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Tank 600 real vehicle exposed in advance! Taking 3.0T + 9at to the booth is too domineering than Prado

2021-08-26 06:49:58 Morning tea

In recent days, , The Chengdu auto show that is being warmed up still has 9 The day is coming , The local auto show has been arranging the venue one after another , One of the internal staff of the exhibition hall exposed the new flagship of the Great Wall SUV-- tanks 600.

Before the real car is exposed , A great wall insider said that the car is positioned in the medium and large-scale luxury business SUV, And when the real car is exposed , Chage thinks this is a luxury with the same attributes as Prado SUV. From the actual vehicle diagram , And the tanks on the net 600 There are certain differences in trial loading . The first is China open , The mass production version of the China open uses thick large horizontal chrome plated strips throughout the whole China open , Not a dense cross chrome strip , And the lower bumper and crash beam are more convex , The whole vehicle is more atmospheric and harmonious .

And the body design lines of the new car are square , And the roof is equipped with a luggage rack , With the compass like semi closed hub design , The whole vehicle is more like a vehicle with both domestic and off-road performance SUV. And based on previously exposed information , tanks 600 The length, width and height are respectively 5070/1934/1905mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm, The length and height of the car surpass Prado , In terms of wheelbase, it is relatively large and medium-sized SUV It's a little short , It is not ruled out that new parameter data will be available for mass production new cars .

tanks 600 Trial assembly version

tanks 600 The design

interiors , The interior of the trial version of the new car has also been exposed . The interior of the new car is more like a tank 300 And tanks 700 Of “ Mashup ”. The interior design of the new car is from the original tank 300 The inlaid interior design style is changed to a hierarchical design style , And the materials are mostly leather and wood grain boards for decoration . The original tank 300 There are three independent air conditioning outlets under the central control panel of the , The new car also adopts the integrated design . Although the interior is innovative , But tanks 600 The family design of a large number of tank series is still retained , For example, three frames T Word shaped multifunctional steering wheel , Yacht style gear design, etc .

tanks 300 interior

tanks 700 interior

motivation , The Great Wall official has announced , tanks 600 Will be equipped with self-developed 3.0T The engine , What matches it is self-developed 9AT Manual self - contained gearbox , The maximum power of the power assembly 260kW、 Maximum torque up to 500N·m. And subsequent new cars will be launched 2.0T+9AT Hand in one entry model , And in 3.0T+9AT On the basis of joining 48V Light mixed , Different models will be available .

Conclusion : This tank 600 Early exposure of real vehicles , I have to say it's much better than the trial version exposed before , Temperament should be more atmospheric and high-grade , The whole car looks more stable . At present, the body size and power have been exposed , The rest depends on the tank 600 Is your configuration and price sincere enough , You think you're carrying 3.0T+9AT Rear tank 600, How much is the price ?

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