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Tesla AI day: adhere to visual perception and use AI neural network technology to improve auxiliary driving ability

2021-08-26 07:02:51 EV Century

Beijing time. 8 month 20 Japan , Tesla held... At its headquarters in California “AI DAY”( Artificial intelligence day ), At the press conference , Tesla shows a new AI The latest development of neural network technology in the application of automatic driving , In addition, at this press conference , Tesla also revealed the self-developed supercomputer Dojo Product information , At the end of the press conference , Tesla also released AI robot Tesla Bot.

In this year 5 month , Musk once wrote that , The latest version of Tesla FSD Millimeter wave radar will be cancelled , Adopt pure visual perception scheme .

In order to realize more powerful intelligent driving assistance , Car companies are constantly working on vehicle hardware . Judging from the current market situation , At present, some models use millimeter wave radar to detect distance , Soon after, some models began to use lidar , However, Tesla has adopted a pure vision scheme when many car companies turn to lidar , And the standard hardware of millimeter wave radar has been cancelled on the latest models , Use only 8 A camera to realize Tesla's FSD function .

This operation also makes people particularly curious about Tesla's visual perception scheme , On this AI day , Tesla revealed its latest progress in the field of intelligent assisted driving . tesla AI person in charge Andrej Karpathy The scene shows how the driving assistance technology carries out image modeling through the camera , How to simulate the human brain to process images , And how to use images to identify different objects in the real world .

tesla AI person in charge Andrej Karpathy Express , In the past time , The whole team is constantly improving AI The performance of neural networks . According to the disclosure , Tesla's neural network is based on the way the eye perceives biological vision , Its visual processing strategy has experienced many years of iteration , Learning ability is not improving .

At present, Tesla redesigns and iterates the neural network , Multiple paths are used , This includes camera calibration 、 cache 、 Queue and optimize to simplify all tasks . Through the application of these technologies , Tesla's intelligent assisted driving vision solution will not rely on high-precision maps , When the vehicle is driving, the system will automatically draw a map to help the vehicle realize automatic driving . in addition to , Tesla's neural network system is also a hybrid planning system , When the vehicle is driving on the road, it can not only draw the picture , The vehicle can also judge the movement of pedestrians and how the surrounding vehicles drive , Make the operation in advance .

in addition , Behind Tesla's neural network system technology, there is a data labeling team of thousands of people , Various data such as roads can be 、 Environment and pedestrian data , In addition, we already have automatic marking technology , In this way, characteristic samples can be automatically selected to continuously update and optimize the automatic driving ability . Through these technologies , Tesla's visual perception scheme can quickly improve visual perception and decision-making ability , So as to improve the performance of the vehicle in automatic driving .

In addition to the progress in intelligent driving , Tesla also released Dojo supercomputer , The computer is also suitable for automatic driving neural network training and special envoy sample labeling . According to the introduction , To build this Dojo supercomputer , Tesla has developed D1 Supercomputing chip , This chip is made of 7nm Made by craft , It also has very strong performance . However, in Dojo In supercomputers , Adopted 3000 Such a chip , Calculate the force 1.1EFLOP(EFLOPS: Billions of floating-point operations per second ), The supercomputer is expected to be built next year .

stay AI DAY On , Tesla also released a robot , named Tesla Bot. This robot is about 1.72 rice , The weight is about 56.7kg, It is equipped with Tesla FSD On board computers 、Autopilot Cameras and 40 It consists of two micro motors . At the press conference , The robot also demonstrated a dance . It can also be seen by dancing and the robot going up and down the stage by itself , Tesla's achievements in visual perception .

Tesla officials say ,Tesla Bot Robots will be engaged in jobs that humans don't want to do in the future , For example, danger 、 Repetitive and boring work , In addition, at the scene , Tesla also conducted open recruitment , Some engineers will be recruited to develop AI technology , In the future, these technologies will be applied in more fields other than automobiles .

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