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The appearance and interior decoration of the new Lexus es are slightly adjusted / sold from 294900

2021-08-26 07:06:04 Vehicle vision technology

Beijing time. 8 month 16 Japan , Medium term change to Lexus ES The model is officially on the market , New car launches 10 models , Price range: 29.49-48.89 Ten thousand yuan .

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1. The overall design of the new car has not changed , The details have been adjusted

2. The new car still offers three power options

aesthetic , The lines in the spindle shaped air inlet grille are blackened , Compared with the models on sale , The density becomes more sparse . The interior of the headlamp unit has been redesigned , The overall shape is still full of sports . in addition ,ES 300h The model was launched for the first time F SPORT Level , Two metallic colors have also been added .

The side of the new car doesn't change much , The straight waistline looks very simple . The Silver Multi spoke rim looks very exquisite , It also fits the positioning of this model .

The changes at the rear of the car focus on the tail lights , The interior is blackened , With the tail wing on the rear compartment lid , Make it look more like a sports car . meanwhile , The new car adopts a hidden exhaust layout , Maintain the integrity of the rear .

Into the car , The interior of the new car still continues the family design , It presents an atmospheric and elegant style . The change lies in the details of the central control panel and the air outlet area below , Touch function is added to the central control screen , If you don't watch carefully , It's hard to find. .

motivation , New cars continue to be launched 3 Power Options , Among them, the fuel version has 2.0L and 2.5L Two engines , The former has maximum horsepower 173Ps, Maximum torque 208N·m, matching CVT transmission ; The latter has maximum horsepower 207Ps, Maximum torque 243N·m, Match according to different configuration models 8AT or CVT transmission . The hybrid car is equipped with 2.5L A hybrid system composed of a four cylinder engine and a single motor , matching E-CVT transmission , Maximum horsepower 218Ps.

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