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L5 level automatic driving is coming: Baidu released the "radish run" service platform for car robots and unmanned vehicles

2021-08-26 07:02:35 EV Century

With the continuous improvement of Baidu automotive robot technology 、 Baidu Apollo The exploration of automatic driving and intelligent road continues to deepen ,AI The day of technology subversion travel is approaching .

“ not The coming car will become a car robot , In the future, robots will look like a car .”

8 month 18 Japan , In Baidu and CCTV news jointly held “AI In this era , Stars and sea —— Baidu World Conference 2021” On , Baidu founder 、 Robin Li, chairman and chief executive officer, first proposed “ Car robot ” Forward looking concept , And released Baidu “ Car robot ” And unmanned vehicle travel service platform “ Radish, run ”.

Baidu, as the leader of automatic driving in China , It has experienced 8 The development of , Its Baidu Apollo It has entered the stage of large-scale commercial operation from the stage of technical verification .

Baidu released “ Car robot ” With automatic gull wing door , And integrate the all glass roof with the external sensor , The whole exudes a strong sense of future science and Technology .

The steering wheel of a traditional car is cancelled in the car 、 Pedal, etc , Instead, a large curved screen 、 Smart console 、 Dimming glass 、 Intelligent configuration such as zero gravity seat .

Functional aspects , Baidu auto robot can serve people through triple ability : First have L5 Class a autonomous driving ability , Not only does it not require human driving , And safer than human driving ; Secondly, it has voice 、 Multimode interaction capabilities such as face recognition , Analyze the potential needs of users , Proactive service ; In addition, automotive robots also have the ability of self-learning and continuous upgrading , It is an intelligent body serving various scenarios .

Of course , The auto robot released by Baidu is still a relatively advanced technology , To achieve popularization, we need to collect more application data in the field of unmanned technology for iteration .

Regarding this , Baidu also released a newly upgraded unmanned car travel service platform at the conference —— Radish, run .

As of the first half of this year , Baidu Apollo The self driving travel service has received more than 40 Thousands of people , Test mileage over 1400 Thousands of kilometers , The number of automatic driving patents exceeds 2900 Pieces of , And has been in Beijing 、 Guangzhou 、 Changsha 、 Four cities in Cangzhou have opened manned Services .

Baidu's radish run , Combined with the Apollo Operational practices over the past two years , It can provide commercial operation and diversified value-added services to the public . Run through the radish , Users can experience the prototype Baidu of automobile robot in the corresponding area Apollo Unmanned vehicle .

In recent years , Intelligence has become the hot spot of competition in the automotive industry . Senior vice president of Baidu group 、 Li Zhenyu, general manager of intelligent driving business group, said :“ Autonomous driving ability has become the decisive highland of intelligent vehicles .” After years of technical accumulation , Baidu Apollo Continuously release the core advantages of automatic driving to the field of automotive intelligence , Power assisted vehicle enterprises build intelligent vehicles with sustainable evolution ability , Provide users with “ Don't worry about driving ”“ Parking is easy ”“ The car is pleasant ” Smart car experience .

Baidu Apollo Pilot assistance ANP Products and autonomous parking AVP product , At present, it has been able to achieve full coverage from driving area to parking area , Let users travel safely , Worry free parking . meanwhile , The small assistant car version has the ability of scene service , According to the user's preferences and needs , Temperature is provided 、 Intelligent travel service with emotion .

With the continuous improvement of vehicle end intelligence , Want to achieve smart travel , It is also required that the road section can provide feedback and support for intellectualization . Regarding this , Baidu Apollo It has also been committed to realizing the intellectualization of all elements of transportation .

at present , Baidu is already in Baoding 84 It's deployed at an intersection AI Intelligent information control system , Formed one by one “ Green belt ” The average travel time of the vehicle is reduced by about 20%. meanwhile , Baidu ACE Intelligent transportation engine is deeply cultivating intelligent networking 、 Intelligent traffic control 、 Smart speed 、 Smart parking multiple tracks , Relevant achievements have been in Beijing 、 Guangzhou 、 Shanghai 、 Chongqing near 30 Many cities have landed .

Now? , Baidu Apollo By autopilot 、 Car intelligence 、 Intelligent transportation three major services , Lead the intelligent transformation of automobile and transportation industry , Provide safer travel 、 More efficient 、 A greener experience . I believe that with the continuous improvement of Baidu auto robot , And Baidu Apollo Continuous exploration and upgrading of automatic driving technology and intelligent road construction , We from AI The day when technology subverts the way of travel is getting closer .

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