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Honda, Toyota, be careful! 12.3-inch large screen + blackened sports kit, a new Geely color

2021-08-26 06:50:30 Morning tea

8 month 14 Japan , Geely xinbinyue is also officially listed , Pricing for 7.58-11.98 ten thousand , The new car is the medium-term modified model of Binyue . Bingyue is a very popular small SUV, It has been on the market for less than three years , Sales have exceeded 35 Thousands of cars . The appearance and interior of this modified model have been changed , What specific changes have taken place , Let's take a look .

The appearance design of the new car is more radical than cash , The front face adopts a honeycomb blackened air inlet grille ,LED The headlights have also been redesigned , In conjunction with the lower trapezoidal air intake grille 、 Exaggerated air inlet and carbon fiber front lip , The whole front face shows X The shape design of , The sense of movement has been improved , Visual impact is also strong .

Xinbingyue is positioned as a small SUV, Its body size is 4330*1800*1609mm, The wheelbase is 2600mm, The body uses a two-color splicing design , The window line is decorated with chrome trim strips , The roof is also suspended , dingy 18 Inch wheels with red sports calipers , Enhance the youthful breath of sports . The motion properties of the tail are more obvious , A high spoiler is used , Single layer and double layer options are available , The tail lamp is blackened around , The exhaust layout with two sides and four outlets is also adopted below , The whole creates a strong sports atmosphere .

interiors , It also adopts the color matching design of two colors , And appearance design can have a echo . The car is wrapped with a large area of soft materials , Decorate with metal matte brushed panel , It will look more exquisite . The new car is also equipped with a suspended 12.3 Inch center control screen 、 Moving the steering wheel 、Alcantara Material wrapped sports seats and 72 Light color atmosphere , It's not just a sense of movement , The sense of science and technology is also quite in place .

In space , The body size of the new car is consistent with that of the current model , So there is no improvement in spatial performance . As a small SUV, It doesn't have enough space in the back , But it won't be particularly crowded , The space in the trunk is relatively small , Fortunately, the rear seats can support putting down , This makes up for the small space in the trunk .

motivation , Gold Edition 、 The platinum and diamond versions are equipped with 1.4T Four cylinder engine , Maximum power is 104kW, The maximum torque is 235N·m, The match is 6 Manual or 6 Wet double clutch gearbox , and Battle edition 、 The glory version and Xingyao version are equipped with 1.5T Three cylinder engine , Maximum power is 130kW, The maximum torque is 255N·m, The match is 7 Wet double clutch gearbox .

The chassis of the new car adopts the front McPherson independent suspension , Rear torsion beam type independent suspension , In order to reflect the sports attributes of bingyue , It also adds track mode and ejection start function .

Conclusion : Xinbingyue's design emphasizes the style of young sports , Although it's a mid-term model , But the change is not small , And its price is not high , Cost performance is very high , But high configuration models use three cylinder engines instead , Maybe many friends will mind , But its overall product power is very good , Competitors directly aimed at Honda's XR-V And Toyota C-HR, The new Geely Binyue is better in both appearance and product power .

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