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Suspected Guangfeng version of "Sena" price exposure, or change to online sales! Has the problem of price increase been solved?

2021-08-26 06:50:05 Morning tea

Good afternoon, old fellow , Recently, we have new news about Saina of GAC Toyota , Brother Cha heard from relevant channels , The suspected dealer disclosed that the current selling price of Guangfeng version of Saina is :27.68-36.98 ten thousand . And this price is not the final price , It is expected to be cheaper . Chage learned about importing Toyota Senna a few years ago , At that time, a 3.5L The minimum configuration version is imported Senna , The selling price at Tianjin port is 33 Ten thousand yuan .

( Figure source network , Invasion and deletion )

And Senna made in China , Is it suitable for Chinese people and the price is low , Imported senna and Guangfeng Senna , What's the difference between the two cars , Today, brother Cha will show you .

Why not use “ Senna ” name ?

Citroen Senna

Senna or Senna , Many people are confused about the two names . In fact, they are all the same car , As for why not use the name Senna , Because many years ago , Citroen registered the name Senna in China , And Citroen Senna has won many championships as a special car for the track , So Toyota Senna wants to come in “ Chinese ”, You can only change your name .

The difference between imported and domestic

aesthetic :

The Guangfeng version of Saina will follow the ordinary appearance of the overseas version of Toyota Senna

The fourth generation Senna Normal version

and XSE The appearance style of the sports version will be taken over by FAW Toyota .

The fourth generation Senna SE Sports section

In terms of size :

Imported Senna body size :5085*1984*1796mm, The wheelbase is 3030mm.

Guangfeng Edition “ Saina ” Body size :5180*1995*1765/1786mm, The wheelbase 3060mm.( winning )

motivation :

The picture shows hanlanda sending :2.5L+E-CVT

Imported Senna will be equipped with three engines respectively , , respectively, 2.7L The engine 、3.3L as well as 3.5L Three engines , And what matches that is E-CVT Stepless gearbox .( Choose more )

Guangfeng Edition “ Saina ” Will be unified 2.5L+E-CVT Stepless gearbox .

Of course , After the Guangfeng version of the game , I believe more people will choose , Because this domestic game is completely enough , And can satisfy MPV Most scenes of the model . And imported Senna seems a little rich , After all, import taxes are still quite expensive .

Now we are facing the domestic Toyota Senna , First, the identity has changed 、 Secondly, the power has weakened a lot , The starting price is expected to be lower . The price is lower , The market is naturally broader . The Saina launched by GAC Toyota this time has a certain chance to change to the online sales channel , The marketing model is similar to that of FAW Toyota Highlander , Such online sales will be greatly reduced “ Middlemen earn ”, Perhaps it will reduce the problem of fare increase .

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