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Guinness Seth released the gv60 pure electric crossover vehicle, and the endurance is expected to exceed 600km

2021-08-26 07:02:32 EV Century

In recent days, , Janice Seth, a luxury brand of Hyundai Motor Group, has released a pure electric crossover vehicle based on a pure electric platform GV60. by the advices , This is the brand's first product developed based on pure electric platform , The new car is expected to be launched soon , However, Hyundai said that this model is mainly aimed at the European market , At present, there is no detailed information on when to introduce it into China .

aesthetic ,GV60 It continues the Denise family design language , Make the whole car look sporty and elegant . The front part of the car , The new car uses the split headlamp design , It looks very recognizable .

As a pure electric vehicle ,GV60 There is no closed grid design , But under the front of the car , Designed a more sporty grille , This design makes GV60 Looks more athletic , At the same time, it can also improve the cooling efficiency of the high-voltage battery at the bottom of the vehicle .

We can see the details of the front of the car , The front engine compartment cover of the new car also uses “ Flip hood ”, Integrate the front engine compartment cover and front fender . This design technique is also used in the brand-new of Mercedes Benz EQS Appears on the model , It can make the front of the car look more fashionable .

Side design ,GV60 Used a sedan SUV Design method of , The shape of sliding back makes it look very sporty . In addition to C A special chrome plated broken line is also designed at the column position , Make it look very characteristic , Details , This model also uses hidden door handles and streaming mirrors .

The rounded rear makes it echo with the front , The split rear tail lamp design also follows the family style , In addition, a tail wing is added to the vehicle , A through tail lamp is also designed above .

Interior design ,GV60 It continues the luxurious interior style of the Denise model . From the picture we can see , The new car has a blue and gray design , The large blue leather package makes it look very advanced . There are silver multifunction buttons above the two spoke steering wheel . In terms of details , The new car also uses a dual large screen on the center console , Add a sense of technology to the luxurious interior atmosphere .

In fact, it can be seen from the design style of the whole interior , The vehicle is mainly composed of circular elements , Including driving mode adjustment 、 The sound panel and door handle are circular elements . Another detail to focus on is , The new car adds a star electronic shift device in the central control area of the driver and co driver , The driver can intuitively see the current gear and driving mode .

kia EV6 dynamic system

motivation , At present, the official has not released the information of this vehicle , But officials say , This model is based on the... Of Hyundai Group E-GMP Built from pure electric platform , Previously Kia EV6 The model has been equipped with 77.4kWh The battery ,GV60 The power battery capacity is higher , The new car's endurance will exceed 600 km .

kia EV6 The model seeks to provide a variety of power versions , Including 4WD and 2WD models , and EV6 GT-line The most powerful version of the model needs only... To accelerate 100 kilometers 5.2 second , So we judge GV60 Will also have a very good dynamic performance .

by the advices ,GV60 Will be the first to launch in Europe . Denise said , Will be the first to launch in Europe G80 New soon after pure electric GV60 It will also launch . Earlier, Janice Seth promised , Three pure electric models will be launched to the European market within one year , We judge that soon, except G80 and GV60 outside , There will also be a new pure electric vehicle to meet us .

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