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Spy photos of the new Mercedes Benz gle have been exposed, and the appearance and interior have been adjusted. It may appear next spring

2021-08-26 06:44:52 Morning tea

In recent days, , Foreign media exposed the new Mercedes Benz GLE Spy photos of , The new car is a medium-term model , It is also a cash update in the past three years . The appearance and interior upholstery of the new car have been adjusted , Or will be 2022 Debut in spring , Now about the adjustment of the new car , We can only see from spy photos at present . The new car is a medium-term model , The changes in the design are relatively small , It still continues the design of cash models , The front face adopts a straight waterfall blackened air inlet grille , Match it with two strong banners , On both sides LED The headlights have also been redesigned , The shape becomes sharper . Although the front bumper is camouflaged , But the shape is still similar to cash , It is estimated that only the details will be adjusted , The overall look is to become younger .

The body shape of the new car is basically the same as that of the current model , The body lines are soft and full , The waistline is still sharp , Chrome trim is also used around the window . Besides , The new car is also equipped with a roof rack , The front and rear wheel arches are covered with black plastic , Improved the sporty smell of the car . The tail is also camouflaged at the tail light , Therefore, the modeling design rate of tail lamp will probably change , Or will adopt the style of inverted triangle . The spoiler on the roof is equipped with a large silver guard plate below and a thick double-sided exhaust , It also highlights the sense of movement .

interiors , At present, no spy photos have been exposed , But foreign media said , New Benz GLE The interior will be equipped with a new large-size LCD instrument panel and central control screen , And it's probably a through dual screen design , The design of the steering wheel will also be similar to S Level consistent , What's the specific , We still have to wait for the official announcement .

Cash Benz GLE It is positioned as medium and large SUV, Its body size is 4941*2018*1782mm, The wheelbase is 2995mm, It is estimated that the body size of the new car will not change , Therefore, the space performance and cash should be consistent . Mercedes GLE It's a five seat layout , There is plenty of space in the back , The volume of the trunk is even more excellent , The support and softness of the seat are also excellent , Greatly improve the comfort of riding .

motivation , New Benz GLE Or will continue to provide cash models 2.0T Turbocharged engines and 2.5T Twin turbocharging 6 Cylinder engine ,2.0T The maximum power of the engine is 190kW, The maximum torque is 370N·m, and 2.5T This model is matched with 48V Light mixed system , The transmission system is matched with 9 Self - contained gearbox , The difference is that the new model or the whole series will be added 48V Light mixed system , Plug in hybrid models may also be provided .

Conclusion : New Benz GLE The overall improvement is not great , The new car will be unveiled next spring , Delivery may not be that fast , And its rival BMW X5 It has not only launched an extended version, but also carried out domestic production , It will certainly have an advantage over it in terms of price , I believe this is very stressful for it .

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