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Invincible within 500000? Analysis of krypton zeekr 001 three electric system

2021-08-26 07:02:26 EV Century

As the first product of Geely Group's new high-end new energy brand, krypton automobile ,ZEEKR 001 It is a rare domestic independent brand pure electric vehicle that is popular in the first place . Through the manipulation of consumer demand , And the leapfrog performance of the comprehensive strength of its own products ,ZEEKR 001 Only two months after opening the reservation , Just announce 2021 The annual deliverable orders are all sold out . In the end in 7 month 20 The official lock list is close to 5000 platform , The average single car price exceeds 33 Ten thousand yuan , There are a large number of loyal users who are ready to sell .

Get such impressive results , In addition to traditional design 、 Configure selling points , The core three electric system of electric vehicles is also ZEEKR 001 The very attractive part of the body .Ni55+ Single crystal high voltage cell 、 High speed hairpin winding motor 、 It's completely self-developed BMS Systems, etc ,ZEEKR 001 It has extremely strong comprehensive strength in core technology , stay 30 All level 、 even to the extent that 50 It's hard to find an enemy within ten thousand yuan .

“ Movement ” High safety battery pack

Earlier, in order to pursue the ultimate energy density and comply with the subsidy policy , Many OEMs are strong NCM811( The nickel cobalt manganese ratio is 8:1:1) High nickel cell , Although a higher energy density is obtained , But security has been questioned , It also caused many spontaneous combustion accidents caused by out of control heat . Now, most new energy main engine plants have returned 5 system 、6 It is a ternary lithium battery . High nickel can obviously improve the energy density of ternary batteries , But after reducing the proportion of cobalt and manganese , The thermal stability of the cell is relatively uncontrollable .

ZEEKR 001 Of Ni55+ Single crystal high voltage cell is 5 A battery , Just compared with ordinary 523 series , Its technical content is higher , Better thermal stability and cycling capacity .Ni55+ Cathode material for single crystal high voltage cell ( Nickel cobalt manganese ) The ratio is 55:12:33, Excellent combination of safety performance and battery energy density performance . meanwhile ,Ni55+ The cell is a single crystal structure without grain boundary , The thermal stability of the cell is improved in material , So as to improve the cycle stability of the cell , Effectively reduce the risk of thermal runaway . And advanced technology is used when the cells are grouped 、 Efficient large module scheme , Greatly improve space utilization and group efficiency , The system energy density is in the first echelon .

Besides ,ZEEKR 001 The battery pack also uses a number of safety protection technologies , Achieve overall no heat spread and no fire . It includes an integrated cast aluminum high-strength lightweight battery pack lower shell ,360° Protect against collision at any angle ; Aviation grade insulation film , Completely isolate the heat of the runaway cell ; Multiple explosion-proof valves and balance valves , Block inside and drain outside ; Since the research BMS Battery management system , Real-time monitoring 、 Protect 、 management 、 early warning ; Integrated active temperature control system , The cell always remains 15~39.8℃ The best working temperature .

Polar krypton automobile has carried out battery pack puncture experiment in China Automobile Research Center , After the steel needle penetrates , The maximum temperature of the short-circuit cell monomer is as high as 801℃, But through layers of protective systems , In the end, the battery pack only produces smoke , No fire 、 The battery pack is invisible . Finally, after a few hours , The smoke dissipated and the battery pack returned to normal .

With high safety, the movement battery pack also has excellent high efficiency . At present 400V Under voltage platform ,ZEEKR 001 The maximum charge discharge multiple of the battery pack can reach 2.2C, In self research, the charging power is up to 360kW On the pole filling pile , The maximum charging current is 500A about . Charging can be realized as soon as possible 5 minute , Supplementary energy 120km life ,SOC from 10% Charge to 80% Only 30 minute .

It is worth mentioning that ,ZEEKR 001 Two specifications of battery pack (86kWh and 100kWh), All adopt exactly the same safety protection and fast charging technology , There is no difference .

High efficiency flat wire three in one electric drive

ZEEKR 001 The total power of the front and rear dual motors of the dual motor version of the vehicle reaches 400kW(543 horsepower ), Maximum torque 768N·m, It takes only 100 kilometers to accelerate 3.8 second , Go as fast as you can 200km/h. The double permanent magnet synchronous motor adopts front and rear symmetrical layout , Compared to asynchronous + The synchronization scheme is efficient 、 Better performance .

Hundreds of people entered 4 The acceleration performance in seconds is enough to match that of a million class sports car , And domestic pure electric vehicles can achieve 200km/h Grade , In addition to the previous Weilai car , That is ZEEKR 001 了 .

The greatest contributor to its brilliant performance is its highly efficient and highly integrated three in one electric drive system ,ZEEKR 001 Like many mainstream electric vehicles, our electric drive system uses motors 、 Integrated layout of motor controller and high voltage module , It can effectively improve power density and driving efficiency , The motor efficiency is up to 97.86%. The difference is , Its driving motor adopts the current maximum speed 16500r/min Permanent magnet synchronous motor , Compared with , Other domestic models of the same level are generally in 14000r/min about .

In addition, the motor also rarely uses Hair pin Hairpin winding technology , The stator is rectangular 8 Layer hairpin flat wire winding , Increased slot fullness and improved power and heat dissipation .

The stacking of extremely advanced materials in addition to intuitive data , And stability , Polar krypton 001 Can be continuous 8 Secondary maximum power starting without attenuation 、 continuity 12 Secondary limit braking without attenuation ,100km/h-0 The braking distance is only 34.5 rice .

In order to further improve efficiency and ensure winter mileage ,ZEEKR 001 The whole system is equipped with direct heat pump system as standard , Can directly add... For users 80 Km winter range . High temperature and high pressure refrigerant direct heating technology , comparison PTC The energy consumption of heating in winter decreases 50%, Heating speed increased 35%, Winter endurance is improved 15%.

Editor's summary : With the advent of the era of automobile electrification , With batteries 、 The motor 、 Three electricity technology with electronic control technology as the core value , It will become the main source of competitiveness of enterprises in the new energy vehicle market , It is also the basic skill required to respond to the continuous upgrading and iteration of new energy vehicles . Polar krypton “ Xinsandian ” Based on the stringent unified standards of extreme krypton , From battery cell to battery pack to vehicle system level safety , The whole link from energy supplement to output to drive and recovery is efficient , This is krypton's R & D and ⽣ To invest tirelessly in ⼊, So as to lay the foundation for ZEEKR 001“ Xinsandian ” Leading edge .

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