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The perfect combination of retro, personality and sports EULA cat GT Mulan version is pre sold for 138000 yuan

2021-08-26 07:02:22 EV Century

8 month 20 Japan , Euler is a good cat GT Mulan version officially opened for pre-sale , The pre-sale price is 13.8 Ten thousand yuan . The new car is made from Euler's good cat. It looks more sporty 、 A more powerful product . The appearance of the new car has been modified in detail , Make this car look more sporty , At the same time, the power system has also been upgraded , The maximum power of the motor has been increased to 126kW, The maximum torque is increased to 250N·m, It only needs 6.9 second .

Euler is a good cat GT The appearance of Mulan version adopts “ Retro future ” Design style of , The whole is mainly rounded lines . ellipse “ Frog eye ” The headlamp set is matched with the shoulder lines raised on both sides , It smells like a vintage car . The front face also uses a grid free design with obvious electrification characteristics , Make the whole front look very integral .

Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan front bumper has a new design , Compared with the previous round modeling style, it looks more three-dimensional . On both sides of the bumper L Type tusk trim , It makes the structural level of the body shape richer 、 The front face also becomes more fierce . In terms of details, it is equipped with scale raised shape , Make the area more three-dimensional . In addition, a touch of red at the bottom of the bumper renders the sports style of the vehicle more in place .

The headlight adopts a round design , The daytime running lights are also in a circular shape , After the turn signal lamp is turned on, the daytime running lamp can also be used as a turn signal lamp . In the middle of the headlamp is a high and low beam integrated lens , The internal one is LED The light source . A circle of chrome plated decoration is also designed around the headlights ,EV You think this is the finishing touch , Not only makes the outline of the headlight clearer , At the same time, it also improves the delicacy of the front face .

The side is also a more rounded design style , No obvious waistline , It just makes the side more layered through the uneven shape , Good cat GT The Mulan version adds the wheel eyebrow decorated with carbon fiber . Body size , Good cat GT The length, width and height of the Magnolia version are 4254*1848*1596mm, The wheelbase 2650mm, Located at A0 Class a pure electric car .

The charging jack of the vehicle is designed on the front fender , left ( Facing the vehicle ) It is a DC fast charging interface , On the right is the AC slow charging interface . Charging time , AC charging maximum support 6.6kW, Full of needs 8 Hours . DC charging 30-80% need 30 minute .

The rear of the car also looks very simple , The full and round shape is very consistent with the front design . Another highlight of the tail is the light group , Euler, a good cat will LED The tail light group is hidden inside the rear windshield , Make the rear of the car look more personalized . The rear bumper of the vehicle has also been redesigned , And the spoiler decoration is added at the bottom , The red protrusion is like a cat scratch , Not only does it look more athletic , It also has more contact with cats .

Good cat GT The Mulan version adds a larger tail , A hollowed out design is adopted above , Very sporty . At the same time, red is also used in the hollowed out position , Make the whole tail look more three-dimensional . Details , There are red on the side of the tail GT identification , Showing people who they are .

The hub size has reached 18 " , The modeling uses the concept of cat claw , The color of aluminum alloy material itself and the design of surrounding protrusions are very mechanical . Contrast embellishment and red calipers , Looks more fighting . The tyres are the same as those of the regular model , Equipped with Jiatong Comfort Series tires , The main product is comfortable and quiet , Size is 225/50 R18 The market price is 500 yuan .

Euler is a good cat G Mulan Edition T The interior is basically the same as that of the ordinary model , A combination of retro and modern design is adopted , The first thing that comes into view is the large through central control screen , What highlights is the sense of Modernity , The button adopts a mellow and textured retro paddle , Very stylish . Differences ,GT Mulan version models use a more sporty red and black matching style .

Materials , The red materials on the door panel and central control are soft materials , The black and red covers above the center console are made of suede , Not only the texture , It also avoids reflection under the sun , At the same time, the sewing process improves the interior grade .

The steering wheel has a double spoke design , Black and red color matching is also used , And there are silver decorations next to and at the bottom of the steering wheel multifunction buttons , Good texture . The large central control screen and LCD instrument are of through design , Instrument panel size 7 Inch , The display effect is very delicate . Functionally , The LCD instrument panel can display the endurance 、 Vehicle voltage 、 Power navigation and other information , Information about intelligent assisted driving is also displayed in the instrument .

On the right is the large multimedia screen , Its size reaches 10.25 Inch , Its system is similar to that of Great Wall Motors H6 And other models are almost the same , Functionally, there is voice interaction 、 Vehicle settings 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 Navigation and music .

A row of physical keys are also designed under the central control screen , The shape of the classic chrome plated paddle is very stylish both in appearance and operation .

The seat is wrapped in two-color leather , The matching of red and black is consistent with the color of the center console , It also reflects the sense of movement , In addition, we noticed that the vehicle also used a red seat belt , And on the four headrests of the vehicle “GT” Letter . Seat function ,GT The Mulan version is not only equipped with the main engine / Co pilot electric adjustment , It also has front seat heating 、 ventilation . What's more surprising is , It even has a seat massage function , This configuration is unique in the same level .

Power is also a good cat GT One of the highlights of the Mulan version , The maximum power of its motor has been increased to 126kW, The maximum torque is increased to 250N·m( The maximum power of the ordinary model 105kW, Maximum torque 210N·m). Its 0-50KM/h Speed up 3.4s,0-100KM/h Speed up 6.9S.

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with ORA-Launch+ Launch start , When driving the vehicle away , stay sport In mode , The driver depresses the brake pedal and accelerator pedal at the same time , When the instrument prompts “ Ejection mode activated ”, The motor can achieve the maximum torque in an instant 250N.m, Release the brakes , You can experience a more enjoyable acceleration experience .

Intelligent driving , New cars can be equipped with ORA-Pilot3.0 Intelligent autopilot assist system , The hardware part includes Intel MobileyeQ4 Autopilot chip , Vehicle 2 A high-precision millimeter wave radar ,12 A high-precision ultrasonic radar ,6 An intelligent driving high perception camera ,GPS+ Beidou high precision positioning system . It can be realized at present L2 Level intelligent assisted driving .

summary : The appearance of Euler good cat has been a very personalized product in pure electric vehicles , And this time GT The model has been upgraded on the original basis . Although Euler is a global car brand that loves women more , But we believe that Euler through a good cat GT Mulan version of this model can definitely eat all men and women . In terms of selling price , The new car is basically the same as the ordinary model , Combination of vehicle configuration and power upgrade , It can be said that the quantity is increased without price increase .

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