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Zhu Yawen spoke for the launch of 2022 Pentium T99, 134900 cases

2021-08-26 06:50:17 Morning tea

8 month 17 Japan ,2022 Pentium T99 list , Powerful actor Zhu Yawen appeared at the press conference as the spokesman of FAW Pentium brand .2022 Pentium T99 With “ Hardline defenders ” The name of , Guard the core values of users in an all-round way , Bring attractive price / product ratio . New car offers 9 models , Price range: 13.49 ten thousand -18.69 Ten thousand yuan .

Hard core temperament , Hardline spirit , Zhu Yawen watched the live broadcast

Galloping T99 from 2019 Since its launch in , A large number of young and promising user groups have been harvested , It also shapes T99 The hard core image of its own strength school . Whether it's tough appearance or strong power , Have gained a good reputation . As the flagship model of FAW Pentium family , It can be said that it is the real brand responsibility , It's also worthy of the name “ Hardline defenders ”.

Mention hardliners , Zhu Yawen said :“ The hard word , I think most people's impression , It should be tough , For example, I have created many characters . But I think hardliners should not be limited to the outside , It should also include internal quality 、 Feelings of home and country 、 National Justice , Even return to the role of life 、 responsibility 、 Courage these valuable qualities , It should also be an inner strength , And the defense of life .” When it comes to “ Hardline defenders ” The spirit of , Zhu Yawen said :“‘ Hardline defenders ’ The spirit is not only the hardness of the appearance , It's more powerful inside , Defend life with strength .”

Zhao Dong, deputy general manager of sales branch of FAW Pentium Car Co., Ltd., presented Zhu Yawen with the FAW Pentium brand spokesman medal at the press conference , Talking about cooperation with Zhu Yawen , He said :“ FAW Pentium is an independent brand of FAW in China , The brand spirit conveyed by Pentium brand is enterprising . Mr. Zhu Yawen's hard-working and hard-working spirit deduced through his role on the screen 、 Including the tenacity of repeatedly polishing the character , And in life, Mr. Zhu Yawen's care for the family 、 Take on 、 Responsibility , Are consistent with our brand spirit of FAW Pentium .”

As the spokesperson of FAW Pentium brand , Zhu Yawen said :“ FAW Pentium is China's own brand , I think this is the light of domestic goods , I believe Chinese auto brands can go better . I think , A good car can not only meet daily needs , Security 、 comfortable 、 spacious , health , Manipulation , It can also carry the love and happiness of the family .”

Flagship quality , Experience and upgrade , Start a hardline life

During the live broadcast , FAW Pentium gold medal lecturer Cao XiaoCong also interacted with Zhu Yawen , comprehensive 、 Feel the charm of the new car closely , Present a collection of tough appearance for the majority of users and fans 、 Hardline space 、 The immersive product experience of hard core security will . Talking about the first feeling of a new car , Zhu Yawen also said ;“ Galloping T99 The car , The first time I saw it , I like this tough look very much 、 Spacious and comfortable space . I hope everyone likes Pentium T99 The car , Please also support domestic products .”

2022 Pentium T99 The appearance is rigid and soft 、 of great momentum . Continue the family “ Light phantom ” Design concept , The front face adopts octagonal digital raindrop air inlet grille , The chrome plated decoration above the grille is connected with the headlights on both sides , The side waistline runs straight through the body , The tail adopts a blackened through tail lamp group , The exquisite atmosphere highlights fashion and vitality , Present a simple, powerful and relaxed impression of hardliners .

Galloping T99 Continue to use T family “ Ring 、 thin 、 light 、 suspension ” Interior style , The full LCD instrument panel is connected with the central control screen to form a joint screen design , Full of sense of technology . With three spoke multifunction steering wheel and touch air conditioning control panel , Make the luxury inside the new car show , Large area soft material package , Create a luxurious texture . In space , New car 2870mm Long wheelbase , Bring super large space for leapfrog enjoyment .

As a “ Hardline car ”, Power control is of course the top priority ., Galloping T99 carrying 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 165kW, Peak torque reached 340Nm, matching 6AT/8AT transmission , Light start 、 Acceleration is strong , The fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is only 7.9L. Besides , Front and rear independent suspension and 192mm Hardline off-road level ground clearance , It has good handling and trafficability , At the same time, it benefits from the vehicle damping system with multi wheel adjustment ,NVH Performance is optimized , The overall tranquility is greatly improved . so to speak , Galloping T99 Achieved power 、 The best balance between stability and tranquility .

In terms of intelligence , Galloping T99 carrying Dlife 5.0 Intelligent networking system , Have 6 Big picture 、24 This application , The recognition rate of voice manipulation is as high as 98%, It can not only allow users to remotely control at home at any time 、 Car home Internet , It can also be carried out during driving AR Live navigation , Let users enter the immersive scene experience . During the on-site interaction , Zhu Yawen also personally experienced voice control “ Turn on the air conditioning ” The function of , Galloping T99 The air conditioning system immediately sent a cool breeze .

It is worth noting that , Galloping T99 Air conditioning system , Carrying “ Super filter element ” Air purification function , And passed the China Automobile Research Institute CN95 Health cabin certification . The system has 8 Layer filter structure and 5 Core technology , It can effectively remove suspended particles and gaseous pollutants , Efficient removal of PM2.5, Decompose the tail gas 、 formaldehyde 、TVOC, Mildew proof, antibacterial, etc , It can play a good protective role .

security , The new car uses L2.5 Intelligent driving assistant system , Through multiple technology blessings , Make the vehicle run smoothly on the set cruise coefficient , Make travel more comfortable . in addition , The new car adopts a strong reinforced type 3H structure , At the same time, the whole vehicle is equipped with 6 airbag , Comprehensive protection of passengers in the vehicle , We should be prepared for the future . It is worth mentioning that , Galloping T99 stay 2021 The first batch of C-NCAP In the test , Five star safety certification . Galloping T99 Performance in safety assurance and health protection ,“ Hardline defenders ” The title of is well deserved .

2022 Pentium T99 On the basis of cash products , Through five modeling changes such as appearance and interior decoration , Further defend the hard line style of the new car , Improve user perception and product experience , Bring new choices with more value . New cars are added by 6AT Whole system body color , Enhance visual integrity ; Piano black digital raindrop front grille , More majestic momentum ; Sports seats in leather with stitching , Very soft and wrapping ; Two color interior color matching , Create a strong sense of sophistication and delicacy ; Phoenix pattern welcome floor lamp and threshold decoration , More highlight the user's sense of dignity .

At the same time, the new car is still under exploration 、 Many new function configurations , From the riding comfort that users are most concerned about 、 Improve driving safety, etc , Such as driver's seat memory 、 Seat air supply 、 The driver's seat slides back automatically 、 Blind spot prompt / Doubling the auxiliary 、 The exterior rearview mirror has the functions of automatic reverse turning down and following rotation , Let users enjoy more leapfrog configurations and functions at a lower price , Further consolidate its “ Five flagship of wisdom SUV” The value of the product .

The majestic and strong appearance 、 A wide and comfortable space for hardliners 、 Full dimensional hard core security and strong trafficability . The new car shows the medium and large-scale of China's independent brands with hard core strength SUV Innovation strength and competitiveness , Become a large and medium-sized enterprise with its own brand SUV Value benchmark , Bring a strong sense of security and reliability to family Travel , Provide more powerful travel guarantee and relaxed and comfortable driving experience .

Last , Zhu Yawen said :“ Tough look 、 Hardline space 、 Hard core security . Galloping T99 The identity of this hardline defender , fully deserve !”

Protection of rights and interests , Advanced service , To a better life

Excellent products make users excited , High quality service moves users . except 13.49 From ten thousand yuan “ Hardline prices ”, When buying a car, you can enjoy the four hard core luxury gifts , Include :

Hard core cash gift : Supreme 2 Ten thousand yuan cash gift ;

Exclusive replacement gift : Supreme 2 10000 yuan replacement subsidy ;

Hard financial gifts : To enjoy 3 year 0 The interest rate ,8600 Yuan financial discount ;

Tough warranty gift : Enjoy a lifetime free vehicle warranty .

FAW Pentium wants what users want , It not only minimizes the threshold for users to buy a car , Also through the whole vehicle lifetime warranty, users can rest assured , It's true “ Everything for the customer , Everything serves customers , Everything is respectful to the customer “ Idea , Let users always enjoy the value-added rights and benefits and surprises brought by the brand .

besides , FAW Pentium also provides users with industry-leading services “518” Service rights , Include 30 Return and exchange for free every day 、 The whole vehicle is guaranteed for life +5 Free engine oil and other service experience and value-added rights , It covers the user's purchase of a car 、 The car 、 The scene of raising a car , Truly committed , guaranteed , No worries , Committed to building a car with peace of mind 、 Don't worry about buying a car 、 It's easy to repair the car 、 A new and considerate service experience for car maintenance .

FAW Pentium fully implemented “ Focus on user experience ” Service concept , Through service innovation , Strengthen service rights , Build a service bridge with care measures , Connecting customers , Moving customers , Build the whole cycle 、 comprehensive 、 The whole process of service ecology , Establish a new benchmark of automobile service Ecology .

We have reason to believe that , rely on 2022 Pentium T99 Hard core quality and rejuvenation upgrade , And represented by Zhu Yawen, the spokesman of FAW Pentium “ Hardline spirit ” More deeply rooted . With “ Hardline defenders ” Pentium in the name of T99 With flagship strength and flagship quality , Protect users' beautiful car life , Continue to create surprises for users .

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