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The new Buick Willan Pro / Pro GS, officially launched on September 10, is equipped with a 1.5T four cylinder engine

2021-08-26 06:57:11 Youshi automobile

In our domestic auto market , The competition for compact sedans has always been very fierce , After all , In the face of huge market share , Which car company doesn't want a share ? recently , Xiao Bian learned from SAIC GM Buick official , Beechville Pro And Willan Pro GS Pre sale is now open , however , The pre-sale did not announce the pre-sale price , Just released a series of preferential policies , Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it .

First of all, in terms of modeling design , Beechville Pro And Becquerel Veron Pro GS They all use family design language , among , Wei long Pro Flying wing chrome plated decorative air inlet grille , Perfectly with both sides LED The headlight groups are connected to each other , It looks very young and fashionable , Compared with willand Pro, Wei long Pro GS The blackened air intake grille in front , And blackening treatment on some details , Make it look more dynamic . It is worth mentioning that , According to the official news , The new car will be in 2021 year 9 month 10 Official listing , And during the pre-sale period , Order and enjoy 5 Thousand arrival 2 Ten thousand “ Happy Pro Car purchase gift ”, For such preferential policies , I wonder if you are excited ?

As for interior decoration , The new car adopts an encircling layout design , And equipped with 10.25 Inch through all-in-one screen , The layout of the central control area is clear and concise , Large area soft material package , Add chrome embellishment , It feels very classy , The new car is also equipped with Buick eConnect 3.0 Intelligent Interconnect System , Multi screen linkage will be supported 、 Intelligent split screen, etc , So as to further enhance the overall scientific and technological atmosphere .

motivation , The new car will carry a 1.5T Four cylinder engine , Transmission in , And what matches that is CVT Stepless gearbox , Maximum power accessible 135 kw , The maximum torque is 250 cattle · rice , Compared to the cash model , The power of the new car has been significantly improved . As a joint venture compact family sedan , The new car is not only in styling design but also in power performance , Every aspect of the performance was pretty good , Official listing in the future , As long as the price is right , I believe it will be sought after by many people , Regarding this , What do you think ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .( eighteen / edit )

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