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Lexus UX special edition model is released, and your appearance is still online. Are you excited?

2021-08-26 06:57:05 Youshi automobile

lexus , As Toyota's luxury car brand , It can be said that it is deeply sought after and loved by many people at home and abroad , In our domestic market , Some of its models need “ premium ” To buy , even so , Many Chinese still love it , thus it can be seen , Its position in our people's mind . recently , Lexus released two UX Special Edition , Respectively UX200(250h)F SPORT Style Blue Version and UX250h Elegant Black edition , For its emergence , What are the highlights ? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it .

( lexus UX250h F SPORT Style Blue Special edition )

( lexus UX250h Elegant Black edition )

As a compact in the family SUV, They are in modeling design , They all use family design language , The iconic spindle air inlet grille on the front face , Great brand recognition , Plus the long, narrow and sharp headlights on both sides , So that the whole looks very young and dynamic . It is worth mentioning that , In terms of price , lexus UX200 F SPORT Style Blue The price of the version is about RMB 27.6 Ten thousand yuan ;UX250h F SPORT Style Blue The price is about RMB 29.7 ten thousand -31.3 Ten thousand yuan .UX250h Elegant Black The price of the version is about RMB 28.8 ten thousand -30.3 Ten thousand yuan , For such a price range , I don't know what you think ?

As for interior decoration , The new car looks very simple , The layout of the central control area is clear and regular , There are not too many complicated designs , Large LCD touch screen , To a certain extent, it has improved the due sense of science and Technology , Large area soft material package , Add chrome embellishment , And the stitching of details , So as to make the whole look very comfortable and warm . For such an interior atmosphere , Compared with luxury models of the same level , Xiaobian personally thinks that the luxury of the interior is not prominent enough , I wonder if you think so .

motivation , lexus UX Special edition available 2.0L Naturally aspirated engines and 2.0L The engine + Hybrid system composed of motor , Transmission in , And what matches that is CVT Stepless gearbox /E-CVT Stepless gearbox . As a compact luxury SUV, lexus UX The special edition of beauty really doesn't have to say , It is completely in line with the aesthetics of most people today , For its price range , What do you think ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .( eighteen / edit )

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