen , Win more young friends .

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