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The mass production version of Cadillac lyriq is exposed! Endurance 483km + 33 inch large screen, or debut at the end of the year

2021-08-26 06:49:55 Morning tea

In recent days, , Cadillac LYRIQ The mass production version officially appeared in the United States and began to sell , According to the information reported by the local media , This Cadillac's pure electric medium-sized car SUV The selling price is :58,795 dollar , The equivalent of RMB is about 38.1 Ten thousand yuan . Of course , Due to Cadillac's Native American brand , The price of the car is also close to the people . And China will soon mass produce and sell it , SAIC will take over the domestic production .

As Cadillac's pure electric SUV, What I admire very much is , This new medium-sized pure electric SUV It's not a simple “ Oil to electricity ” The design of the , Like many car companies : Mercedes 、 BMW 、 Mazda 、 Volvo 、 Honda and other high-end brands are oil to electricity , Cadillac uses a new design language and , It also retains the highly recognizable family design , It can be seen that Cadillac is quite sincere .

appearance , The new car retains a highly recognizable assembly line LED Headlight design , And always through the fog lamp area , The China open uses a number of dense spoke small strip lights to form a China open with rich texture and details , And in the middle, a carbon fiber panel is used for decoration , In the middle is the Cadillac logo .

The tail of the new car also adopts a new design language , The tail lamp remains symmetrical “L Letter ” Style tail lights at the same time , It fits perfectly on both sides of the rear windshield , The two position lights below also adopt the inlaid design style , The tail of the whole car is a brand-new medium-sized car that I think has the most sense of design in pure electric at present SUV.

interiors , The new car will be equipped with a round multi-functional three spoke steering wheel , The liquid crystal display and the central control screen are integrated 33 Inch curved screen , And the driver's seat adopts the design style of package , It improves the convenience of driving . Under the curved screen of the center console , Most of them use touch button design , The interior design style of the whole vehicle highlights a sense of future science and Technology .

besides , The new car adopts a suspended gear area design : Electronic knob gear lever 、 Two independent regular cup holders 、 And due to the design of electronic gear switching , There will be a huge storage space under the gear area , And the depth is very considerable .

The whole car will be equipped with multiple independent sound systems , The rear row has an independent air conditioning outlet adjustment . From the actual pictures , The seat is thicker and more ergonomic , And the left and right sides of the headrest enhance the support .

The new car will also be equipped with a panoramic sunroof , The whole car has four independent headrests , The most important thing is that the whole car is equipped with white interior , Equipped with a large panoramic skylight, it enhances the permeability of the whole vehicle , And a small table is also equipped on both sides of the rear row near the door , Both comfort and practicality .

motivation , The new car will be equipped with a maximum power 255kW, Maximum torque 440N·m Drive motor . Battery , The new car will carry 100kWh The battery pack , expect NEDC The range is up to 483 km . besides , The new car will also provide rear drive and four-wheel drive , stay 190 KW DC fast charging function , Vehicle charging 10 About... Can be provided in minutes 122 Kilometers of endurance .

Conclusion : Cadillac's new pure electric SUV The pre-sale was officially opened in the United States , It means that the end of domestic debut and listing is closer , The new car is expected to be launched in mass production at the end of the year and appear at Guangzhou auto show . The main competitor of the new car is Mercedes Benz EQC、 tesla Model Y And BMW ix3, Have to say , Chage thinks Cadillac has more advantages , And it is a new design language and sincere medium-sized SUV.

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