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2021 BMW Innovation Day | unveiling the underlying technology of BMW IX luxury digital travel experience

2021-08-26 07:04:42 EV Century

BMW group innovation flagship BMW iX It will land in the Chinese market within this year , As a master of BMW Group's new experience of luxury travel in the future ,BMW iX It integrates the design of BMW 、 Digital interconnection 、 The latest R & D achievements in strategic innovation fields such as electrification and automatic driving .

2021 During the Shanghai International Auto Show ,BMW iX Completed the first show in the Asian market ,7 In January, it was officially put into operation at BMW's dingfen factory in Germany , Prepare for upcoming delivery . BMW said earlier that BMW iX It will land in the Chinese market this year , As the delivery date approaches , BMW has also stepped up its communication offensive against this flagship model .

8 month 17 Day at the 2021 BMW Innovation Day , BMW China Digital R & D team shared the digital forward-looking strategy and R & D concept of BMW Group , Depth shows BMW iX Digital user experience and its underlying technology .

Gigabit Ethernet makes the new electronic and electrical architecture more efficient

Intelligent electric vehicle era , Car companies not to mind taking the trouble to emphasize the advanced nature of electronic and electrical architecture . Electronic and electrical architecture is the basis of intelligent and digital performance of a vehicle , Equivalent to the central nervous system of the vehicle .BMW iX A new generation of electronic and electrical architecture of BMW Group is adopted . Although BMW Group has not introduced this information in detail before , But one thing is for sure ,BMW iX The electronic and electrical architecture should be a centralized domain control structure .

With the improvement of intelligence and digitization ,BMW iX It's going to generate huge amounts of data . Whether it's the amount of data 、 Or processing speed , It must adopt a more efficient centralized electronic and electrical architecture , Not a distributed architecture .

According to introducing ,BMW iX Equip about 40 Two different sensors are used for various automation and driving assistance functions , The amount of data generated is currently BMW Mass production models 10-20 times . In order to ensure the efficiency of data processing , Its vehicle bus system uses Gigabit Ethernet to transmit data for the first time , The total transmission speed can reach... Per second 30Gbit,10 Times the transmission rate of previous 100M Ethernet .

Over Gigabit Ethernet , The data collected by each sensor of the vehicle will be quickly transmitted to high-performance computers in several domain controllers for processing , So as to ensure the security of various functions and the fluency of user experience .

5G The blessing Data transmission is faster and more reliable

BMW iX It is also the first in the world to adopt 5G Luxury cars with Internet technology .5G Faster data transfer , The average transmission rate reaches 100Mbit/s, The peak transmission rate is up to 10Gbit/s; At the same time, it has the characteristics of low delay and high reliability , It will greatly expand the possibility of vehicle interconnection with the outside world .

stay 5G With the help of Technology , Vehicle information processing 、 entertainment 、 Driving safety 、 There will be significant improvements and innovations in the autopilot function and experience . such as , In car voice conference will be replaced by HD video conference , Users can also watch in the car 4K/8K HD video , Play car online games , The vehicle's AR Live navigation 、 Remote driving , And the function and experience of vehicle road coordination in the future will be improved . adopt 5G The empowerment of Technology , Finally let every car BMW Cars have become intelligent 、 Interconnected mobile terminals .

Besides ,BMW iX It also uses eSIM(Embedded-SIM) technology , This is also the first application of this technology in the automotive industry .eSIM The concept is to combine traditional physics SIM The card is embedded directly into the device chip , Instead of being added to the equipment as a separate removable part , The user does not need to insert a physical SIM card . This technology allows users to choose operators more flexibly , Or without unlocking the device 、 Replace the operator on the premise of purchasing new equipment .

eSIM Embedded design will SIM The card is firmly integrated into the on-board communication module , Vehicle specification level embedded system SIM Cards don't because of extreme temperatures 、 humidity 、 Corrosion or turbulence affecting function and reliability . In terms of network selection , Users can also choose operators by themselves and OTA Download the card data of the selected operator into the card , To access the network of the selected operator .

It is worth noting that , BMW in China 5G Functional test verification overcomes many difficulties , Because of Chinese 5G There are many base stations , The location is widely distributed , And connect with three operators , There is no experience to learn from . according to the understanding of , BMW China team takes the lead 、 The multinational team has completed 5G Functional test and verification , Ensure the product quality , Realized 5G and eSIM On time delivery of .

UWB technology enables BMW Digital key Plus

BMW iX Will be equipped with... For the first time BMW Digital key Plus, Users can safely unlock and start the car without taking out their mobile phone . The underlying technology behind this feature is UWB (UWB,Ultra Wide Band) Digital radio technology .

UWB This short distance 、 Ultra wideband digital radio technology with high bandwidth has high positioning accuracy 、 High safety 、 Low power consumption 、 Strong anti-interference performance 、 Characteristics that are not easy to intercept . It doesn't use sinusoidal carriers , Instead, we use nanosecond non sinusoidal narrow pulse to transmit data , Its positioning accuracy can reach 1-2 centimeter .UWB Technology also has strong penetration ability , It can be accurately located indoors and underground .

When the digital key is away from the vehicle 3 When rice , The vehicle is awakened , headlight 、 Soft lights will light up in the tail lights and cabin , And light up the welcome light blanket . To 1.5 Minet , Unlock the vehicle and open the exterior mirrors . The driver opens the door , The vehicle can activate the seat and heating functions , The surface display plays the welcome animation , The vehicle system will load the driver's personal settings .

2018 year , BMW has launched a near-field communication technology (NFC) The first generation of digital keys , The user only needs to put the authorized smartphone close to the door handle to unlock the vehicle .2020 The second generation of digital keys was launched in , This is the world's first model based on CCC 2.0 Standard products , For Apple iphone Mobile phones and apple watches , Removal iPhone Open the door , Start the vehicle , Also added a friend sharing function , Owners can work with up to 5 Share permissions with friends .

Compared with the previous two generations , Third generation digital keys Plus It's a better experience , Users can unlock the vehicle without taking out their mobile phone .

BMW Group said , The future will continue with apple and CCC( Global car Federation ,Car Connectivity Consortium) close cooperation , Jointly establish a digital key system based on UWB technology 3.0 Version specification , Set new technical standards for the global automotive industry .

Close to the needs of Chinese users Create a new digital experience

BMW iX The pioneer digital experience takes the lead in carrying a new generation of BMW Group BMW iDrive Human computer interaction system , Bring seamlessly connected Pioneer digital experience . It is worth noting that , China is the world's most important market for BMW Group , It is also a leading market for the development of automotive digitization , A whole new generation BMW iDrive In the research and development process, we have adopted the suggestions of many Chinese users .

In the past 15 months , The BMW Group usability research team aims at the new generation BMW iDrive Of HMI The human-computer interaction system has been completed nearly in China 700 Hours of interviews , In other countries and regions, it has accumulated more than 4000 Hours .

In the Chinese market BMW iDrive The system has been deeply customized according to the needs of Chinese users , With QQ Music as an example , Deep customization integration will make BMW The design language is highly consistent across all interfaces , from iDrive home page 、QQ Music widget to QQ Various functional interfaces of music . Play the page in 15 Seconds without operation, it will enter the immersive player , The album cover color will form a perfect color rendering with the screen . meanwhile ,QQ Music from 2021 year 7 It's coming online in June BMW Exclusive song list ——BMW Select private , by Bimmer Create a song list with exclusive brand tone .

Besides , For the younger user groups in China , BMW's intelligent personal assistant in China (IPA) It adopts character design customized for Chinese users , And provide two kinds of BMW customized sound for men and women . China's intelligent personal assistant has many special skills , For example, the function of festival colored eggs on traditional Chinese festivals .“ Tencent small scene ” and “ Wechat car version ” in BMW iDrive The system is the most powerful embodiment of BMW meeting the exclusive needs of Chinese customers .

according to the understanding of , BMW Group in the world , The largest R & D system outside Germany has been established in China , In Beijing, 、 Shanghai and Shenyang have set up three R & D centers , And Lingyue 、 BMW Chengmai two digital companies form together “3+2” R & D network , At present, it has 1500 Many R & D personnel .

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