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Delivery starts next year and Cadillac lyriq will start booking on September 18

2021-08-26 07:02:43 EV Century

According to foreign media reports , The first pure electric model of GM Cadillac brand Lyriq Will be in 9 month 18 Start to accept reservations on .Lyriq Positioning high-end luxury pure electric crossover vehicle , Modeling avant-garde technology , It is equipped with front and rear dual motors with maximum power 254kW(340 horsepower )、 Maximum torque 440Nm,100kWh The battery pack can be used in WLTC Provide... Under working conditions 483km Comprehensive range of .

According to GM's official plan , New car will be on the 2022 Delivery began in the second quarter of 2013 .

GM President Mark · Ruth was in 2019 Revealed to the outside world in , Cadillac brand will only produce electric vehicles in the future . We would have thought it was a joke , But Rory, vice president of Cadillac · Harvey said at a press conference recently , Cadillac will give up the internal combustion engine in the future , In the first pure electric vehicle Lyriq After launch , In the future, every product launched by Cadillac will be electric . That means , The newly launched Cadillac fuel vehicle products will not be replaced , At present, these products may be the last Cadillac with internal combustion engine that we can buy .

Back to Cadillac Lyriq above , The new car is obviously more avant-garde than the models currently on sale , More in line with the characteristics of the electric age , At the same time, the classic diamond cutting design elements of Cadillac brand have also been well preserved , We can still clearly see from the front and rear light groups that this is a Cadillac model .

In terms of interior design, Cadillac Lyriq There are also many highlights , The first is to design an integrated on the center console 33 Inch diagonal big screen , Extend from the left side of the centre console to the center right , The interior combines the combination instrument and infotainment functions , The design of the surface makes it look very advanced . The steering wheel is made of wood and leather , To highlight the sense of luxury . In addition, piano baking paint is added to the overall central control panel and armrest platform , And the aluminum material with more details after cutting highlights the advanced feeling .

In addition to these designs , Cadillac also revealed some Lyriq Configuration information . Except for the big screen , New cars come with them AKG 19 Sound system of loudspeaker and double view laser holography AR HUD,Super Cruise Technologies such as driver assistance will also be equipped with .

motivation ,Lyriq Will be equipped with a universal Ultium The battery pack , The total energy is up to 100kWh, Can provide WLTP Working condition 483 Kilometers of endurance . Consumers can choose a standard rear wheel drive layout or all wheel drive version , The maximum power of the dual motor all wheel drive version is 254kW(340 horsepower )、 Maximum torque 440Nm.

At the same time, Cadillac will launch maximum power 190kW DC fast charging public charging pile , about 10 Minutes can increase 120 Kilometers of endurance . For home charging ,Lyriq A will be provided 19.2kW The charging box , Energy supplement per hour is about 84 km .

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